Mastermind: Genderbent Villainess 59 The Vulnerable

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Strengthened and energised, Tanya returned to Penelope's room without so much as a hint of suspicion. Upon entering her room, she noticed something rather odd.

The sound of clattering and water hitting the floor, as well as the turning of bedsheets and indiscriminate laughing could be heard from almost every corner of Penelope's room.

"Tanya!" Yuri called out as she walked out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around her torso. All hot and with her hair still partially wet, Yuri practically shone like an angel in front of Tanya. Such beauty is what a saintess should exhibit. Nevertheless, Tanya paused for a moment, noticing a fluttering sensation within her chest.

"Fufu… Yuri, are you trying to entice me?" Tanya placed two fingers under Yuri's chin and gently rubbed her skin, producing a pleasure full sensation for Yuri.

"Tanya~ Hyaaah!!" Yuri moaned before falling backwards. With her quick reaction, Tanya moved behind the angelic girl and caught Yuri's head with her chest.


'Yuri is getting the full treatment…' Diana bit her thumb as she watched the scene from her bunk bed, staring like a perverted stalker.

"Yuri… You keep on taking advantage of me… When will you take responsibility for a.s.saulting me like this?" A seductive voice sprayed hot breath all over Yuri's face as she witnessed Tanya's face covering the lights from above.


Yuri could only blush after being so overwhelmed.

"Tanya… Tanya… Tanya. You sure are the master of foreplay, however, I am starting to believe that your limit is just that. Why don't you go a little further and get a bit dirty with us~?" Tanya turned around to immediately find two women in lace lingerie with two others trying to hide their embarra.s.sment while keeping on their bathrobes.

Rosellia's flirty smile could pierce the soul, however, she was speaking to Tanya. Tanya is not someone easy to goad.

"Rosy~ what are you trying to say~? Do you want me to strip and let you ravage my innocent virgin body~? Un~! You're so naughty." Tanya bit her lip and pushed her hair back with one hand.

"!!!" Rosellia was still weak to Tanya's overpowering seductive aura, only able to blush in defeat as her body became hot and sweat began dripping from her forehead.

"Penelope, are you perhaps also part of this lewd scheme? Were you going to gang up on me~?! Train my body and chain me up~?! I did not know you are such a predator… Please be gentle~"



"PENELOPE! COMRADE! NOOOO!" Penelope fainted in Rosellia's arms, being the first to lose.

'You sneaky ladies… You come to me like this and you don't expect me to fight back? Dream on. This empress will not lose in her home field. You cannot compete with a grandmaster of this art.'

"When did you two get so close? You are making me feel quite jealous~" Tanya winked at Rosellia.


Two are down.

"Hey… Yuna, Erina, why are you here anyway? Were you forced by Rosy to come here against your will? Or perhaps are you part of this plot against me~?" Tanya stepped closer once again. Yuri, head slipped away from Tanya's abundant chest, unwilling to let go. Although pure, she felt like nothing was wrong in desiring Tanya's warm and soft areas.

"Were you two tasked with holding me down~? Were you going to restrain me while those two go in and have their way with my pure body~?"

This was simply unfair. In modern terms, it was like a grown man challenging their toddler to a game of chess. It was just too shameless. Tanya was obviously bullying them without any remorse. Did she think they could do anything to her in the first place? Of course not. This was just her blowing off some steam from her ascension.

"..." The two fell over and created a pile on top of Penelope and Rosellia's fainted bodies. Now the only people awake were Tanya, Diana, and Yuri.

Tanya's aura was simply too much.

"Uhh…" Penelope groaned as she pulled herself out of the pile.

"Penny… I did not think you would do something so lewd and immoral~"


'This is too much!' Penelope rushed out and jumped in front of Tanya.

"Where were you?! Did you know how worried I was? We Looked everywhere but we couldn't find you! Where did you go and hide?! What were you doing?!" Penelope shook onto Tanya's shoulders, but did not have enough strength to shake the latter.

"Maybe I was going around and kissing some cute girls~ There are many innocent ladies that have not been exposed to my charms, such an injustice on my part, don't you think?" Tanya chuckled.


The force of a palm strike impacted Tanya's face, managing to make her turn slightly. Penelope's face was red and tears were dripping. Jealousy and longing were written all over her beautiful face.

"Until I bed you, no one will use your lips for their pleasure!" Penelope shouted in rage.

"What do you mean about you bedding me? What if I want to-"


"I'm sorry Tanya, Penelope said I can't kiss you until you do the thing…" Yuri touched her two index fingers together and gave a pitiful cute gaze.

'Magic handcuffs?! 5TH TIER?!'

Sometimes, strength does not matter in the face of high quality restraints.

"Yes, I will bed you~ Tanya, I will take your virginity. I am giving mine to you, but I am TAKING yours."

'SCARY! When did Penelope become so domineering?! Just a few months ago I was teasing her harmlessly! Now she is restraining me?!' Tanya fell into panic.

Since the time she had first entered this new life, she had never once relieved herself. She had heard long ago that women experience much more pleasure than men and chose to be the one to pleasure in this life rather than risk losing herself. 

"Penny… Let's talk…! You don't have to do this… I-I will accede to any other request! Just please not this! I can't!" For the first time since she had come into this life, Tanya begged.

On her knees, Tanya acted as if her life was at stake. Penelope grinned lewdly as she saw this version of Tanya; the vulnerable, the true version of Tanya. This is the Tanya beneath all of the confidence and flirtation.

"You better take responsibility for what you are doing!" Tanya shouted.

"There is nothing to take responsibility for… yet."

"..." Those words were once spoken by Tanya.

'So this is the legendary irony.'

"Tanya, you always tease me and make me feel so special. Love that about you, everything about you. Now let me make you feel special~"

Mixed feelings went through Tanya.

Genuine happiness and absolute fear.

Mastermind: Genderbent Villainess 59 The Vulnerable

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