Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 428

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Chapter 428: Afraid to Check Yourself, Continent M Acquaintance?

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At that time, she only thought Qin Ran had obtained pirated CDs and hadn't even bothered about it. But now that she thought about it, alarm bells had already rung everywhere…

It turned out…

Qin Ran was Jiang Shanyi?

Alluding that Qin Ran plagiarized Jiang Shanyi… was simply the world's biggest joke.

A few years ago, Jiang Shanyi was the monument in the entertainment circle, marking an era in the music industry. Qin Yu would never think of connecting Qin Ran with Jiang Shanyi since the age gap seemed too great.

Staring at the Weibo comments rising to 1.3 million, she was still in a daze when her phone suddenly rang. It was a phone call from the Fourth Master's subordinate.

With trembling hands, she quickly answered.

The Fourth Master's subordinate simply asked if she could contact Qin Ran. The Fourth Master wanted to meet Qin Ran, and even promised Qin Yu a lot of benefits…


In a daze, she hung up.

She finally realized what it meant by crus.h.i.+ng your own feet by making a maneuver.


She only wanted to ruin Qin Ran, but who knew that, in the end, instead of ruining her, she had helped guide her back to a smooth journey again. Returning to qr's Weibo again, she saw that her fans had already increased to 19 million…


Qin Ran was a hit last time in “24-hours Idol.” This time, Jiang Shanyi's incident swept the entire entertainment circle.

Even Brother Ye, who didn't concern himself with such gossip usually, knew about it.

“Little junior, you're too impressive.” In the laboratory, Brother Ye couldn't help but exclaim when Qin Ran handed some data to him.

Qin Ran just looked up at him.

Putting down the scissors, Scholar Liao also looked at him.

“Scholar Liao, you might not know, but this little junior is not only good in Physics, but she's also a G.o.d-level composer. She has 23 million fans on Weibo. Her status in the music industry is probably akin to yours in the research inst.i.tute,” he thought for a while and seriously said.

Zuo Qiurong pursed her lips and silently took the experimental equipment without saying anything.

Scholar Liao wasn't usually concerned with these things, but upon hearing that, he couldn't help but glance at Qin Ran in surprise.

People in the research inst.i.tute were focused on research. Like Scholar Liao, when they partic.i.p.ated in research, they were basically deserted in their base for two to three months, working with various researches in a heads.p.a.ce that ordinary people couldn't imagine.

Not to mention Weibo, even their contact with family was limited. Used to this kind of life, most people from the Research Inst.i.tute who really focused on research didn't pay attention to things in the entertainment industry, and only occasionally watched TV. They even felt like sleeping was a waste of time and devoted their whole life to the laboratory and doing various research.

Although Brother Ye was also a research madman, he hadn't quite reached the level of Scholar Liao. Every day, after working on the s.p.a.ce propulsion project with Zuo Qiurong and busying himself with Scholar Liao's project, he returned home with only the laboratory on his mind.

He only knew about this incidence because his university dormitory group had been discussing her.

He originally only casually took a look, but he didn't expect to see the familiar name, Qin Ran. After reading the whole thing, he then realized her impressiveness.

“Little junior, did you really come to the Research Inst.i.tute for your ideals?” He couldn't help but exclaim.

The salary of the gra.s.s-roots researchers was too low. Many of the masters at the gra.s.s-root levels whom he knew had been forced to do other things because of the difficulties of reality.

More people endured because of their dreams.

Unless they reached Scholar Liao's status, the road to becoming research and technical personnel was not as easy as what outsiders imagined.

After a research project concluded, the bonuses from the award were just a drop in the bucket.

Hearing this, Qin Ran paused for a moment, looked up at Brother Ye, and softly said after thinking a while, “I'm not as great as them.”


She withdrew her eyes.

Standing there, Brother Ye stared at her back, feeling strange.

What did she mean?

Who was she referring to?


For the next few days, Qin Ran stayed in the Physics laboratory. Cheng Mu delivered meals to her at noon, so she didn't go to the cafeteria, and managed to avoid the human brigade at Beijing University.

Some people in the Physics laboratory recognized her, but they were mostly busy researching and weren't as scary as the fans outside.

It was in the blink of an eye.

Having busied herself for a week, she finally had time to rest and returned to Yunjin Community to see Qin Ling's teacher.

Cheng Juan drove the car to Qin Hanqiu's place, but she didn't let him follow her.


