My Hidden Wife Is Sweet Chapter 304

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Chapter 304: Now

Of course Gu Weiwei knew who these two women were, but as Mu Weiwei, she had to have no knowledge of who they were.

So after hearing what Fu Hanzheng said, she purposefully twisted the meaning.

“So it is true that you like s.e.xy and beautiful women, just like Meng Ruya once told me.”

She said as she gripped his tie, “What do you want them for?”

Seeing his girlfriend getting jealous for no reason, Fu Hanzheng found it very funny and lovely too.

“I don't like this type of woman, I only like you.”

“No way, they have large and long legs, that's every man's type!”

Gu Weiwei kept pestering him only because she was trying to stop him from touching the computer.

“They are not my type.” Fu Hanzheng said as he lifted her up onto the chair and swept her into his arms.

But Gu Weiwei switched off the computer screen immediately and started her interrogation.

“Tell me the truth, are you thinking about paying for some other women, to be in bed with you, when I refuse to do it with you?”

Instead of getting angry at her pestering, Fu Hanzheng found her annoyed face extremely cute and pleasant to look at.

“I have only you in my heart, and I will always have only you in my heart.”

“But you don't seem to be that pa.s.sionate these days, you are going to change your heart towards someone else, right?” Gu Weiwei glared at him and pointed at the darkened computer screen.

“You dare to say that you have no interest in either of these two women with their large and long legs?”

d.a.m.n it, she could not stand herself anymore!

But if she did not stop him from sending out the pictures to his men, Yuan Meng would surely be caught by the men from the Fu Family.

Fu Hanzheng lowered his head and kissed the babbling girl, then he whispered after their pa.s.sionate kiss, “Am I being pa.s.sionate now?”

“No.” Gu Weiwei said as she looked up at him and kissed him.

The only way for her to avoid the problem was to waste time with him, so that she would miss the meeting with Yuan Meng.

When Yuan Meng failed to see her, she would realize that something had come up and she would quickly leave the capital.

After a long time, Fu Hanzheng released her lips and whispered, as he brushed the strands of hair behind her ears, “Those photos are of Gu Weiwei and someone from the Yuan Family, that have been sent by a mole from A Land. With these pictures, they could be found very easily.”

“Is that so?” Gu Weiwei still showed a face of disbelief.

“So stay obedient, after I tell them what to do, I will come to you.” Fu Hanzheng consoled her as he caressed her hair.

“So these women are more important than me after all.” Gu Weiwei pretended to be jealous just to drag out the time.

However, internally, she already felt disgusted by her own behavior.

Fu Hanzheng consoled her patiently, “It will only take a few minutes.”

Gu Weiwei leaned against his shoulders. “But I am tired, I want to go to sleep now.”

With one hand on her shoulder, Fu Hanzheng switched on the computer with the other.

“Five minutes.”

Gu Weiwei realized that if she kept pestering him in this way, the trick was soon going to be ineffective, so she made up her mind and toyed with his belt.

“But I want to sleep now.”

Fu Hanzheng took a deep breath and gripped her groping hands.

“What are you doing?”

Gu Weiwei smiled sinisterly. “I am stripping you so we can sleep together.”

Fu Hanzheng sighed helplessly – what was going on with this little lady today? She seemed so clingy and flirty.

“What on earth do you want?”

He had already told her who these women were, so why was she still making a fuss right now? She was not this kind of girl at all.

Gu Weiwei leaned forward and whispered by his ears in a very flirty tone.

“I want you, now.”

He must not stay in the study any longer, so she was going to do whatever it might take to get him out of the room.

Fu Hanzheng lowered his gaze and said with a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Are you sure?”

My Hidden Wife Is Sweet Chapter 304

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