Ascenders: Rising From Zero 45 The Soul Is Mine

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"You see Bayo, there's something you do not quite understand." Yasmin said, moving closer to the mental screen as he studied the stats displayed. The atmosphere hummed lowly of imminent explosion if care was not taken.

"d.a.m.n... you..." Bayo groaned straining under the weight of the restricting cords.

He had always known that such a day would come but he didn't think it was soon. After all, his plan from the first day was get strong, strong enough and then, eject the ticking time bomb that was Yasmin.

The idea of his soul becoming fuel to half a soul didn't make the cut for him.

Alas, he was too late.

Or was he?

"Hmm... this combinations might be good enough buts still lacking. There are still bloodlines that can be infused into the Wolf." Yasmin said thoughtfully as he stroked his chin.

"What is it? What is it that I don't understand? How did you even do it? I thought you said you'd be able to take over when my will was completely broken?" Bayo furrowed his eyebrows.

"Oh... that. Well, Bayo. You had a second chance to live once more. But what did you do?" Yasmin leaned closer to him, one hand on the desk as he gazed into his eyes.

"The first thing you did was to think that you were all powerful. Super. Untouchable, a foolish endeavor. If not for me being on ground, you pretty won't have survived till date." Yasmin wiped his face with the hankie.

"But I don't not hold grudges against you. Allow me tell you about myself." He pointed a finger to his face, still holding Bayo's gaze.

"I am Yasmin, the First. His Lords.h.i.+p in all his wisdom, on the day his soul was sealed away, rent off 21 parts of his soul, each one of us becoming the Soul Remnants of his power. Before you ask why this lecture, I must let you understand that as The First, the Unity of all the Ascenders reside within me.

Which was partly why, in shame, I could not cut chase at the beginning.

I saw potential in you, Bayo. And I still see it in you. I mean, I believe in you because you had the oddest way of making what was impossible by all logical declarations, possible."

"Then... then why ?" Bayo muttered, confused.

"Why?"Yasmin smirked, liking his lips. "Because the potentials you possessed were for my taking. Not for you. Remember, I was told you that in earthen terms, I am an operating software which needs a computer to function in. Likewise, I am an incomplete soul, a remnant, needing a complete soul to evolve and grow. And in this case, you. Have a look." Yasmin waved his hand and the scenery changed, revealing dim lit surroundings with encroaching darkness and his soul, and the miasma that was Yasmin.

The black ma.s.s of miasma was stretching, tendrils wrapped over the soul in tight embrace as the soul began to be enveloped, howbeit, slowly.

"Yes. By the time, I am done taking over, your memories will fade off. You yourself will fade off, living an entire soul devoid of consciousness for me to use to become a fully conscious soul, capable of evolving to the perfect form for His Lords.h.i.+p Return." Yasmin fisted a raised hand, shaking it with vibrancy as he spoke.

Bayo, however, gazed on with glazed eyes.

It was finally happening? He couldn't believe his eyes, or rather, his mind as Yasmin gloated.

If it had to be like this, then why did he get to live the second time? He should just have being dead rather than being brought alive to fuel the growth of a soul remnant.

Bayo was livid.


But try as he could, the cords would not just give away. Once, he had tried to just relax himself but somehow, he knew that if he did, Yasmin would have complete control over his soul.

No way was that happening.

This soul, it was his.

"Spirit Alpha Wolf. Let's buff you up." Yasmin said, interrupting Bayo's thoughts.

He faced the screen and touched, a ripple effect emanating from point of contact.

"Your biological combinations are goood, Bayo but definitely lacking. The lightning fist Chimp has one abiiity of sonic blare which was not only capable of stunning its victim but also blasting the victim with intense sonic boom. Combining that, with the versatility of the Esin Onina, we create a new ability." Yasmin muttering as he dragged dogs from the symbols of the two creatures mentioned into the symbol of the Spirit Wolf.

A prompt appeared that read 'New Ability gained: Alpha Zone- Boost up the abilities and physical strength of the creature to obscene levels for a period of time. It's potency is determined by the amount of all creatures of the dog family nearby.-'

"Suffices!" Yasmin said again.

Another prompt apppeared.

'Creature Type has being changed to Rare Type. Fate sensing ability automatically added.'

"No! Rare Type will only slow things down. I cannot afford to be drawn to every fate disruptions around." Yasmin reached for screen, tapping here and there.

"Combining the bio-data with little innate infused energy from the base law of gluttony should give something..." Yasmin grimaced as he slid a hand towards a s.h.i.+mmering circle at the top of the screen to the Wolf, albeit with difficulty. "S-stupid Law. Obey!" Yasmin gritted.

The circle seemed to retract and then fuse into a line that stretched towards the Wolf image just as a prompt appeared.

'New ability Gained: Buff Up- Physical exert a part of a body to the maximum to deliver a crus.h.i.+ng smash from the buffed up part.'

"Hmm... Infuse the 0.199% of the Lightning Fist Chimp into this."

'New ability gained: Crackly Body.- Activates Lightning crackles over its body before Buff Up is used, increasing the potentials of the smash as well as hyping body defense for as long as it's on. Highly draining in Stamina'

"Hmm... That's more like it. Combine all simulations together. Let's see what we have." Yasmin said and stepped back.

Without looking at Bayo, he scorned. "Now, look at what you thought you knew best."


'New Specie Created: Spirit Wolf Prime... displaying stats...'


