My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss 215 Caught In The Act By Third Young Master Ye V

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Chu Wuyou was actually worried too but she really could not bring herself to leave her children.

"President, you have an appointment with President Li tonight. The person has specially flown over from Shanghai to meet you." Ye Lanchen hung up the call after giving the order thus Secretary Liu hurried over to enquire further.

"Cancel everything," Ye Lanchen replied without hesitation. He lifted his wrist to check the time. It was not even five o'clock yet but he rose from the seat and headed toward the door.

Secretary Liu was stunned upon realizing his President was leaving work early. It was already a rare sight for him to cancel appointments but now he was leaving work before office hours ended. What matter was important enough for the President to make this decision?

Of course, Secretary Liu dared not question his President's decision. He only needed to come up with an explanation for President Li.

It was six o'clock in the evening by the time Ye Lanchen returned home. The corners of his lips twitched upward as he stepped out of the car. He wondered how she would react to discover him coming home early today.

She would probably be surprised and delighted!

The faint smile on his face turned into a joyful grin at the thought of that. He picked up his pace to head toward the house.

"Sir, you're home early today?" Aunt Li appeared shocked to discover Ye Lanchen at this time. She hunched instinctively upon remembering Chu Wuyou had not yet returned.

"Yes." He stepped into the villa but Chu Wuyou was nowhere in sight. This caught him by surprise. "Where's Madam?"

"Madam went out and hasn't returned yet." Aunt Li must reply since the man had already enquired.

"She went out? Any idea where?" He was reminded about the phone call she made to him before five o'clock, asking him about when he would come home. He thought she was already at home when that happened.

Had she gone out because she knew he would come home later?

He would have given her a call first if he had known earlier.

"Madam didn't mention anything." Aunt Li was not a busybody. Besides, she feared that revealing too much might upset Ye Lanchen.

"Okay," he replied in a deep voice. An evident disappointment washed over his face. He came home early today deliberately but she had gone out.

"Sir, I guess you haven't had dinner yet? I'll prepare dinner for you right away." It was out of Aunt Li's expectation that Ye Lanchen would return so early today. Chu Wuyou did not come home for dinner normally thus she did not make any preparations at all.

"Madam doesn't come home for dinner?" Ye Lanchen twitched his brows into a frown. It was normal that Aunt Li did not prepare dinner for him since he did not mention it beforehand. However, he discovered earlier that the kitchen appeared quiet and empty.

"No," Aunt Li replied and heaved a heavy sigh. She hung her head low, not daring to utter another word or meet the man's gaze.

Ye Lanchen narrowed his eyes gradually at the sight of Aunt Li's fearful expression. "When did Madam leave the house?"

"Um, this morning…" The woman trembled slightly.

He was overtaken by surprise. Why did she call him around five o'clock to enquire about the time of his return if she had left the house in the morning?

Aunt Li's behavior at that moment increased his suspicion even more.

"What does Madam do in the house normally?" His voice sounded nonchalant yet it reeked of intimidation.

"Madam… Madam…" Fl.u.s.tered, Aunt Li found herself at a loss for words.

"I want to hear the truth." He figured there had to be something fishy about this upon noticing Aunt Li's reaction.

"Madam leaves the house every morning not long after you do and only comes home half an hour before you do every evening." The poor woman s.h.i.+vered visibly under Ye Lanchen's piercing stare. She had no choice but to speak the truth.

The man appeared shocked but he quickly smoothed away the surprise. A smile spread across his face as he came to the realization.

"You can leave now," he instructed Aunt Li all of a sudden. That deep voice of his sounded extremely terrifying.

"Huh? Huh!" Aunt Li inhaled sharply out of fear. Sir must have ordered for her return so he could get even with Madam when the latter returned.

Judging by the expression on his face at this moment, she was afraid that…

Aunt Li dared not bring herself to imagine the consequences!!!

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My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss 215 Caught In The Act By Third Young Master Ye V

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