Physics The Greatest Magic 61 Chapter 8: Shadow Mage

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From the inside out, the Wolf Exploded, I had expected to get caught up in the blast, but it's body absorbed all of the impact and it dispersed into the air

My hand was freed but the pain remained, A consistent surge of pain pa.s.sed through my arm as blood dro=ipped out of the hole formed due to the bite. It's canine had managed to penetrate through my skin, and formed a hole...

"Ahhhh!" I unintentionally let out as i tried to resist the pain

I placed my unwounded hand slightly above my injured arm and cast 'sana' Translation: Heal

The amount of blood pouring out of my arm decreased and the wound slowly began to close up

"Around 10 minutes huh..." I muttered as i looked over at Ariel and Serenas direction

They were waving at me to come over, So i waited a minute for blood to stop pouring out like a stream, and cast flew over to them with levite

I landed safely on top of the ice and Both Serena and Ariel rushed to see my wound

I made sure to put a cloth over it, because it wasn't something you'd want to show to others.

"John, how's your wound?" Asked Ariel as she tried to see it

"It's fine, It's healing up with 'Sana" I replied as i moved my arm so that she wouldn't see it

I really didn't want to show this to them, It managed to pierce it's fangs pretty deep into my arm, Although blood stopped pouring out of it and it was already starting to close nicely, It still looks unpleasant

"We saw the fight, it bit pretty hard into your arm, can you move it?" Asked Serena as she tried not to show that she was worried

"I can't move it, it probably broke my bone even with magic reinforcement, but It wasn't able to pierce through it"

The human bone is obviously more durable the skin, once i reinforce it with magic, it's much harder to pierce through or break. Although it's jaw strength was very high, All i had to do was reinforce more magic into my arm, but my bone didn't break because of it's jaw bite

"Thank G.o.d... I-I mean, That's good!" Said Serena with an embarra.s.sed expression

Me and Ariel looked at each other and then laughed


"Serena, You should be more honest" Said Ariel

"Ariel, are you laughing at your big sister?" Asked Serena with an evil smile as she began to tickle Ariel

"W-Wait, S-Serena i'm sowwy! pff- hahaha, Sewena!!"

"Can you two save this for later? There's still a guy trying to kill us out there"

"Right, Sorry" They simultaneously replied

"How can you two be in sync so often?" I asked

"You're only asking this now?" Serena asked

"Why does the timing matter-"

i stopped once i noticed a presence near one of the trees, it wasn't an animal, it was a person. I had been silently casting deprehendre in case they decided to show up

Perhaps through my expression, Serena and Ariel noticed that something was wrong

"How many?" Serena asked

"Just one" I replied

"If it took only one could summon all of these wolves, then they must be strong"


My arm, i can slightly move it, but it'll take around 4 more minutes until it returns to a condition that i can fight with

"Magnum Ventus" I muttered

Air began to gather in front of me and I directed it straight at the direction where the person was standing.

He noticed before hand and managed to get away in time, so i ended up only cutting down a few trees, but thanks to that, he had no where to hide

"I'll be back" i said as i cast levite and was about to head towards him

"No you don't" Said Serena as she grabbed on to my uninjured arm

"What? We don't have time for this" I said

"We're coming with you" Said Ariel as she grabbed on to serena

"Fine..." I said as i let out a sigh

honestly, these two...


The person simply stood there wearing a cloak which covered his face and figure, He was taller than us and didn't seem scared at all once i appeared a few meters in front of him out of nowhere.

"You can teleport?" The person asked

It was the voice of a man

"I guess." I replied

It wasn't really teleportation, i just cast Furtim, and flew over. Serena and Ariel were next to me but didn't say anything, They were prepared to fight at any moment

"You... I didn't see you using any chants, Earlier, How did you hide it?" The man asked

"I don't know, Maybe the wind covered my mouth?" I asked in a questionable tone

"So you won't talk?" said the man

"I don't know, I'm talking right now, aren't i?" I asked

"Guess i'll just have to force you"

The man began muttering a few words in a low tone, I couldn't hear it, but i was sure he was chanting something.

"Velox Duplici" I muttered and propelled myself straight at him

I only had one hand so if he dodged this...

I went straight at him at high speeds and he jumped to the side to dodge it, right before i went past him, i cast it again while midair, and changed the direction of the attack to the area he jumped to while keeping the momentum

I slashed at him, and he had no opportunity to dodge

To my surprise, my dagger went right through him, more like his body dispersed

"He disappeared?!"

I stopped myself by creating an air cus.h.i.+on in front of me and turned around

He had finished chanting and said the words "Dark Domain"

After that, Everything around me became pitch black, I could only see myself and couldn't hear anything. Everything was shrouded in darkness.

Physics The Greatest Magic 61 Chapter 8: Shadow Mage

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