My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: Organizing A Family Reunion (I)

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“You, you know about this?” Nangong Mu who was caught by surprise stared at Song Yun in disbelief. “How did you know?”

Boss instructed him to secretly investigate the incident from five years ago without alerting anyone else. He only told Boss about the results later, even Chu Wuyou had no clue. How did Song Yun know?

“I noticed the security footage when I borrowed your laptop and I finished watching the entire clip out of curiosity. I thought of telling Wuyou but changed my mind after finding out she doesn't want to know who that man was,” Song Yun replied casually. On the other hand, Nangong Mu had already broken into a cold sweat.

“Oh my good lord, that's so fortunate. Remember to never ever tell Wuyou this even if she asks you,” the man urged.

“Why?” She frowned slightly. She did not reveal it to Wuyou because the latter was not interested to know. However, she would not keep it a secret if the other woman questioned.

“Boss' order. Wuyou mustn't know.” He sighed gently. Boss truly cared too much about this woman.

“I think Boss is not in the right place to make that call. Wuyou has the right to know and she's free to make her own decision. I think she should be informed about this, thus she can decide what's next for herself.” Song Yun was a woman after all thus she sided with Wuyou on this matter.

The man was taken aback. His lips twitched but he still insisted on his ground. “Just don't tell her about it.”

Song Yun blinked back without commenting further.

Yi Jing Villa.

“Does this agreement hold?” Chu Wuyou waved the new agreement in front of Ye Lanchen's face.

“Of course.” He blinked back in confusion as he did not why she asked that out of the blue. Did she discover something?

In actuality, he was extremely surprised to witness her reaction this morning. He had been slightly worried all day because of that.

“Hmm.” She nodded without saying much.

Then, she put away the agreement without trying to hide this time. It was left in the drawer of the bedside table.

It would make things easier if the agreement was valid. In fact, she was not planning to wait for a year until the divorce. She planned to sort out the matter through dealing with Elder Ye so she could leave sooner with her darlings.

Therefore, the new and old agreement did not differ much in her opinion.

Of course, she knew that convincing Elder Ye to transfer the stock owners.h.i.+p to Ye Lanchen would not be an easy task.

She could tell that Elder Ye was unwilling to let go of the company. Besides, she was aware that the old man was extremely dissatisfied with her.

However, no matter how difficult it would be, she must give it a try nonetheless as that was her only way out.

She had her own ways of achieving that although it would require several steps.

Third Young Master Ye became more worried the calmer the woman appeared to be. He reckoned one piece of the agreement was not enough, He figured he must build a stronger defense.

It was a race against the clock.

My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 356

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