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"You see, when I take over the throne eventually, I need to be able to adapt and make friends.h.i.+ps with the neighbouring countries around the kingdom. I devised a plan to help me have an early head start. To do this, I want to market myself as a prodigious princess." Serena explained seriously, looking Tanya in the eyes as to show the urgency of the matter.

"If I can prove myself from a young age, other countries won't look down on me as much as they would to any other young ruler. You do understand what this means for the stability of the kingdom, no? I have the weight of everyone on my shoulders, this must be done to ensure all goes well in the future."

Tanya took a step back and sat on the bed. The situation seemed rather normal to her. It was a princess thrust into the role of an heir and had to scramble to a.s.sert influence. This was all a game of reputation.

"So you want me to make you seem more powerful? I am just a girl that hasn't even graduated from the academy yet, why would you want my help?" Tanya smirked invitingly, clearly not thinking much of this.

In truth, Serena had many fears. For instance, she feared that she would never be able to be recognised by others because of her ident.i.ty as a woman and youngest child. She also feared the idea of being treated as less for being a new monarch. In general, she was not entirely confident that she could gain the reputation needed to be respected as a leader.

"I know that you have more influence than anyone in the academy. Not a single person in history has ever been able to do the same thing as you in the academy. For instance, you have more influence than all of the higher n.o.bility as well as the royals. You are practically wors.h.i.+pped by the majority of the school. You also have plenty of rules invented clearly to give you more exceptions. This has never happened before in the history of the academy!" Serena was not wrong in a single word she said.

"This is why I need your help. You are someone of the same age as I and someone that I feel that I can trust." She finally finished her statement and took a deep breath, paying close attention to what Tanya would respond with.

"Serena, you are an idiot." Tanya answered stone cold.

'Do you understand the most basic principles of a deal? You offer me nothing straight up and you request so much of me? International affairs with powerful nations? I might have been an emperor, but I have no such influence now. All I can do with this body and power is manipulating an academy. And you think it is a good idea to play with international politics?' Tanya frowned.

"Tell me what part about establis.h.i.+ng a reputation with a first year student as your helper sounds good? Do you not think that this should be done with a professional team of individuals that are specifically trained for these matters? If I remember correctly, you have a Lord chamberlain."

"Tanya, I understand your clear concerns over the matter, but I a.s.sure you I have thought this through. I will be hosting a dinner party next month. I have invited the n.o.bility and royalty from various neighbouring countries to attend, so the plan has already been set in motion. My only goal is to make myself look good in front of the guests." She anxiously explained to Tanya, standing up as she became worried that Tanya had already completely lost interest.

"Serena, this idea is fine. But I do not run parties for a living." This is a half lie. Tane used to hold parties almost every second week to appease his people. It had become such a routine thing for him that he could plan a party in the span of 10 minutes and still have it being called a party to be remembered.

"Can you at least tutor me on how to act… more-well… charming?" She got down on her knees, nearly about to beg. She needed Tanya's expertise. Only Tanya could be able to be the centre of attention wherever she went. Should Tanya will it, the entire crowd would swoon from her presence.

"What is in it for me?" Tanya asked, placing her chin on her cold hard palms.

"I will agree to promote you straight to Marchioness if you haven't already by the time of my coronation! I am sure you are vying for higher status due to your brother inheriting the house, so please consider my offer carefully. This. Is a once in a lifetime offer."

"Well you seem to be the more desperate one here. I am not the one grovelling on the floor after all." Tanya grinned.

Tanya had the upper hand in this situation. She did not actually need any help to reach the t.i.tle of marchioness. She could work her way up by pure merit and power. If the establishment tries to suppress her, she would suppress them. It was as simple as that. In a small kingdom that could only be a small va.s.sal if it was in the Vermillion Empire, the Golde Kingdom really did not have much power.

"You know, I kind of enjoy seeing a princess grovel before me and beg. I understand that you attempted to leave when the ma.s.sacre was still happening. I do respect that decision, but it has not been doing any good for your reputation. Some students hate you while others don't exactly love you. So I take it this event will be the only time you can make some allies that have not been biased by the events of the ma.s.sacre?" Tanya was spot on.

"Yes, that is correct. Tanya, I will not hide it. I am not a selfish person, I am just a person that wants to do what is good for the country. I want to give the kingdom stability and give the people pride in being part of it. I cannot do this if I appear to be weak. I need to be a strong monarch from the start."

"I see." Tanya finished a.n.a.lysing Serena. She was rather impressed after concluding.

Serena was polite, she did not show too many unnecessary emotions when events didn't go as planned, and she cared for her role as a Royal more than she cared for herself. In a sense, she had some admirable qualities in her. She was the epitome of a career royal to Tanya. She just did not seem to be socially and romantically adept.

"Why don't we put this discussion on hold for now. I have gotten quite interested in learning more about you… I don't feel as though you are as immature as you were at the start of the year. I am quite impressed, Serena." Tanya grinned coyly, patting Serena on the shoulder while the latter still knelt on the floor.

"I am okay with that, what do you want to know?" Serena asked.

"Serena, what do you think of me as a person. Do not dare to lie, I will pick up on it quite quickly."

"You are an outstanding genius of the highest caliber. You are the best swordsman in the academy and the most academically proficient student. You are kind to your friends and ruthless to your enemies. You treat your lovers better than you would treat yourself, most importantly; you are a cunning person. No one else in the academy can match you in a game of wits.your wordplay is so amazing that it puts poets to shame." Serena answered honestly. This was what she thought of Tanya.

"What about my beautiful body? My long legs? My soft chest? My flawless face? Or my luscious vermillion hair? Do you not think of that?" Tanya wanted to test Serena further.

"Tanya, you are indeed beautiful, but aren't I not also?"


This was the first time she had ever heard anyone say that to her. This showed Serena's self confidence in that sense. If only she could also be self-confident in her reputation.

"I am simply stating the truth. Although my b.r.e.a.s.t.s may not be as developed as yours, I do feel that I do not lose out on any other factor."

"Serena, you are quite confident when it comes to appearance. I like that. As you say, you are a beauty. Your personality might be a little too straightforward, but there is definitely nothing wrong with that. I just advise you that you drop that when you're scheming." Tanya gently rubbed her index finger under Serena's chin, dragging it upwards just like the way Serena's head now faced.

"You have proven your worth today. I will make your life much easier and help you with a single item of my choice." Tanya finally gave her answer.


Tanya lightly kissed Serena on the forehead.

"I am willing to give you a chance if you want to take it. You do want to get on your parents' good sides?"

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Mastermind: Genderbent Villainess 79 Desperate Princess

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