Love Is A Sweet Poison 74 74 Tea Time

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Amelia looked at Edna and nodded her head to indicate that it would be alright. "Thank you for the tea and treats, Mother Edna."

Edna caught the hint from Amelia and smiled in return. "Of course, you can stay here. I really do not mind. I will get the maids to bring two bedding sets so that you can all sleep together. If you need any help please do not hesitate to call." Edna smiled and left the room and promptly ordered that two extra bedding sets be placed in Amelia's room. 

"Your Mother-in-law is actually really nice. I know that I shouldn't worry too much but it is rare to come across someone that is so nice." Ami looked at Edna and smiled as she watched the lady leave the room. 

Sachi got up and offered her hand to Amelia, "Come let us go ahead and eat the sweet treats." 

Amelia took Sachi's hand and weakly got up. Ami jumped up and steadied Amelia. "Whoa, don't fall over. You need to be more careful." She waits until Amelia is steady before she backs away. 

"I'm sorry. I pulled you up too fast!" Sachi stopped and looked at Amelia worried.

"It's okay. I get lightheaded when I move too fast. It is not easy to be me and that's why I usually take a lot more time when I move around." Amelia steadies herself and slowly walks to the table and sits down. "There are two different teas. That one in this pot must be for me." She looked at the pot and smiled. 

Miyuki knocks on the door and then enters. "Good afternoon, everyone. I am Miyuki and I am Amelia's personal maid." She bows then comes into the room. 

"Miyuki, I know that is your t.i.tle but I think that we are more like friends than we are in the servant, master relations.h.i.+p. This is Sachi and Ami. These two are my friends from school." Amelia smiled and waited for the other two to sit down. 

Sachi sat down and bowed. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am grateful that there will be someone watching after this girl otherwise who knows what type of trouble she will cause." 

Ami starts laughing, "I think I am the one that causes the most trouble. Everyone here is much better than I am. I will really need to pull my grades up but Father said that it doesn't matter as I will be married after school is complete."

Miyuki moves to the table and pours the tea for the girls. "Let me serve you guys the tea. I came to ask questions so that we can prep and add you two to the dinner menu." 

"I am not all that picky. I will eat whatever was planned for dinner." Sachi smiles and thanks Miyuki as she pours the tea. 

Ami smiles and thanks Miyuki. "Seriously, I will eat everything. Also, this is the sweetest thing ever. I am not used to having someone else pour me tea."

Placing the teapot down she picks up the other and pours the tea for Amelia. "This is the tea that Young Master has made for you. I do not want you to catch a fever and this tea is perfect in helping out with that. Please be sure to drink it. Since you have no requests I will tell the chef that he is good to continue."

"Thank you, Miyuki. I will have to trouble him for something light again. I am not all that hungry." Amelia picks up the teacup and drinks a bit of it and sighs. 

"Gabriel made you that tea? Is it safe to drink? Wait, that is not the right question. When did he find the time to make you tea?" Ami begins freaking out.

"Ah, yes. He makes all the tea at the hospital. While he was making the normal tea he decided to make this tea while he was already working on the tea. He is a hard worker. He took a lot of care of me at the hospital and that is why I am here. The air is very nice and it is easier for me to breathe." Amelia took another sip of the tea and smiled.

"If you are happy then we are happy. This is no longer on the way home for either of us but we will come to visit as often as we can. That is if we are welcomed." Sachi covers her mouth and giggles. 

"I do not see why you would not be welcomed. We have been friends for such a long time that it does not matter where I am. I will welcome you but there are going to be bad days still. I am still recovering from an attack." Amelia placed the teacup down and picked up the stick and cut it into the wagas.h.i.+ before eating it. 

Sachi smiled and started to eat the wagas.h.i.+ sweets while drinking tea. "Oh, my this is simply divine. I am used to eating good food but this is amazing. This makes me very excited for our a.s.signment." 

Ami digs in, eating the wagas.h.i.+ fast and hums in satisfaction. "Wait, where is Miyuki's?" 

"Oh, I do not need any. I am just a servant girl. I do not need such amazing sweets." Miyuki stands up and goes to the door. "I have other things that I must attend to but you three please enjoy." Miyuki bows then leaves the room. 

Amelia giggles and drinks the tea. "I had a feeling she would run away. She has it in her mind that she is of different status from me but she is also my caregiver so when I am able to I slip her treats. Do not worry I will make wagas.h.i.+ again and she will get some at that time." Amelia takes a second bit but of the second one. 

"If I had known I would've set aside one of my wagas.h.i.+ for her but I am glad that you will make sure that she will get some next time." Ami watched as Miyuki made her great escape. 

Love Is A Sweet Poison 74 74 Tea Time

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