Elementalist: Time Controllers 45 Ch. 45 'Scarlet's Tantrum'

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"Wow, Scarlet, stop..."

Before s.h.i.+n Ha finished his sentence, Scarlet summoned her bow to prepare to fire her arrow towards Izzy.

"Wow, Yuki... help me. I can't possibly win against a raging child." Izzy exclaimed who pretended to be afraid and hid behind Yuki's back.

"Huh?! It looks like I won't be relieved before giving a lesson to this one childish knight."

The men chose to step away so they wouldn't get the impact of Scarlet's rage.

"Scar," Scarlet felt her head being tapped softly by someone and her name was called in a voice that was very familiar to her. The voice was very gentle and soothe her raging heart. "It is enough. Others will realize your existence."

Scarlet's fire instantly extinguished and her fire arc was kept inside her astral, automatically the color of her hair returned to normal.

Hokuto and s.h.i.+n Ha breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Edward in their respective minds.

"I never knew that you were also scared of Scarlet's tantrums." s.h.i.+n Ha whispered to Hokuto.

"I can never handle a woman's tantrums. Moreover, we are talking about the red knight."

"I can hear you guys," Scarlet said making the two men fell silent and laughed nervously.

"So, which one needs Elementalist' energy as daily food?"


n.o.body answered. Until at last the woman named Yuki opened her voice. "Izzy is the one who needs it."

"Yuki..." Izzy protested. "You don't need to tell her."

"Hohoho. What a coincidence. I am the one who arranges everything. So look forward to it."

"Hahaha... Indeed, I've been waiting for it. So no need to worry as I will taste all the energy of the Elementalist that you can provide me." replied Izzy didn't want to resign.

And for some reason, it seemed like, besides Izzy and Scarlet, everyone saw an electric bolt over between the two women's gazes.

How strange. Did the two of them suddenly turn into a knight of the Bolt?


"I don't like her at all." Complained Scarlet to Hokuto and Edward when s.h.i.+n Ha takes Izzy and Yuki touring around to get to know the academy.

"I thought you want all of us to know each other and live like a family." Hokuto retorted.

"Even though I don't know why you want to form this club, I completely have no objection. After all, spending time with you is like spending time with family. Besides, the two of them only have each other. Their bond is similar to sisters."

"Is it true?"

"Izzy has lived her life as a knight for eight years. As for Yuki, she had only been two years since receiving her powers as a knight. Seeing Yuki who was new to her new strength and did not have anyone, Izzy guarded her and protected her. It seems now they protect each other. Looking at them, isn't it like the four of us who try to open up and help each other?"

"I understand what you mean. But I don't like her nature at all."

"Maybe because you are just as hard. Give her time and try to know her. Just like when you tried to approach the three of us and persuade us to form this club together."

Scarlet smiled at that. "Trust me. This one is more difficult than inviting the three of you. I've already known Kazu almost my whole life, while s.h.i.+n Ha would follow him everywhere. You also accepted my offer because you knew my father. On the contrary, these girls..."

"They are no different. Trust me."

Scarlet only smiled in a straight line.

Hokuto smiled too and then stood up. "I know you could do it. Alright, I will take a rest. See you later."

Elementalist: Time Controllers 45 Ch. 45 'Scarlet's Tantrum'

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