Private Academy System 27 Main Building

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Waking up the next morning, Ensen slowly sat up while rubbing his eyes to wake himself up.

Excited by the prospects of a new day and creating the building, he slowly walked over towards the table he had worked at nearly without break for the last day.

Grabbing the stack of papers that had the completed plans on it, he decided to quickly check them over one last time to ensure that everything was up to his standards and there were no big layout issues.

While the system would heavily a.s.sist Ensen in the event of an issue coming up, he would still like to make sure it was okay himself.

After confirming that the plans had no obvious errors, Ensen smiled in satisfaction as he put down the papers and began walking over to the kitchen, making two pieces of toast quickly.

Leaning against the counter as he began to eat because of the lack of room the paper had left for him, Ensen wondered if the system had returned.

"System, are you back from your vacation?" Ensen asked, hopeful that his plans wouldn't be delayed much longer. After all, the sooner the academy was established the better.

However, after waiting a few moments there was no response from the system. Ensen finished eating with annoyance filling his body.

Turning his gaze towards the crumpled up paper on the ground, he knew he should clean them up.

Since Ensen did not have much to do except wait for the system to return, he decided to do it now. Ensen picked up a nearby bin and slowly collected all of the paper before throwing it in without much care.

After finis.h.i.+ng his cleanup, he once again checked if the system was there. Desperate to know how the system would rate his design.

"System where are you?" Ensen said in a noticeably annoyed tone.

Realizing his headache had begun to come back from his annoyance, Ensen took a deep breath and began to try to calm himself down when a blue screen popped up before him.

[The system has returned from the ski trip you suggested. The host did a good job at recommending this, because of your stellar performance the system will gift you a present.]

Without any time for Ensen to respond, a new notification appeared before his eyes.

[Gained: Systems thanks.]

"What use is that!" Ensen screamed out loud, thoroughly irritated by the system's action for the past few days.

[You should be thankful, after all, it is quite valuable. Does the host have the plan ready for the schoolhouse finalized?]

"It's not valuable at all. And yes I have finished it. Can I finally create it now?" Ensen asked in an accusing tone, blaming the system for the delay.

Without further discussion, Ensen's vision suddenly went black, and his body collapsed onto the floor. Luckily the system had protected his collapsing body resulting in no injuries or even any noise at all.

After a few moments, he had returned to the familiar office.

Still feeling dizzy after the sensation of him being moved to the shop, Ensen sat in the chair for a few seconds before he felt the aftereffects of the transportation beginning to fade away.

A few moments after that, the feeling had completely faded. Looking down towards his body, Ensen realized that the stack of papers that he had of the building was strangely in his lap although they were still on the table when he was sent to the shop.

a.s.suming the system had been kind and simply grabbed them, Ensen lost a little bit of his anger towards the system.

Not wanting to hold off any longer, Ensen began looking through the stack of papers, trying to absorb as much knowledge and information about the layout he created as he could. After a few minutes of constant studying, Ensen closed his eyes and began to form a cohesive image of all the elements of the papers combined in his mind.

Following this, he held his focus for nearly an entire minute before the system responded.

Hearing an odd ringing noise that he had never heard before, he opened his eyes to try to observe what that sound was when he saw the familiar plot listing layout of the building he had designed on a blue box.

He also noticed a small notification hiding behind the browser. Slightly moving the browser out of the way, Ensen read what the notification said.

[Building Design: 5Ep]

Satisfied with the reward for his hard work, he turned his gaze back towards the browser while adjusting it to be centered so he could sit comfortably in his chair.

Ensen began examining the images of the building to ensure he had properly envisioned the design.

Looking at the initial image, it was an exterior shot of the front side of the building. In front of the building itself was a medium-sized circle that had a patch of gra.s.s in the middle with a few trees, with grey brick roads surrounding the small little separating green patch similar to a roundabout.

This area would be mainly used as a dropoff and pickup area for students.

Farther to the left of the building was a small parking lot, there were not too many places to park only 12 in total which would work fine for now.

Looking at the building itself, it seemed relatively small in comparison to most schools. This was mainly because it would save a lot of costs which means he could create a better quality school and slowly expand while keeping his standards high.

