Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse 58 Chapter 58: Feng ?Asura Butchering God Like Pig Sword? Vs Copper-Demon Solar Blas

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Above Feng Mei head the «Asura Butchering G.o.d-like-Pig sword» has completely materialized.

It was a masterpiece. A masterpiece among magical spells. A spell which only blood magic users, that is scarcely seen only once or twice in a millennium, could cast.

Basically, except Feng Mei and Deicide, there barely existed blood magic users in the universes. Being able to manipulate blood of any being will mark a person as a unique being. Because blood existed in the physical body of all creatures.

The «Asura Butchering G.o.d-like-Pig Sword» was huge. It looked no different from a pillar meant to support h.e.l.l and carry its burden upon itself.

Feng beautiful red sword was made out of the crystalized misty blood that condensed and solidified.

The 10-meter tall thick sword shone like the most unique ruby crystal to ever exist in this world.

It mesmerized the eyes of every viewer that watched the live stream!

"What a beautiful sword," while viewing the live stream, an amazed mortal kid declared in awe.

He hid beneath a bed, for rotten corpses walked in the house.

"Hush" the kid mama hurriedly covered the boy's mouth and told him to pipe down. Footstep resounded near the room as the rotten father of the kid walked inside. It hisses left and right then once again walked out.

The crystallized «Asura Butchering G.o.d-like- Pig Sword» s.h.i.+ned with a red hue, highlighting Feng Mei's confidence in taking on the «Copper-Demon» solar blast.

His confidence was no less than what a person has, when he knew that he will surely complete a work even if he perishes.

Feng had the confidence that anyone facing the wrath of «Asura Butchering G.o.d-like Pig Sword» only have one undeniable path.

A path that leads to death.


Shouted the «Copper-Demon» and the 2-meter orb-shaped solar blast that have condensed discharged outwards, shooting towards Feng Mei like a laser projectile.

In response, the serious Feng Mei shouted for the viewers in a righteous voice,

[Legacy of Death Dragon] «Evil Punis.h.i.+ng, Land purifying crystal sword»

His words caused the gigantic crystal sword to instantly slash downwards. The 10-meter gigantic crystal sword waved down the skies and generated a heavy wind pressure.

Feng Mei «Asura Butchering G.o.d-like Pig Sword» was going to clash with the «Copper-demon» Solar blast, when suddenly the demon insidiously grinned at the foolish human!

At the very last second, the 2-meter orb shooting towards Feng Mei expanded, becoming 5 meters wide. The temperature in the air also rose causing hot airwaves to swirls around it.

The serious Feng eyes negligibly widened. He calculated that the power of the «Solar-blast» has increased by 2.5 times. The «Solar-Blast» will cover the distance of at least 50 meters!

'Even the eyes of some of the viewers(Mostly military personnel) that had been watching the Live stream widened after they saw the orb size increasing to 5-meters!'


The «Asura Butchering G.o.d-like Pig Sword» was blasted shattering into mult.i.tude shards and a garish noise of explosion rang out, along with that air busted in the surrounding, the land cracked, some trees directly exploded, the nearby zombies and cars were also enveloped inside the blast range.

Only the yellow color of flames could be seen expanding in a radius of 50-meters.

The Shockwave caused by the blast was powerful enough to uproot the tree upon which Dracula and Arnold rested upon.

The tree fell down, while they both merrily jumped to another tree.

Like a professional video editor, Dracula did his best to not change the angle of the camera. During the jump, his hands were twisted in such a way that the live stream viewers will clearly be able to see the aftermath of the clash.

He sat upon another thick tree, continuing to live stream the entire fight.

"Boy, will your master really be fine?" Arnold asked, looking at the blaze, inside of which nothing could be seen. The blaze has enveloped an entire radius of 50 meters inside or it. Even the eyes of Arnold a methuman couldn't see what was happening inside the blaze.

"I Believe Master will be alright! Even if we both die, he will still live" Dracula replied. His complete trust came from the fact that Feng is his creator! He will naturally believe in Feng like a human devoted to his G.o.d.

Their words completely heard by the viewers!

The «Solar-Blast» had exploded on contract with the sword and a wide blast radiated covering the radius of 50 meters.

It eliciting a blaze that burned the rotten corpses of the zombies to ashes.

Inside the blaze, the copper-Demon fared no better. It's own attack «Solar-Blast» partially crippled itself. Most of its flesh was melting under the heat, exposing the structure of its skeletal.

Weirdly enough, standing inside the blaze the melting «Copper-Demon» only roared, again and again.

Its roared caused any and all flesh belonging to dead zombies, that is being melted by the blaze, to rush toward itself and combined with its demonic body.

The rotten putrid flesh a.s.sembled inside of the «Copper-Demon» Body!

It started healing and once again retained all its hardened flesh. Which was again melted by the blaze, this process continued until!

Until from within the blaze a half-broken red Crystal sword shone.

Behind the shattered crystal sword stood Feng Mei endorsed in majestic Dragon robes!

At the last second, he has used his «Demonic Roc wing» to cover his body inside an egg-shaped s.h.i.+eld and safeguard himself from the blaze!

Then Feng enforced his body by casting [Blood Magic] «Empyrean Clothes»

His «Majestic Roc Wing» has exploded into blood vapor, under the onslaught of the explosion. But his «Empyrean Clothes» Protected him from the blaze.

Inside the blaze, the serious Feng took hold of his «Asura Butchering G.o.ds Like Pig Sword».

The crystal sword has shattered to the point that it fitted in Feng's hand. It was now only a two-meters lanky heavy sword.

Feng calmly walked ahead, as if he is taking a walk in his backyard or a Rosenfeld made out of flames. The flames touched Feng's body, wanted to incinerator him to ashes, but was rejected by the «Empyrean clothes».

During his walk around the park, Feng once again cast,

[Blood Magic] «Demonic Roc Wings»

The blood mist rushed out and the wings of the mythical bird Roc appeared on his upper back.

Feng breathed silently and said one sentence, while seriously looking at the demon that foolishly roared.

"No matter how insidious you be, it won't change the fact that you are merely an ant, struggling before its inevitable death"

Feng held the sword, flapped his huge Mythical wings, and jumped towards the «Copper-Demon».

During his jump he cast,

[Blood Magic] «Penetration enforcement»

Blood aura surrounded the heavy Crystalized sword and it produced a sharp glint.

The Copper-Demon also jumped towards Feng Mei, ready to gobble him whole inside of its rotten body

Right then, Feng's body vanished from its view. Feng has used his Demonic Roc Wing spatial ability and has teleported behind the Copper-Demon back. He slashed the crystalized sword right at the «Copper-Demon» neck!

The sword cut through the hardened flesh and copper bones of the «Copper-sheen Flesh zombie» neck, like a hot knife pa.s.sing through cold b.u.t.ter!

Its head rolled on the blazing ground and the copper-demon got butchered. 

Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse 58 Chapter 58: Feng ?Asura Butchering God Like Pig Sword? Vs Copper-Demon Solar Blas

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