Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path 254 Chapter 253

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"... What do you think of this?" Leon asked.

"... I think there is a chance that your invasion and my disappearance may have made the guards up above to look for us, and that caused the fight if that is what you are worried about." Darya answered. "However, now and then, some survivors down here cause a ruckus in the city, and a few days later, the guards come to hunt them down or to at least cause some problems to make them think twice before doing that again."

In the end, the chances of Leon have caused that was fifty percent. Regardless, Leon and Darya flew for a while, and they found the signs of many battles. Leon frowned because Darya said the warriors from above only conducted raids every few months. However, it looked like they attacked the warriors more than a few times and in just in a few days.

Fortunately, Leon and Darya soon ran into Anton and his warriors, and it appeared nome of them were injured.

"Hey, long time no see," Anton said. "I haven't heard anything about you guys in the past few months. So I thought you had traveled to a far away zone."

"Is everything alright?" Leon asked.

Based on Anton's and his friends' att.i.tude, it looked like they weren't angry or nervous. As they didn't emit any killing intent and Leon couldn't feel their mana moving suspiciously either. Still, it was a good idea to stay alert just in case. Leon and Darya's Mana Armor leveled up a lot in the last few months, but those guys had pretty good magic weapons created by Leon. Adding to that equation, their superior physical strength... they couldn't be underestimated.

"You look worried, but you can relax," Anton said. "As you can imagine, they attacked us because someone invaded the research center. We are aware that you went there, too. Still, they only sent a few recruits just to show to the population above that they are working to keep things peaceful. Thanks to your weapons, the fight was easy and none of us were injured."

"What about the other villages?" Leon asked. "What about retaliation? I can see that you defeated them, but won't they send more than a few recruits after confirming that you guys obtained new weapons?"

"Eadmund and I sent some men to help them just in case," Anton explained. "But I don't think more than thirty guards would come down here. Even if they send stronger opponents, we will manage. Well, I imagine you returned because you have a goal. We are still indebted to you, so can we help with something?"

Leon looked at Darya, but she just shrugged. If things were alright, then Leon didn't have anything to worry about. So, he asked Anton if he knew where he could find ghost-type monsters that can suck mana from their targets.

"Ghost-type monsters? There is one in the extreme south of the continent." Anton frowned. "But I wouldn't recommend going there."

"Why?" Leon asked.

"The monsters are very smart... because they were living beings like us who sold their souls and hearts to the G.o.d of death of their world," Anton explained. "They are liches, a bunch of annoying creatures who are very adept at dark magic. They can curse you and do all sorts of things to decrease your skills and status. Since they can only be damaged by magic, not a single village can be found there. Fortunately, they consume a lot of mana to stay in our world, so they can't get too far away from the dungeon that connects this to their world."

"Eeww... that sounds pretty scary." Darya trembled.

"Thank you for the information." Leon nodded. "Here is the payment for it, those should help you guys keep yourselves alive if the guys above come with big numbers."

Leon gave Anton a few rings that granted them Regeneration level ten. It wasn't much, but since Leon had no use for them and currently had a ma.s.sive supply of blue angel plants, he decided to give them away just in case.

"Well... thank you," Anton said, his eyes were wide open. "We will make sure to use them."

After seven decades fighting against monsters, that kind of equipment was supposed to be something easily found, but that wasn't the case since golem's only dropped cores and the pieces of the mechanical spiders were useless. To make matters worse, they couldn't use mana all that much, so producing their own magic weapons was out of the question.

It was complicated to confirm that, but after two days flying, Leon and Darya finally reached the liches territory, so Leon concluded that the sole continent of that world had an area similar to Africa. It wasn't a small territory considering that a single government had control over that ma.s.sive area, but it was considering the whole size of a world. Considering that eight percent of the planet was ice and water, then Leon was certain that he would find some ma.s.sive islands.


Health: 5000/5000

Mana: 25000/25000

Stamina: 2000/2000

Active Skills: Cursed Ray Lv 150, Quagmire Lv 90, Stagnation Lv 80, Mental Drain Lv 90

Pa.s.sive Skills: Fly Lv 130, Zen Lv 90, Mental Fort.i.tude Lv 120

Leon couldn't see their appearances thanks to a big cloak that covered their bodies, but he saw their thin and very pale arms. They looked like living beings at death's door, but considering their health, that wasn't the case. They also had some sticks that were supposed to be magic wands since they emitted a purple glow. While Leon and Darya were a.n.a.lyzing them, Leon got hit by a Cursed Ray and lost control over his legs... Mana Armor couldn't protect them from that kind of attack.

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Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path 254 Chapter 253

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