My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 365

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Chapter 365: Third Young Master Ye, Your Wife Is In Trouble (II)

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In the meantime, Granny Ye was observing all of this from the corner of the staircase.

She saw how Jin Mingzhen tricked Chu Wuyou and pretended to lean forward, pus.h.i.+ng the latter's hand toward the porcelain bowl.

Then, she noticed how the woman pushed the porcelain vase from the Tang dynasty to the ground as well. She instantly thought this was only an accident but Chu Wuyou's reaction made her think otherwise.

Did the young girl smash that 500 million worth porcelain deliberately?! What was she thinking?

'What's going on?” Granny Ye pretended to have no clue what was going on. Her face fell evidently as she walked near the scattered pieces on the ground.

“Granny, Chu Wuyou accidentally smashed the porcelain vase when she walked over just now.” Jin Mingzhen tried to gain the upper hand by being the first to s.h.i.+ft the blame. Although she was clearly shocked by what happened earlier, she reckoned Chu Wuyou would not be able to argue over her.

“Wuyou, tell me what happened?” Granny Ye was interested to know what the woman was planning to do.

Chu Wuyou raised her head to meet Granny Ye's eyes. Her lips twitched but she did not say anything. She appeared rather scared and nervous.

This caught the old woman by surprise. She became more baffled. Did she see wrongly just now? Did the young girl not do that on deliberation?

She should at least defend herself even if she did not break the vase intentionally. Why did she just remain silent?

Jin Mingzhen was secretly delighted to see Chu Wuyou's reaction. This stupid person was really incredible. She must have been so terrified that words failed her.

Jin Mingzhen would not have to worry if that was the case.

“Butler, please call Chenchen. Tell him his wife got into trouble and he should sort this out.” Granny Ye really could not tell what Chu Wuyou's intention was, so she figured it would be best for Ye Lanchen to handle this complication.

Chu Wuyou's eyes twinkled as she lowered her head to the ground. Granny Ye's instruction to call for Ye Lanchen was exactly what she needed.

She was not familiar with antiques but she was an expert in reading people. Elder Ye treasured antiques more than his own life. Would he place something this priceless somewhere so obvious?

Of course, he could simply be boasting and that was indeed one of his traits.

However, when she was here last time, she discovered Elder Ye seemed to love the porcelain vase so much he could not take his hands off it, even if the expression on his face appeared rather absent-minded. Besides, he seemed pretty reckless when handling it. She even heard the porcelain clinking against the surface when he tried to place it down later.

No one would spend 500 million on a porcelain vase to hear it clink, right?

Therefore, she reckoned it must be a fake!

Of course, Jin Mingzhen had no idea, neither did Ye Lanzhang. She discovered the two of them tiptoeing carefully whenever they pa.s.sed by that porcelain vase.

As for Ye Lanchen, she figured he had to notice it since he was a smart man.

He would definitely stand up for her for breaking a fake porcelain vase.

This was her intention. She wanted to break fake porcelain deliberately, so Ye Lanchen would stand up for her.

Undoubtedly, she did not do this for Jin Mingzhen but Elder Ye.

She wanted Elder Ye to know how protective Ye Lanchen was of her. She wished for the old man to see how important she was in Ye Lanchen's heart. This was the only way that could a.s.sist her in acquiring the stocks from Elder Ye.

My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 365

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