Love Is A Sweet Poison 73 73 Congratulations On Your Engagemen

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Miyuki silently cleaned up after she was done eating and left the room. After school hours Ami and Sachi showed up at the doorway and were both acting nervous. Miyuki was out there greeting the girls and guided them to Amelia's room. She knocked on the door and opened it up. 

Amelia was sitting staring at the rain as it fell on the ground and turned her head. "Ami, Sachi. It is good to see you both. How are you doing?" 

Ami rushes forward and grabs Amelia's hand and cries a little bit. "I am so glad that I actually get to see you today, I swear I was going to lose my mind if I was unable to see you again." 

Sachi walked over slowly and kneeled down before hugging Amelia. "I was so worried when we came over yesterday and you were asleep but now that I see you awake today I am relieved. You are such a sweetheart and if I didn't know that you were so sick, I would be confused about why you missed school this week. We talked to Sensei and we brought you your a.s.signments. There is a group a.s.signment and we are a group of three. Since you are the top of the cla.s.s we were able to have a smaller group." Sachi sets the homework bundle to the side. 

"Ahhhhhh, I forgot about that a.s.signment. We picked the topic thinking that it would be okay. We are going to talk about wagas.h.i.+ sweets. We heard that you made some yesterday. Do not wear yourself out." Ami pouts at Amelia.

"No guarantees but I will try to not wear myself out. I am doing alright but I know that things could be better. I like the subject that you chose. Edna will be able to help us with that subject as it is part of the tea ceremony." Amelia lifted the bundle up and flipped through the works and nodded her head. "What part would you like me to work on?"

Ami giggles, "we were going to see what part you wanted to do on the a.s.signment since we had to choose a topic and let the teacher know today." 

"That is right, I wanted to ask you yesterday as we both know that you have a lot of knowledge in tea ceremony and flower arranging. When we heard you dabbled in wagas.h.i.+ sweet making we decided that was a fantastic topic and no one else selected it." Sachi was grinning from ear to ear.

"Thank you. I am glad that we are doing something that I am familiar with. Good job on deciding. Ami you have really nice printing so why don't you do the printing. Sachi can do the research and I will do the drawings." She smiled at her two friends. 

"Awesome! I love that. Amelia, I forgot to say something. Congratulations on your engagement." Ami smiles while looking at Sachi.

"Yes, that is a plan that will work well. Congratulations on your engagement to Gabriel. I am truly happy for you. I will be preparing a gift for you on your wedding day along with my father." Sachi looks at Amelia. "Have you selected the date yet? I know father wrote the dates down for you." 

"Ah, thank you. Gabriel is not home and is out collecting the herbs that are necessary for my medicine so before we pick a date we will discuss when he gets home. I am hoping and praying that he is well." Amelia looked down sadly. 

Ami sat down but leaned her head on Amelia's shoulder. "The view is beautiful from your window. I am surprised. Can we spend the night here and go to school in the morning from here?" 

Sachi sighs and shakes her head. "Jeez, Ami. We did not even ask our Fathers before we came here. Okay, well you might have forgotten but I did mention to both of them that if we did not come home that we were allowed to spend the night with you." 

"Sachi is the best!" Ami jumps on Sachi giving her a big hug.

Amelia giggles and her body starts shaking from giggling. She coughs a little while giggling and looks at her friends. "We may not have set a date but both Mothers are setting everything up and I even picked out my s.h.i.+romuku. I decided to only pick one as changing so many times might be hard on my body." 

Sachi looks worriedly at Amelia when she starts coughing and pats her on the back gently. "I think that is for the best. I will eagerly wait to see the s.h.i.+romuku that you picked." 

Ami had moved her head to Amelia's lap and was looking up at her. "You know that we worry about you greatly. You are so young and yet you are going to be the first of us to marry. If you are happy with this then we will be happy for you as well." 

There was a knock on the door before it opened. "h.e.l.lo, ladies. I have asked the maids to bring you, ladies, some tea and snacks. Will you be here for dinner?" Edna stands at the door and waits for the maids to bring the tea and wagas.h.i.+ sweets in. 

"We were hoping that if it was not too much trouble may we spend the night? We have a group project that we need to start working on and since Amelia is awake we can get a start on it." Sachi bows to Edna. 

Ami sits up and bows along with Sachi. "I promise that we will not be too loud." 

Edna chuckles, "you know that it will be more lively if you two stay. You can stay the night. I really do not mind. I do however worry that your parents may not take that well." She frowns and thinks about it.

"I already took care of that. I made sure that both mine and Ami's family knows that if we do not return that we were allowed to stay that night." Sachi sits up and smiles sweetly. "Is it possible to stay in this room with Amelia?"

Love Is A Sweet Poison 73 73 Congratulations On Your Engagemen

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