Mages Are Too OP Chapter 336

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Very soon, the man replied with another picture and a message.

“I've triggered a special quest. Thank you!”

Roland read the picture that the man sent back.

Special child quest received: Help Roland find the True Ancestor's body parts.

Items Retrieved: 0/5

The quest system seemed quite intelligent. Judging by the description, five body parts were still missing.

Very soon, another message was sent over. “If I may ask, how much are you willing to pay for each item retrieved?”

Roland thought for a moment… One kilogram of vampire's bone powder equaled fifty gold coins. Although not every vampire could yield a kilogram of bone powder after incineration, depending on whether or not they were heavy and healthy, Roland would be too embarra.s.sed to make an offer that was lower than that price.

He said, “I'm not a rich guy. How about one hundred gold coins for each body part?”

The five hundred gold coins he earned from Yelia would probably all be invested in this quest.

However, it might not be possible for Roland to find all the five body parts without the help of a player group that focused on hunting vampires.

Besides, Roland quite agreed with what Yelia said earlier.

Money was not really a problem for him. With his current abilities and his influence, it was not hard for him to make a fortune.

On the other hand, he had to learn and pa.r.s.e more spells, improve the spell from the Phoenix Guild, and travel with the magic apprentices. He was rather occupied.

Now that he had some additional money, it was time to put it to good use.

Very soon, the man sent a message back. “How generous! As expected of the best Mage. We'll take the quest and let you know when we find anything.”

Done. Roland was relieved.

After chatting with him for a while, Roland quit the forum.

Roland spent the next couple of days in the Magic Tower, exchanging experience in spellcasting with Yelia and speaking to the magic apprentices of Liguburg City on his principles in magic.

After seven days of this, Roland left with the magic apprentices.

Yelia was rather reluctant to let them go, as Mages with unique perspectives like Roland were rare. The seven days of communication were worth years of contemplation for him.

Roland had learned a lot too. Spiritual Endowment alone was very helpful to him, not to mention Yelia's personal understandings in magic.

After all, Yelia had studied magic for almost thirty years; it had only been only one year for Roland.

Only the experienced knew certain tricks that rookies didn't. It was not unusual.

As for the magic apprentices from both Delpon and Liguburg City, they had obtained a lot from the communication too.

Upon leaving Liguburg City, the six magic apprentices from Delpon were reluctant.

The magic apprentices from both sides had grown fond of each other… after the compet.i.tions.

In the one-sided matches, those from Delpon had crushed their opponents, who could barely put up any resistance.

Confidence couldn't be developed without time and experience.

When they just set off, the magic apprentices from Delpon weren't really confident.

Back in Liguburg City, when Roland's principles in magic were mocked by the magic apprentices of Liguburg City, Vivian and the rest of them weren't confident either.

Jerry only stood out because he couldn't stand the humiliation and wanted to defend their dignity.

However, it never occurred to them that their opponents would be no match for them at all.

After the seven days of “communication,” they found that Hand of Magic could be used in support, offense, and defense. Although it was not the best in any of these aspects, it was a very practical spell in general.

“Practical” might even be an understatement. It was a rather powerful spell.

Besides, the upper limit of the spell was very high. They had seen that when their chairman used it, the gripping power, the number, the variations, and the thickness of his Hand of Magic were much better.

They would be qualified Mages when they could achieve half of what their teacher could.

Besides, their teacher was still young. When he grew stronger, Hand of Magic would definitely be improved further.

If he became a Master, Hand of Magic could probably be upgraded into a level-three spell.

In that case, their chairman would definitely be a famous Mage worldwide for creating a level-three spell that magic apprentices could learn.

With those thoughts in mind, the magic apprentices looked at Roland with more reverence.

Their morale was higher too. After they left Liguburg City, they were rather willing and active in reconnaissance and camp construction.

n.o.body found the journey tedious anymore, even when they were trapped on a slope in a storm.

Each magic apprentice seemed exhausted but hopeful.

Standing at the window of the stone building, Roland looked out gravely.

Andonara was piling blankets and quilts. Having been paying attention to Roland, she noticed his unusual expression and asked, “What's wrong?”

“Something is wrong with the rain,” Roland explained. “I sense that the magical elements in the air are weirder and more lackl.u.s.ter than usual, but I'm not sure whether it's a natural phenomenon, or if it's because of the influence of certain magic creatures.”

In this magic world, there would always be all kinds of accidents on a journey.

After all, a world based on magic could be much more unreasonable than one based on science.

Andonara also stood next to the window and looked out at the apprentices, who were building a camp to keep away the rain. She thought for a moment and said, “Don't worry. n.o.body will blame you even if anything happens.”

Roland looked at her.

Andonara smiled and leaned against Roland. “Mages usually travel and learn on their own. Few of them are organized and protected by their mentor. You've done enough.”

Roland didn't give any comment.

When Roland was about to take a rest, he noticed a strange white light from under the slope.

The light was quite bright and eye-catching in the dim storm.

“Is it an unusual treasure?”

For some reason, this idea popped up in Roland's head.

Mages Are Too OP Chapter 336

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