Name: Yasmin

Specie: Spirit Wolf Prime// Spirit Prime Wolf -Rare Type

Soul Stage: Ground — Soul refining completed

Energy: 950/999

Growth Stage: (Energy has been accrued to ignore growth)

Growth Progress: N/A

Ability: Complex Speech, Energy Absorption, Alpha Howl, Buff Up, Alpha Zone

Law: (Law of Love) Law of Gluttony

Principles: N/A


A super evolved and unseen variant of the Spirit Wolf, extremely powerful.


"Heh... Still Ground Cla.s.s eh... Even more, stuck in a stupid pseudo cla.s.s. I do not wish for this Rare Type genetics. Let's see, if I take out the most powerful ability... Alpha Zone? Yes." Yasmin grumbled, his fingers darting across the screen.

'Action will being devolution to specie, continue?' The prompt read.


Meanwhile, Bayo was seething, fining.

Before his own eyes, he saw the status of his soul read the name as Yasmin.

No... No way.

'This is how it's ending?' Bayo whined to himself, shaking himself.

He didn't expect it so soon.

But, this was his soul.

Yasmin has said that his memories would fade. Were the memories of his mother part of it too?

It had to.

And he couldn't afford to Forget his mother.

That woman, the things she had had to go through because of him. And even yet, he hadn't respected her the way he ought to.

The least he could do now, was to keep her memories alive and live by her precepts.

"Mummy..." Bayo cried, his eyes red from fatigue and pain.

Just then, Yasmin stirred towards his direction. "Just what are you doing? It's over, Bayo. Even if I were to cut chase, you would amount to nothing in this world. Nothing."

"Nothing??!" He whimpered.

"Yes, Nothing..." Yasmin confirmed. "Look, Just remains a bit and I'll have full control. Don't bother about the fragmentation, my taking over has cancelled that." Yasmin waved a finger and the scene disappeared showing him a totally enveloped soul with a sheath of darkness except for one small patch.

Bayo's heart skipped a beat.


The patch was surging out energy, pus.h.i.+ng against overwhelming darkness that was about it.

"Stop thinking Bayo. You are making this take longer than normal." Yasmin complained.

He was??

Bayo blinked.

This could only mean one thing. His memories was what was still keeping that resistance of his soul going.

He had to think, of Earth, friends, no not Shade, of things he had relished on Earth.

Ice cream.

Game pads.

Candy Bars.

Superman Action Figures.




His first award for novel writing compet.i.tion then.

His mother and her ever patient smile.

"Ah... d.a.m.n you..." Yasmin cursed, slamming a fist into the table. "Stop!" The soul remnant helped as he slammed a fist into his face.

"I said stop." Another fist landed squarely on Bayo's face.

Instead of groaning, Bayo smirked, blood or the equivalent of it dripping from the corners of his lips.

"You don't understand Yasmin. Let me make you understand. Where I come from, there's so much struggle for a better living. You want to know why it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to be?" Another frantic punch landed on his face, making him pause momentarily.

For a second or two, Bayo was dazed, his consciousness fading off.


Jollof Rice.

My first kiss.

The Christmas present.

He hit his lips as tears mixed with the bloodline essence trailing from his lips.

Those were memories of his own life.


Memories he had to come to cherish.

And no way was he going to lose them. Because, in the end, they made him who he was today.

The past was the deciding factor of the present. And losing the past meant, losing the will to live.

Just then, a cord pulled taut and broke, fizzling into nothing.

Another cord pulled off as Yasmin pulled back, shocked.


"No... Yasmin. Impossible only means you haven't tried. You said I was reckless but that was just me, trying to make best of my circ.u.mstances. You cannot understand me becuase I am human. And we fall, we study why we fell and find ways to remove it and then,..." Bayo rose unsteadily as the last cord fizzled away, gripping the edges of the table for support.

"...We rise.!" He smiled maniacally.

"No! I am Yasmin, I am the first. I am the Unity and you would yield." Yasmin screamed, a burst of dark ethereal energy exploding from him. For a second or two, the form of another being stood in place of Yasmin, smiling at him with devilish understanding.

"T-Trixius ?" Bayo stammered just a punch flew, sailing to his face.


A hand formed from energy suddenly appeared, grabbing the fist in mid air. It twisted the fist, doubling its momentum as th fist slammed into Yasmin's stomach, sending him sprawling across the ground.

"H-how?" The soul remnant stammered, eyes widened.

"How? Isn't it clear enough? Yasmin, my soul genie... Listen. This. Soul. Is. Mine." Bayo screamed as he broke down, falling against the table.






His soul suddenly surged a current of energy, was.h.i.+ng back the miasma over its form. The miasma retreated as if stung, then, sent tendrils forward to the soul, returning to the stalemate it once was.

Bayo on the other hand frowned.

'That energy... what was it?' He asked himself as he felt the form of a body settling on him, dizziness clouding his senses.

As silence returned to Bayo's soul s.p.a.ce, the screen rippled, a change in the data appearing.


Name: Bayo -Ascender Human

Specie: Spirit Wolf Prime -Mythic Type

Soul Stage: Ground Cla.s.s

Energy: 950/970

Growth Stage: (Energy has been accrued to ignore growth)

Growth Progress: N/A

Ability: Complex Speech, Energy Absorption, Alpha Howl, Crackling Buff, Agbara Detection

Law: (Law of Love) Law of Gluttony


Ascenders: Rising From Zero 45 The Soul Is Mine

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