The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 689 - Evidence Found (5)

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Chapter 689: Evidence Found (5)

If that person really was a woman, their attack this time would have been completely ineffective. Furthermore, Mu Huan had done a good job in treating her father-in-law’s leg. Not only would what they had done in the past be wasted, but her image would also be improved.

“You think he’s really a woman?” Old Master Meng frowned.

“Apart from Junyan’s doting on her, the most important thing about Mu Huan is that she’s a scheming and intelligent person. If that bartender wasn’t a woman, she wouldn’t have claimed that she was a woman. That’s because even if the other party had died and her corpse hadn’t been preserved, Junyan would still be able to confirm it. Once it’s confirmed that she’s lying, she’d be finished.”

Old Master Meng frowned and felt that what she said made sense. “I’ll send someone to investigate. Once we find any evidence, we’ll destroy it first.”

“There’s no need to get someone to investigate. It’s too late. Grandfather, our power in Yun Cheng is far inferior to Junyan’s. He’ll definitely be able to find out what we can.” When Ling Wei found out that Mu Huan was fine, she’d thought that the bartender might really be a woman. However, she did not send anyone to destroy the evidence.

Because she knew that Bo Junyan would be faster than her.

Old Master Meng frowned. “Let someone investigate. What if we find clues that Junyan didn’t notice?”

When Ling Wei heard this, she did not say anything else. “Alright.”

By the time Old Master Meng sent someone to investigate, Bo Junyan’s men had already found evidence.

When his men had confirmed the evidence and reported it to Bo Junyan, it was late at night. Mu Huan was sleeping soundly, so Bo Junyan did not wake her up.

The next morning.

“What? You found evidence?” Mu Huan, who had just woken up, was so shocked by Bo Junyan’s discovery that she sat up straight. She instantly sobered up!


“What evidence? How can you be so formidable?! It’s only been a few days!” Mu Huan said in disbelief. She had searched for half a year, but she had not found any evidence. She’d thought that there was absolutely no solution, but he had found it in just two to three days?

Was there a mistake?! She was too weak!

“Some photos and videos.”

“Photos, videos? What kind of photo and video can prove that she’s a woman? A video of her in female clothes? Even if she’s in female clothes, it doesn’t prove that she’s a woman!” Mu Huan said instinctively.

“It’s a video of her sleeping with a man.”

Mu Huan: “…!!”

Freaking h.e.l.l! Freaking h.e.l.l!

Although Mu Huan knew that the bartender was a woman, she did not expect that the person who’d protected her secret would have such a relations.h.i.+p with a man. There were even bed photos and videos!

What the f*ck!

Bo Junyan knew that it was useless even if he found out that someone had once seen the bartender as a woman. His grandfather would say that he had bribed someone to provide false evidence. Even if the bartender’s biological mother was still alive and said that she had given birth to a daughter, his grandfather would never capitulate to such evidence.

Hence, after Mu Huan told him about the bartender’s situation and he got someone to interrogate Bai Xuexian in detail, he got someone to investigate the bartender’s relations.h.i.+ps. The bartender was still young when she was in the village, and there were few people who could come into contact with her. Hence, he got the person to investigate what happened after the bartender came to Yun Cheng.

This reduced the scope of the investigation.

And when it came to what happened in Yun Cheng, there was nothing that he could not find out when he had it investigated.

After Mu Huan had been in a daze for a while, she said, “You… Why would you want to investigate this? She looked so manly… and she’d wanted to protect her secret so much, so why would she…”

How could she have slept with someone and left behind such evidence?!

The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 689 - Evidence Found (5)

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