Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: Despair

Ling Chuxi only managed to stand back up after a while. She swayed on her feet. A trickle of blood oozed out from the corner of her lips. Only her two eyes remained as clear as usual. She stood in the center of a crater as the ground she was standing on had been blasted into a pit by the thunder and lightning, a physical account as to the power of the strike of heavenly thunder just now.

Looking at the condition of her own body, there was still no qualitative change, which meant that the process of Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body was still not completed! Things had already reached such an extent, yet it still wasn't completed!

Ling Chuxi gave a bitter laugh. No wonder so many people fell on the road of promotion at the Level 9 Pinnacle stage. This process of Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body was truly not an easy feat to overcome.

Regardless, it was already here for her to face anyway. No matter how, she still had to hold on. Ling Chuxi ruthlessly decided this and looked up again at the freely roving sparks against the black sky.

With a monstrous rumble, the fourth strike of heavenly lightning fell. This time, it was actually four pillars of lightning that gathered together, bringing together the power of heaven and earth before striking down mightily from the sky.

The solitary slender figure standing in a crater in the woods was once again surrounded by lightning sparks.

Then the lightning dispersed, and that figure slowly stood up once again. b.l.o.o.d.y spots and traces appeared all over her robes, however, her gaze remained as stubborn and determined as before.

Without waiting for her to slowly regain her breath, the fifth, sixth and seventh strikes of heavenly lightning immediately struck her one after another without giving her the slightest chance to take a breather.

Between the flashes of lightning and roars of thunder, the entire Silver Ancient Mountain Range seemed to have descended into an apocalypse, able to plunge anyone watching into depression and fear.

The lightning dispersed eventually and after a long while, Ling Chuxi finally managed to stand back up again. Traces of blood had soaked through her robe and even her vision seemed to be drifting in and out.

Her whole body was in so much pain that she had lost all her senses. It was as if her soul had left her body and was floating around in boundless lands.

“Come on. I won't give up. I absolutely won't give up,” muttered Ling Chuxi to herself as a glimmer of light suddenly appeared in her eyes as they once again shone with an unyielding determination.

In the sky, countless bolts of blue lightning were coiling like snakes. They collided against one another, making sizzling sounds, and gradually gathered into a group of eight lightning bolts. But they did not fall as before. Instead, the collection of lightning bolts soared across the sky as they took on the features of a dragon, letting out a loud roar of thunder.

At the other end of the mountain range, Baili Han's smile had already frozen on his lips. All of his pride had disappeared and there was even a hint of awe at such a sight.

There was actually such a thing as Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body that looked like this in this world? From the second strike onwards, each strike was actually a convergence of a few heavenly lightning bolts and therefore the might of those strikes had increased by many folds.

The Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body experience he had back then was not like this at all. Although there were as many as nine strikes and each of them was stronger than the one before, they were all separate, individual bolts of heavenly lightning, and the power of each strike could not be compared with a strike featuring the gathering of several bolts heavenly lightning.

Honestly, if it were him that was facing this kind of Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body, he could probably only resist up until the third strike at best. And then he would have succ.u.mbed to the power of heavenly lightning, just like his unfortunate predecessors.

Seeing the eighth heavenly lightning strike gather in the dark sky, Baili Han was felt very surprised and dubious as to who exactly it was that was able to withstand the seven heavenly lightning strikes before this one. Could that person be able to withstand this eighth strike?

The dragon-like eighth strike of lightning in the sky finally gathered in one place, resembling a divine dragon that exterminated the world and swallowed the sky and flew down with its teeth and claws of lightning bared.

Ling Chuxi stood proudly as waves of piercing pain drilled into her mind. Her expression was unprecedentedly calm, and the Thundercloud Battle Qi in her body was raised to the extreme at this point.

The blue lightning covered her like a cage and threw her entire self into an endless abyss once again.

Ling Chuxi closed her eyes and prepared to receive this blow that contained endless power.

At this moment, her heart had actually already fallen into the deepest depths of a valley. She knew that she herself was perhaps unable to withstand this strike of heavenly lightning.

Despair spread out across her at this moment.

Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss Chapter 258

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