The building seemed modern, with the white-painted exterior with a light grey accent color for things such as the trim.

The main entrance to the school had an oak double door that had its natural color still present, bringing an element of nature into the building. To the side of each door was a medium-sized window with benches and plants for sitting.

Changing the image, Ensen proceeded to quickly a.n.a.lyze the remaining images as he already had noticed that the system had performed admirably. There were no noticeable differences from his ideas to the system's execution. Because of this the only change from his design to the systems was the addition of furniture.

When entering the building, the school office was immediately to the left, while the cafeteria and kitchen were to the right.

Through the office was Ensen's personal office s.p.a.ce for doing his own work and another empty office that he would either give to his when he found one or use it as a staff room.

Walking down the hallway that had tiles wish gave off a faint light grey wooden texture, he arrived towards the next set of rooms.

This time, a cla.s.sroom was on the left whereas the school bathroom was on the right. There were two entrances into the bathroom, the left side for women, and then the right side for men.

After that were two more rooms, another cla.s.sroom on the left and a music room on the right.

Immediately after the last two rooms was a double door similar to the doors on the front, this time pointing towards the lake. Ensen could not do much with utilizing the lake at this point, but he could at least give the students better access.

Although the facility itself was compact, it seemed much open due to the plentiful number of windows letting in tons of natural light.

Satisfied with his creation, Ensen turned his gaze towards the evaluation the system had for it.

[This building is well laid out and trades off more students for a better environment for a lesser number of students to learn. Due to the low capacity for students in this building, it allows for more individual teaching. Built with a twist on the modern aesthetic, it combines a modern look as well as natural elements such as the abundance of light and using more natural looks in certain places. Although this building comes with many disadvantages such as no dedicated staff room, there are as many advantages that counteract this fact. As such, this is a well-designed building that is specialized. It would only correctly work in certain instances, surrounded by nature.]

After reading the description, Ensen thought it was a pretty accurate and fair description of his design. Although he knew that he was reducing the number of students, he could educate in the long run, he thought that as his academy began to grow more he could expand and hire more faculty to help streamline things. After all, as things currently stood, he was the entire staff.

Turning his gaze towards the pricing of the building itself, Ensen's satisfied smile suddenly stiffened slightly.

[The user-designed Academy main building unfurnished: 230 Ep]

[The user-designed Academy main building furnished: 460 Ep]

Knowing that he didn't have the amount required even for the unfurnished version, he opened his status to take a look.

[Ensen Fuentes]

[Education Points: 223]

[Academy Rank: Null]

[Age: 27]

[Math average: C]

[Science average: F-]

[English average: F-]

[Foreign language average: F-]

[Sports average: F-]

[Teaching average: D+]

[administration average: D-]


[Skill Market]

[Product Market]

[Auction House]

'Only seven off!' Ensen screamed in his mind.

"You wouldn't mind giving me a discount this time, would you?" Ensen said trying to gain empathy from the system.

After waiting for a few moments and noticing that there was no response, Ensen sighed and began thinking about his options.

He didn't really have much choice in the matter. He would have to cut back on an element he currently had in his building by quite a bit. After all, he still needed five education points after the purchase to learn the piano skill.

Thinking quickly, Ensen quickly decided to simply halve the parking lot for the time being. It wouldn't be too much of a deal to expand it in the future and there was not much point in having a large one, for now. A six-car parking lot would fit his needs.

After quickly thinking about the change, the posting was modified and the new prices were displayed one again.

[The user-designed Academy main building unfurnished: 215 Ep]

[The user-designed Academy main building furnished: 430 Ep]

Satisfied with the current price, Ensen slowly pressed on the unfurnished version for the main building. Although having the system create and maintain all of the furniture and other objects inside of the building would be nice, it didn't seem necessary at this point. Even if he could afford it, he wasn't sure if he would get it.

Further down the line, he would definitely want to get it to save on upkeep costs, but with the ghost town state, the building would be in for the next while he didn't really need to worry too much about it. Even if there were things needed to be repaired it would be manageable.

Immediately after the text was pressed, the office suddenly shattered into countless pieces slowly falling towards the ground.

Private Academy System 27 Main Building

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