She unfastened her seat belt.

Looking up into his cold eyebrows, she felt a sense of inexplicable pressure from his motionless, emotionless stare.

“Butler Qin is also here.” Qin Ran glanced at him. “Your face is the of the big families in Beijing, right?”

“I haven't stayed much in Beijing ever since I was 16. Butler Qin doesn't know me,” Cheng Juan coughed and slowly answered.


In disbelief, Qin Ran directly opened the door, and then closed it with a “bang.”

She bent over and knocked on the window with her fingers, signaling Cheng Juan to lower it.

“Cheng family's Crown Prince, how could Butler Qin not know you?” Putting her hand on the window, she smiled and then pointed at her forehead. “Although I'm busy researching the project, I still have my brain.”

“Fine.” With his hands on the steering wheel, Cheng Juan's clear eyebrows were like crushed starlights, and he couldn't help chuckling. “Whatever you say. Tell me in advance before you leave later.”

Qin Ran retracted her hand, took a step back, and headed towards the building while casually waving to the back.

Only when her back disappeared into the building did Cheng Juan look away.

He put on his Bluetooth headset and reached out to dial a number.

At the same time, Qin Ran entered the gates.

Stopping there, she turned back and saw Cheng Juan's car drive away in a few seconds.

Only then did she walk to the elevator and casually press the b.u.t.ton.

It was, but not many people were around. She didn't have to wait long for the elevator door to open.

Inside, her phone rang.

She took it out and saw it was Chang Ning.

Counting the elevator floors, she directly picked up. “What's the matter?”

On the other end, Chang Ning was still in his house, walking downstairs. “Just now He Chen sent me something. There's an order for 50 times the commission, do you want it?”

“Ding—” The elevator reached its floor.

Getting out, instead of immediately entering the house, she walked a few steps towards the top of the stairs and answered neatly and concisely, “No.”

Walking around in the hall, Chang Ning calmly opened the refrigerator door. He looked for something to eat inside and calmly said, “The client is Cheng Juan.”


She didn't remember anything else but knew that in Yun Cheng, He Chen once told her that the first order Qin Ran took by exception was Cheng Juan's.

Qin Ran paused.

She leaned against the wall and was silent for a long while. “Send it to me.”

“Are you taking it?” Chang Ning asked.

Pressing her temples, Qin Ran succ.u.mbed to it. “I'll take a look at it first.”

She was afraid he was checking on her.

“Ok.” Chang Ning searched for a long time before finding a bag of noodles. “If there's no problem, I'll take it as silent acceptance. I'll let He Chen sort out the information and send it to you in an hour.”

They hung up.

Qin Ran stood by the stairs for a while before walking back.

On the other side.

In Qin Hanqiu's hall.

Butler Qin and Teacher Ku Ke had reached long ago. Qin Ling finally had a holiday.

Sitting on the sofa, Teacher Ku Ke chatted with Butler Qin, who was very cautious with him.

The doorbell rang.

Qin Ling's door was opened, and he immediately ran out like a whirlwind to open the door.

“His sister is here.” Butler Qin also stood up and walked to the door with a smile.

Ku Ke's Chinese was very good, and he had no obstacles in his communication. Upon hearing this, he couldn't help but look at the door. Having been here for so long, it wasn't the first time he heard the Qin family mention Qin Ling's sister. He had been curious about this mysterious sister for a long time.

Qin Ling was undoubtedly a good student, and Teacher Ku Ke was also amazed by his talent. It was the first time he saw Qin Ling reveal his childlike behavior.

He kept his eyes on the door, waiting to see Qin Ling's sister.

Qin Ling opened the door and in walked a woman wearing a beige coat, with a sloppy scarf in her hand. She was tall and slender, with delicate, beautiful eyebrows, and cold eyes. Following her steps, a sense of dauntlessness came from her.

“Teacher, this is my sister.” Qin Ling turned with his chin lifted and introduced Qin Ran to Ku Ke, his pair of eyes extremely bright.

Butler Qin also very respectfully introduced her to Teacher Ku Ke. “Miss, this is Teacher Ku Ke, the very good teacher that the Sixth Master found from Continent M.”

Speaking of this, he paused and wondered if Qin Ran knew about Continent M…


However, Teacher Ku Ke didn't have any reaction and just stared intensely at her.

Butler Qin turned and asked, puzzled, “Mr. Ku Ke?”


Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 428

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