My Hidden Wife Is Sweet Chapter 375

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Chapter 375: Cuter?

Due to the fever and the cold, Gu Weiwei stayed at the hotel for a whole day and Fu Hanzheng took care of her during that time.

The following morning, she started to prepare herself for work. Failing to persuade her, Fu Hanzheng used her phone to call Jolin.

Hearing Boss's call, Jolin rushed upstairs without finis.h.i.+ng brus.h.i.+ng his teeth.

“Boss, what can I do for you?”

Gu Weiwei gave him a piece of tissue when she saw the toothpaste foam at the corners of Jolin's mouth.

“Can you wipe your mouth first?”

Only now did Jolin realize that he had not finished brus.h.i.+ng his teeth and he even had the toothbrush in his hands too.

So he took the tissue and wiped off the foam.

Fu Hanzheng pointed at the pile of things on the table and said to him seriously, “There is ginger tea in the thermos and medicine in this bag, it has to be taken on time.”

Jolin nodded and internally felt his tears swelling up.

His idol was gone and he had to take care of his girlfriend whilst being smothered with their love. What a miserable life!

“If she has a fever again, she must come back and rest straightaway.” Fu Hanzheng continued.

He knew that she would still finish today's work when he was not here.

“Yes, I will keep watch.” Jolin answered.

Oh d.a.m.n, he really wanted to resign.

Fu Hanzheng said, “Also, don't let her get cold or close to cold water.”

Jolin nodded and glanced at Gu Weiwei who was eating breakfast.

My G.o.ddess, can't you just go home and be Mrs President instead?

Why must you work, so that everyone has to go through difficulties?

Hearing Boss's words, Jolin brought down everything that was prepared for Gu Weiwei downstairs and continued with his morning routine.

Gu Weiwei glanced at the man who was packing up the files and getting ready to go back to the capital. Then she put down the bowl and chopsticks and approached him, hugging him from behind.

“Uncle Fu, I don't want you to leave, what should I do?”

Fu Hanzheng looked down at the slender arms around his waist and smiled.

“I will come here after work.”

Gu Weiwei released her hands and said with a m.u.f.fled voice, “Uncle Fu, if you one day discover that I am not that cute, or find someone cuter than me, will you… stop liking me this much?”

It seemed that she was becoming more and more greedy.

She liked it when he liked her and gradually, she hoped that he could like her for a long while.

Then she hoped that he only liked her, and her forever.

She had experienced how fickle one man could be.

Gu Siting had once treated her as the apple of his eye.

But gradually, he stopped liking her that much and did not want to meet her anymore. He had even planned to move her out of the Gu Family so she could live somewhere else.

Then he fell for the fragile-looking Ling Yan.

Fu Hanzheng turned around and sat her on the table, so she was facing him.

“Can there be anyone cuter than you?”

“What if there is someone… what if I become someone you hate…”

Gu Weiwei pulled his tie to distract him from her moving eyes.

Fu Hanzheng looked down and kissed the mumbling girl with a wandering mind.

It was not until when Jolin knocked at the door that he released her lips and helped her down.


Gu Weiwei took a few steps and asked, “You haven't answered my question yet!”

Fu Hanzheng raised his eyebrows – did he really look that unreliable?

So that she even started to have ideas like this?

“If you like someone based on one condition… then it means that you don't like her or him for real.”

Gu Weiwei asked. “What is your condition?”

Fu Hanzheng smiled. “Nothing.”

Gu Weiwei stood up on the tiptoes, kissed him right on the face and walked out satisfied.

My Hidden Wife Is Sweet Chapter 375

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