The Demon King's Cowardly Vessel 41 Warlock's Past- Earth 1

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Before Juin could ask more, Warlock suddenly kicked him out of the room, saying that he had a date to go to and that he had enough of boys' talk for now.

Confused by the sudden change of situation, Juin could do nothing but stand up from his seat.

When Juin finally left the room, he saw Lucifer sitting in midair with a fuming expression. He was slightly taken aback by the fiery gaze in Lucifer's eyes, wondering what he had done that could have caused the demon king to be in such a bad mood, but he soon realized that Lucifer's anger was targeted at the person in the room instead of Juin.

"What are you doing?" Juin asked with a brow raised before glancing back into the room, upon which the door was slammed shut in his face again, causing him to jump back slightly. He then quickly shook his head before looking back at Lucifer. "He's… not normal."

"No sh*t!" Lucifer snapped as b.a.l.l.s of flames appeared around him, only to sizzle out a second later. That only made Lucifer's blood boil over. "That b*stard dared to keep ME, a DEMON KING, in a cage! If we were at Alercane, I would have burned his a*s without so much as a blink of an eye!"

He wanted to set the whole school on fire, but at this moment, he could not even set the pot of plant at the end of the corridor on fire! He tried, but every time he threw a fireball at it, the fireball just disappeared in midair.

"Stupid ward!" Lucifer yelled as he flew about in the air angrily. He had never been so humiliated before… and this was in the hands of a human?!

Just as Juin was about to tell him to calm down, Lucifer suddenly stopped, folded his arms, and mumbled to himself, "No way… He's not a normal Earth human… Those were-idiots said he's probably a warlock from the Nightmare Rift… Yes, that must be it. He must be a demon in disguise, and I just can't feel it cause he's level is a little stronger than me now."

He then laughed madly, as if he had just realized something funny.

As Juin watched Lucifer rambling on and laughing so suddenly, he thought to himself, "Did Warlock just break Lucifer?"

Suddenly, Lucifer turned his head to Juin and asked, "What the h.e.l.l did you guys talk about?"

His tone changed so abruptly that it took Juin back a little.

"Erm…" Juin coughed. He walked to the end of the corridor and leaned against the wall. Juin then told him everything that Warlock told him earlier, including the thing about his soul attracting spirits.

"Oh, yeah… You do have a unique soul…" Lucifer said as he folded his arms. He then told Juin about his shackled soul, as well as what Mrs. Martin told him. "Then that makes sense why your soul is being shackled… I wonder who did that to you."

"Shackled…?" Juin's jaw dropped slightly. "You don't think that this is an important thing to tell me??!"

"Nope…" Lucifer thought nonchalantly as he returned back to his usual att.i.tude. "What's the point? If I don't know anything about it, how would you know anything?"

Juin wanted to argue back, but Lucifer was right. Up until now, he knew nothing at all. Perhaps even now, he only knew about 1% of himself.

Lucifer's words did, however, trigger something in him. Juin thought deeply about what Warlock said. Someone had been protecting him up until 3 years ago… and that person was probably gone now. "There's only Ashton…" Juin mumbled. He then looked at Lucifer and said, "That's Ashton, right? But how?"

Lucifer shrugged. "That's for you to find out…"

After Juin left the room, Warlock put back his red ear stud on his earlobe, which removed the pressure on Lucifer outside. The glow on his green eye had disappeared as he leaned back in his chair with a tired expression. He could hear Juin and Lucifer talking outside his room, and he heard their conversation all the way until they left the range of his ward.

"Juin… Lucifer…" Warlock sighed as he ma.s.saged his glabella. "Those two shouldn't have met…"

Warlock looked up and put his right palm up. A black diagram formed on his palm before glowing softly in black. It then turned white before glowing brightly, forming a holographic-like image of a woman in a white dress. Warlock's eyes softened as he looked at the moving image of the woman, whose raven-black hair was waving slightly, as if there were wind around.

Her skin was almost porcelain-like and looked as soft as a baby's bottom. In her arm, she was holding a sleeping baby boy who had raven-black hair as well.

"Cahryss…" Warlock murmured as he looked at the woman, and as if she could hear him, she looked over at him and smiled, and at that moment, time seemed to have stopped for a moment for Warlock as he watched her bloodred pupils turn a little less red as the corners of her lips lifted slightly. "I won't let anything happen to him."


16 years ago,

In a forest somewhere on Earth, a bright light suddenly appeared in the middle of the night. In the pitch blackness of the night, the light lit up a huge part of the dense forest, startling the small animals within the forest and causing them to scatter.

The size of the light was about the size of an adult human, and within a few seconds, it formed into a stable portal, and the intensity of the light reduced significantly. A foot slowly appeared from the portal, stepping into the midair.

The moment the foot appeared, the heavy scent of blood wafted through, bringing with it a wave of energy that spread out of the forest, covering miles upon miles of land. Animals that were caught within the range of the wave whimpered uncontrollably, as if they could foretell that something dangerous was about to be upon them.

A fully-cloaked figure soon walked out of the portal, enshrouded by a heavy black mist that seemed unnatural. The moment the figure fully stepped out of the portal, the air around suddenly turned heavy and ominous, to the point that the leaves within 5 kilometers of the figure were curling back before slowly turning brown and black, as if it was being rotted by the air brought by the figure.

The figure turned to the side and slowly removed the hood of the cloak, revealing a head with shoulder-length hair so grey that it was almost white. When the light from the portal reflected on the figure's eyes, it made the figure's green and blue eyes glowed eerily in the darkness.

"We're here…" the figure murmured as he looked down at the small bundle that he was cradling in his left arm.

Raising his right hand, the man pointed at the portal and made a grasping motion, upon which the portal collapsed into a white line before disappearing completely. He then looked up at the dark sky and focused on the moon.

"A single red moon…" he murmured with a frown as he looked at the round moon perched high above the sky. He then glanced down at the bundle on his arm and asked, "Is this really Earth?"

His right ear suddenly moved slightly, as if he had caught a sound far away. The crimson gem on his right ear stud glowed slightly under the moonlight as the man stood up straight. He slowly turned his body slightly, before stopping and looking in one direction with narrowed eyes.

He then touched his right ear stud, and after a while, he mumbled, "That sounds like a baby's cry…"

Looking down at the bundle in his arm, he thought for a moment before saying, "Let's go see if there's any vessel for you…"

He then walked into the darkness in the direction of the sound.

The Demon King's Cowardly Vessel 41 Warlock's Past- Earth 1

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