Physics The Greatest Magic 119 Deja Vu?

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"Wait!" Shouted the elf girl as she stood in john's path 

John looked at her, his eyes still full of darkness, he didn't look at her in any strange way, but she felt intimidated 

"... Release..." Said John 

The darkness in his eyes, disappeared. He didn't feel like fainting, so that was probably just a one time thing 

"So? Is this better?" Asked john 

He was still in a foul mood 

"thank you for saving me" She said as she bowed her head 

"You're welcome" Said john as he walked right past 

"Wait" She walked in front of him again 

Now john's face was making a blatant annoyed expression 

"What is it this time?" John asked as he let out a sigh 

"I heard that you were looking for medicine?" She said 

[You heard that? You were all the way over at where i removed the tent... Wait, why am I getting déjà vu?] John thought to himself 

"Yeah, why?" John asked 

[I mean, we weren't that far from the tent, around 50 feet away, so... It should be normal, and john didn't speak at a low tune, she was shout talking...] John thought 

"The boss, which you beat, kept everything important on his tent... Medicine might be there as well..." She said 

"So it's back there... Grab on. Posession" Said john 

He grabbed on to her, with his eyes clouded in darkness, and in that moment, they disappeared with a trace of darkness. 

John shadow stepped them to where the tent was. 

THey then started to look around the crates and boxes 

"What happened to the guy that was with you?" Asked john as he began looking around 

"You mean the one that was too scared to do anything? He tried running away, but the lady caught him" Replied the elf 

"I se-" 

John's words were cut off by the radiant light coming from all the gold and silver coins in a crate he had just opened up 

John was thinking heavily about what to do with the money. Does he store it in his storage box? Since he beat the leader, it's owners.h.i.+p should have transferred over to john, But this money was probably made by stealing from others, so john wasn't sure about what to do. 

"I found the medicine" She said as she stared at the inside of a crate she opened 

"Hey you, take it." John said 

"I'm not sick." She replied 

"No, I meant this." Said john as he pointed at the box full of gold and silver coins 

There were probably around 80 gold coins and 200 silver coins in the box 

"Why?, I don't deserve such a reward." She said as she desperately shook her head 

"Ah, it's not just for you, but all the slaves. I'll tell master to split it in between you guys. There should be enough for everyone to start a new, but I don't know how the slave thing works." Said john 

Tears suddenly started to stream down her face, and as she wiped it, she said 

"Y-You're a weird guy..." 

"What's that supposed to mean? Is being nice that abnormal...?" John muttered 

John, quickly walked over to the crate with the medicines, grabbed on to it, and then said 

"Teach me how slavery works. Is there some sort of magic contract? What happens?" John asked 

She nodded her head 

"A person becomes a true slave, when they are put under a contract. The slave has free will, but whenever he/she opposes their master's orders... they go through immense pain..." She said 

"Is everyone here under a contract? And how can it be removed?" John asked 

"No, this is a group of bandits, they don't know how to perform the ritual, which is why they were going to sell us to a slave trader, the ones who know how to do those sorts of things. And to remove a contract, you have to get the owner to provide permission, or forcefully dispel it. But it's hard to find someone that can do that..." She said 

"What if the owner dies?" John asked 

"Then the slave will be considered a run-away slave, and killed. Slaves hold the lowest social status... Without their master, they're as good as dead, unless they remove the mark contract" She said 

"Even if they weren't the ones that killed them?" 

She nodded 

"I see... Then that's good, it looks like everyone here will be able to return to their families" Said john with a bright and happy smile 

The elf was even more confused 

"How can you... Why do you look so happy?" 

"I-Is it a bad thing? They have people waiting for them and looking for them, isn't it normal to be glad that they can return to them?" John asked 

Her slightly widened as if she realised something, when she heard that. Then with a smile she said 

"You're right..." 

John lifted the medicine box 

"A very important friend of mine is in trouble right now, so I need to get this medicine to her as fast as possible. Master will sort out the rewards and help you guys out, I'll go talk to her" 

John then disappeared, leaving a faint trace of darkness 

"I forgot to ask for his name..." She muttered 

John had a talk with master about the crate and money, he told her to split it up between everyone, there were around 13 slaves in total, including the elf, so it should be fine. 

John didn't bother to ask what master was gonna do with the bandits, he didn't really want to waste any more time thinking about them. 

He checked with master to see if the medicines were the right one, and it turns out, one of them was good for fevers and colds. So without wasting any time, john began shadow stepping through to the forest, rus.h.i.+ng as fast as he could back to serena 

"The distance per shadow step is 30 meters... And there's a 0.5 second cooldown..." John muttered 

Shortly after, he finally reached the cave. 

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