Physics The Greatest Magic 58 Chapter 5: Unknown Attack?

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"What's wrong!" Asked Serena

A loud bang resounded and something crashed into the wall in front of my ice sphere

"W-What's going on?" Asked Eleanor

A large howl resounded from outside of the ice sphere and pierced our ears

"Silentium" I muttered

It continued howling but we could no longer hear it thanks to selenium. I blocked out any sound waves coming from outside of the radius around us.

"John, what was that thing?" Asked Ariel

"So you saw it too..? I don't know... But it seems to be after you two" I said as i looked over at Eleanor and her butler who was on the ground

The butler seemed to be doing slightly better but was still in a bad condition.

I could still sense it out there, and it gave off the same feeling as the shadow wolves, only much stronger. I wasn't able to properly see it's figure.

The ice wall broke after two hits and the thing stopped moving.

"Why... What did Alfred do wrong... He was only trying to help me..." She muttered with tears on her face as she got up

The girl slowly made her way to the side of the sphere where my wall was broken.

"Where are you going?" I asked as I stopped her

"Im going to get rid of whatever is out there..." She replied

"And how are you going to do that?" Asked Serena

"I- I'll..." Muttered Eleanor

"Exactly, I'm sure you know you're being targetted, your butler sacrificed himself to help you, are you really just going to go outside under these conditions?" Asked Serena


Serena looked over at me with a look that said she wanted to help her

"Don't worry, it's gone. Cancel" I said

I cancelled out the ice sphere and there was nothing outside

"Where is it??" Asked eleanor as she looked around

"It disappeared" I replied

"Does that mean we're safe..?" She asked

"Whatever summoned it is probably going to chase you again, so..." I replied

"I See... Well, thank you for helping us... but it's best if we part ways here..." She said as she tried pulling alfred to the carriage.

He had fainted after taking the antidote, and was barely moving despite her the look of struggle on her face as she tried to pull him

I let out a sigh as i picked him up for her and put him in the back of the carriage

"Um..?" She muttered

"Do you know how to ride a carriage?" I asked

"What? Um... no" She said

I went over to serena and Ariel and told them my idea then shortly after came back

Ariel looked over at me with a smile which was as if it was something she expected to happen and serena let out a sigh

"Alright, then how about you employ us? We'll drive and protect you until you reach the city you were heading to, and you can pay us later, how about that?" I asked

"Eh?! You'd do that!? Really?!" She asked with an joyful expression

"Sure..? But you'll have to guide us" I asked

"O-Of Course! I can't ask you risk your lives to help us... You already saved us once... That's enough..." She replied

"Don't worry, something of that level won't be a threat to us"

Besides, we'll be able to bait him out, we're only 4 kids and in injured man after all.

"W-Who are you guys..." She asked

Us? We're just 3 kids? Should we make a party name? Hm... A good name...

"Um..." She muttered

"Ah, sorry, i was thinking of a name. We're no one important really, we're just 3 travelling kids..." I replied

"Who are you calling a kid?!" Asked Serena

"Except for her, she's an adult." I said

"Why'd you say it like that?" She asked

"Nothing," I replied

"Hmph" She said

She looked straight at me as if she was thinking of something and then decided not to ask it

"I see, you have your circ.u.mstances. But do any of you know how to ride a carriage?" She asked

"Uhm..." I looked over at Serena and Ariel for help

"Yeah, I do" Replied Serena

She walked over to the horses and placed her hand on on their face, it was as if she was communicating with them. Elves are really something else.

"Good, then with everything ready, let's go." I Said

"Eh? Now?" Eleanor Asked

"I-If we waste more time we might suffer another attack so..." Said, Ariel

"You're right... Um..." Said Eleanor

"Ah that's right, You can call me john, she's Ariel and that girl with the hat talking to the horses is Serena" I said

"I'm not talking to them!" Said Serena with an embarra.s.sed expression

"W-Well, John, Ariel and Serena, it's nice to meet you three... Once again, i thank you all for your help..." She said as she bowed her head

"you don't have to that, you're employing us after all. Also there's no need to be to be so formal." I said


"It's fine, it makes me feel uncomfortable when someone my age talks formally like that " I replied

"I see... Very well then, i'll try speaking normally, Also speaking of age, how old are you?" She asked




After Serena prepared what she needed to, without saying anything, she got the carriage back on the path and it's been an hour since we've started the journey

"Serena, aren't your hands getting tired?" I asked

"It's fine, I have magic strengthening after all,"

"I see... Speaking of which i never asked eleanor where we were, she told us that if we followed this path we'd reach the city but which continent are we in?" I asked

"I don't know, I've never seen it before, if you're so curious why don't you go and ask her? You don't have to stay here" she said with an uninterrested expression

What's with her? I just didn't want to leave her here alone, Ariel is happily talking with Eleanor, they both seem to be in a good mood so i thought i'd do the same for Serena, but as always she's in a bad mood.

Was ariel always this good at socialising?

"I like it here, we can feel the breeze, even though flying around has a much better breeze to it" I said

"Don't just casually say that!" Said, Serena

Am i that bad at dealing with this girl? I mean i know she hates me but-

"Thanks." She said out of nowhere

"For what?" I asked

"You know wh John!" She said

"Yes, i know, Ariel we got company, ready up." I said as i turned around

"We just found our prey..." I muttered

Physics The Greatest Magic 58 Chapter 5: Unknown Attack?

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