My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Organizing A Family Reunion (II)

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In actuality, Ye Lanchen organized a lot of things in the study earlier.

For instance, he transferred Secretary Liu to Country R. The latter would not return for the time being, thus it would not be possible for Chu Wuyou to go to him for the divorce process.

He also made some arrangements to deal with Elder Ye. He transferred ten percent of his current Ye Company stock owners.h.i.+p over to his mother.

He knew Elder Ye's greatest fear and the things he detested the most.

Therefore, he knew that doing this would prevent Elder Ye from transferring more Ye Company stock owners.h.i.+p to him.

Of course, he figured he still needed to be on high alert despite that because the woman he married was too brilliant.

Chu Wuyou had not received any calls from Qin Yutong. That could only mean that Xi Ji was still there.

She could not help but glance over at Ye Lanchen. What was wrong with these men?

Did they not need to work?

“Why're you looking at me like that?” Ye Lanchen raised his eyebrows upon meeting her gaze. What was that supposed to mean?

He thought there was a hint of disdain in the woman's eyes.

“Don't you need to go to work to earn money?” She was annoyed because the man had been staying in a lot lately, causing her to lose out on personal time.

“Why? Are you afraid I'll not have enough to provide for you?” The corners of his lips twitched upward slightly upon seeing her reaction. “Don't worry. I'll provide for you forever.”

Provide for her? Forever?

A shudder pa.s.sed through her instantly. The new agreement stated clearly that the two of them would divorce once he acquired the stock owners.h.i.+p of Ye Company. Besides, it also mentioned that Secretary Liu could take over the responsibility of overseeing the divorce procedure if that happened when Ye Lanchen was at an inconvenience or not in Jin City.

Therefore, there would not be a forever.

She realized Third Young Master Ye had become more unreliable lately. He insisted on amending the original agreement. However, eventually, the newly established one looked about the same as the previous one anyway. She had no idea what was playing on his mind.

Therefore, she did not think too much into what the man had just said.

Simultaneously, his phone rang.

He raised his eyebrows upon realizing who was calling. This was sooner than he expected.

“You little rascal. What do you mean by that? Are you trying to infuriate me to death? Come back immediately.” Elder Ye's voice blasted through the speaker as soon as the call was picked up.

Chu Wuyou who was standing not far away could hear the old man shouting too.

She narrowed her eyes subconsciously. Elder Ye was definitely getting more and more impatient.

However, he rarely lost control like this although he was known for his bad temper. What did Ye Lanchen do that made him so furious?

“I'm heading back to the Ye Residence, you…” Ye Lanchen antic.i.p.ated Elder Ye would give him a phone call thus he already planned out the next steps.

The next steps of his sure-fire plan.

Indeed, Third Young Master Ye went all out for that new agreement.

He knew Elder Ye would not be kind toward him when he returned this time, hence he thought of making Chu Wuyou stay in the villa.

“I'll go with you.” The woman interrupted, however, before he could finish his sentence.

She said it almost immediately without hesitating.

My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 357

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