Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path 95 Chapter 94

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It wouldn't be easy, by the look of things, William was planning to do something big pretty soon. So, to partic.i.p.ate in that, Leon had to show results before that. His fake growth in the previous month didn't make anyone suspicious, so Leon could continue doing that.

"Your salary now will be ten thousand coins; you will also receive the same amount every time you complete a job," Sarah explained. " From now on, you will receive 60% of the coins of the materials you obtain. You can also move to a bigger apartment. Lastly... you can have four more maids if you want to."

"I don't need to move, and I don't need to hear more people calling me master..." Leon sighed. "I will barely stay in my apartment, so it doesn't matter."

"Is that so... it looks like you didn't lay your hands on Gisela," Sarah said. "If you are gay, you could have said so. Our organization doesn't care about the preferences of our employees."

"I'm not gay... and like I said, I don't need more people calling me master." Leon sighed. "It doesn't matter if they are male or female."

"All right then... you can go to the dungeon whenever you want," Sarah said. "But I think you should go tomorrow as soon as you and Gisela are ready. I will prepare a vehicle."

"Do I have to take her with me?" Leon asked.

"Yes, the dungeon is quite far from here," Sarah explained. "Going and returning by car isn't that practical, it would take several hours. Besides, even though there is a camp there, everyone has to prepare their own meals and clean their own clothes. Instead of wasting time doing that you should rest, you should make the maid do that for you."

Traveling long distances was easy for Leon, but he couldn't move so fast without a vehicle since his movements were being monitored. He also could wash his own clothes, but it would be suspicious if he doesn't make use of Gisela in that regard. He didn't treat her like a servant, but if someone gets suspicious, they would have problems.

"Okay, I will bring her along..." Leon sighed.

"Very well, the vehicle that will transport you to the dungeon will be waiting for you in front of the main building at 06:00 AM," Sarah said. "I wish you luck."

After saying farewell to Sarah, Leon headed home. Only half an hour had pa.s.sed between the moment he left his apartment and the moment he returned. It wasn't much, but Gisela was still playing with Water Manipulation.

"Welcome home, master." Gisela smiled. "I never thought it could be so fun training my magic."

"Well, it seems that you will have a lot of time to practice that," Leon said. "I got promoted, and I'm going to a dungeon tomorrow. Since it is far away, you will have to go with me for the sake of appearances. I don't know how the situation of the camp there, but I'm pretty sure the soldiers won't have places to sleep as big as this apartment. Your physical training will be in hiatus for a while."

"Understood, master." Gisela nodded enthusiastically. "Leave all the miscellaneous work to me."

Until now, Leon avoided buying things like pans, spoons, and forks, but now it couldn't be avoided. Leon transferred coins for Gisela to buy that kind of thing and food supplies for at least one week. Sarah and William didn't say for how long he could work in the dungeon, so he had to decide that for himself.

"I guess seven If I work seven days and rest for three should be enough."

Since Leon would also work in killing the monsters who may try to leave the dungeon, he basically would sleep a few hours and fight more than usual. So, that much of resting was fine. Regardless, since they would have to transport a lot of things, Gisela ended up buying a cart too. She also bought charcoal, bottles of water, and products to clean clothes and cooking utensils... and there was still the food. That made Leon frown, his life on the island was inconvenient but much more straightforward. Most problems he could solve with magic, but in human society, he couldn't help but hide his skills.

"The next time, I will think twice before offering myself to do this kind of thing…"

Leon didn't know if someone would inspect his apartment while he was away, but it was better to be safe than sorry. So, in the middle of the night, he sent the weapons he had made for Gisela flying toward the sea.

The next day, Leon and Gisela moved toward the main building, and there they found the driver who would take them to the dungeon. There was no escort party as it looked like the directors only promoted those who could defend themselves outside New York.

After traveling for four hours toward the southwest, finally, Leon and Gisela reached their destination. Leon found several buildings around the dungeon; those were the houses where the soldiers would stay. At least it was big enough for Leon and Gisela to sleep in their sleeping bags.

The dungeon was located in the middle of an abandoned farm, but unlike the other dungeons, that were a cave or a hole... it was a structure that reminded him of a mausoleum. In front of it, he saw stairs that led to the underground, and the darkness of that place made him feel s.h.i.+vers. It was the perfect place for those creatures... Leon's new adversaries were skeletons.

Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path 95 Chapter 94

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