Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path 247 Chapter 246

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Leon and Darya finished their preparations in three days. Although Leon tried to use most of his time trying to progress his magic or physical skills even a little bit at every moment, sometimes he felt just like stopping for a few seconds and observing the ocean and the blue sky. This time Leon chose to stay on an island. He wasn't alone… but he felt like that was some kind of bad joke of destiny.

Anyway, Leon stored many useful things in his magic box, and even Darya had some clothes and bedsheets, so on the first nights on that island, he didn't feel like he felt on the first one. Regardless, despite everything, Leon felt thankful for feeling the light of the sun after six months of living underground.

"Somehow, I feel like we are wasting time building a house here..." Darya frowned.

"It is just temporary," Leon said. "Besides, it is better this way because it will prevent us from wasting time. We don't know when or where we will find an island that has a dungeon, so a base like this is important to avoid us getting lost."

Leon didn't notice that while he was living underground, even though he heard something from Darya that confirmed that, but it looked like Miebos' days also had twenty-four hours, and the duration of days and nights were the same. It was a bit weird since the people of the past could control the weather of the planet using satellites... perhaps they tried to make days longer, but soon noticed that was a bad idea.

"What do you know about Telekinesis?" Leon asked.

"Not much," Darya answered. "What I do know is that it looks like people who have good imagination tend to learn faster. My grandfather... the government selects some kids that excel in that area and then give them the training to become soldiers. Telekinesis is one of the first things they learn."

"Imagination, huh," Leon said.

Despite saying that, Leon more or less knew how Telekinesis worked, he noticed that a few days later, after trying to infuse his mana to a magic weapon only to see that that wasn't possible. He couldn't transmit his mana to those objects, so he used a hand made of earth to control them. What if Telekinesis was like controlling his mana like that and enveloping some objects completely to obtain full control over them?

"Now that I think about it. I bet I can produce the mana liquid even without Telekinesis. I just have to control small portions of earth to harvest the leaves... it is more efficient, but I'm sure Telekinesis will come in handy in the future."

Leon approached one of the blue angel plants and pointed his hand towards it, then closed his eyes. He imagined himself creating a hand made of mana, thanks to Mana Dominion, even though Leon couldn't see his mana clearly, he could feel it taking the shape he wanted. Slowly he pulled the leaf, and a few seconds later, he felt the leaf falling on the palm of his hand.

"Mmm... that wasn't that complicated."

Although it hadn't been complicated, Leon didn't receive the notification he wanted... he indeed used Telekinesis, but he didn't learn yet. It looked like he needed to faster, even faster than usual, since Telekinesis was a skill that was activated instantly. In that case, there was only one thing he had to do... he had to practice.

Darya also wanted to learn such a useful skill, but for a change, she was learning the skill slower than Leon. The problem probably wasn't her imagination since she had to do something far more complicated to use Telepathy... either way, she learned. Leon learned Telekinesis in two weeks, while Darya learned in three.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Telekinesis.

You obtained 01 status points.

"Just as I suspected, the skill itself is far more convenient than the skill granted by a magic item," Leon said. "Since the level is low, I can't do much right now, but the cost of mana is much lower."

"Isn't it obvious?" Darya frowned.

"Well, yeah..." Leon said.

Every magic item has some restrictions. Consumption of mana and cooldown time was the most commons, after all. Anyway, even though Leon could harvest the blue leaves without wasting too much time or mana, he could only collect eight leaves at a time. The skill was convenient, but his skill was also involved, after all.

"It would be great if I could create some golems and make them turn the leaves into dust and make them add water... that way, we would be able to save a lot of time," Leon said.

"... I don't think anyone can create creatures like that that have that level of intelligence." Darya frowned again. "Any creature created by us can only obey simple commands."

Leon already knew that, but he couldn't help but the dream about making things more efficient. If he could tame monsters, perhaps things would work out the way he wanted... but he couldn't. Leon recalled the spirits Darya mentioned before, but if those spirits were like intelligent monsters, he doubted that they would accepted be treated like servants.

While Leon was practicing Haste and Telekinesis, Darya tried to learn Fly using Telekinesis on her body. However, just as Leon had expected, she didn't receive the notification, Fly was indeed a variation of gravity magic.

Regardless, Leon and Darya practiced Telekinesis for one week, until the skill reached level thirty. As expected, using blue angel leaves was the best way to grow stronger. Leon was still interested in finding a way to create dense mana potions, but he was satisfied with it for the time being. After reaching that level, they started to explore Miebos, looking for an island that has a dungeon.

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Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path 247 Chapter 246

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