Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse 24 Chapter 24: Thoughts Of Drilling The Ground! 1

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Feng Mei ran into the desolate streets covered by the bodies of zombies butchered by him, just yesterday!

He ran while his third limb ignited its development and became heavier and heavier.

He reckoned that if it could expand without bursting than he could use it as a spear to perform his «Art of dragon dance»!

it was a good idea, as it is a pain in the a.s.s walking with a heavy metal spear-like glaive.

Feng Mei shook off his weird fantasies" Grrr! what am I thinking about? My life is in danger!" He shouted aware of the fact that he barely has any time left.

He needs to do something or else he won't be able to decline the heavens and nature mandate of becoming a eunuch!

Hiss!....Hisselery!!! A dozen of zombies that have appeared on the streets nearby Feng Mei house, lured by his shout, hissed and staggered towards him!

They were standing right on the path he was running towards.

He was running in the outskirts of his city to find a cave for his dragon!

The foolish zombie came in front of him...

[Art of dragon dance] «Dragon leap into battlefield» He shouted and jumped ahead cras.h.i.+ng into the dozen of zombies while simultaneously swiping his glaive like a broom!

The glaive pa.s.sed through the rotten undead bodies like knife pa.s.sing through b.u.t.ter, Slicing them up into chunks just like how a butcher slash Pig into pieces!

Feng Mei eyes started turning red as the «art of blood absorption» Automatically started circulation, absorbing the blood from the undead, after turning them into mist.

It was a pa.s.sive art the moment Feng decided to cultivate it he knew the consequences. Each time he kills anyone no matter what race the art will activate and he can't stop it.

Four zombie that were lucky enough to escape the range of his weapon, still staggered towards him.

After all «Most normal dude zombies» weren't lucky enough to have brain!

Feng who has already been under tremendous stress because of an immediate threat now has completely lost it after the demonic art started its pa.s.sive circulation.

[Art of dragon dance]«Dragon tail swipe» He merely waved his right hand backward halfway, splitting the undeads from waist down!


One family member finally unable to take what was happening summoned his grandpa!

Along with his hiss, the other grandchild also started stating the abuse that have been dealt upon them bodies! They even have proof scattered on the streets.


Listening to their grandchild pleas all the «Flesh zombies» and other grandchild moved towards their abused family members!

Feng who still has some of his rationality left started running extremely fast through the wave of zombies performing varieties of art of dragon, Simultaneously!

[Art of dragon dance]«Dragon tail smash»«Carp leaping dragon gate»«Dragon descends from the ninth heaven»«Dragon hurricane»

He smashed the pole of glaive on to the ground cracking the land, sending the tumbling wave of zombie in front of falling on to the ground.

Some zombie rotten head smashed into the ground, just like a watermelon, while the other could only see as their meal squatted his body downwards and jump towards the skies!

Thanks to he energy obtained from the crystal, the buff provided by the art of blood and his own strength, Feng managed to leap through the heads of multiple zombies.

Than he hurled himself downward smas.h.i.+ng into the ground along with his spear.

Feng Mei revolved it around it, producing air wave and splitting the bodies of other zombies, while dispatching those hit by the pole side of the weapon, hovering over the land.

The zombies crashed into a cracked walls, causing them to shake and fall over~ Hence they breathed their last...

The red eyes Feng, ran throughout the outskirts of m.u.f.fin city!

"Human Women! Human Women! Are any human women alive???"

"Human Woman, answer to this lord! This lord will grant you a life of luxury! It's a matter of only one night!"

"Human women! Don't hide or be afraid from this empyrean! This empyrean is a humble man!"

Feng Mei shouted his lines out! His voice affected by the art of blood absorption has become harsh and cold. Even if there were any woman alive they still wouldn't believe his words.

As his eyes were also red, just like a demon!

His Pleas ringing throughout the outskirts of m.u.f.fin city, dozens of meters, attracting most of the undead in the neighborhood.

The zombies cla.s.sified by him as «Most normal dude zombies,Leaping-zombie, Flesh-Zombie» staggered, leaped, trotted after him from all around city outer part of the city outskirt as Feng Mei has reached here while running.

The zombies from all sides came after him, while singing a cool lullaby.

Hiss! Hiss! GAAAH! Lalalalalalaallala~

Hiss! Hiss! GAAAH! Lalalalalalaallala~

Hiss! Hiss! GAAAH! Lalalalalalaallala~(Feng Mei added his own mix into the beat!

The young ones came into battlefield accompanied by their grandfather's, as the meal they chased ran ahead!

Devasted Feng shouted "Human womennnnnn!"

Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse 24 Chapter 24: Thoughts Of Drilling The Ground! 1

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