100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: The Wedding Photo

The young kid secretly thought to himself. 'If you want Mo Jue to return to you and wait three years in the process, that's absolute nonsense.' Mo Jue's gaze deepened and coldness appeared in his gorgeous purple eyes.

He flatly asked, “Who are you dating?”

Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and asked, giggling, “Dear Gorgeous Mo Jue, what's on your mind?”

“I'll kill them.” It was as simple as killing whomever Ye Wei dated. Since it was still killing, it made no difference either way, no? He was happy to pull the trigger on her behalf.

“I have a date with Mo Ye.” Ye Wei laughed gorgeously. “Are you going to kill him?”

Mo Jue looked at Ye Wei angrily, but Ye Wei was not afraid of him. He was an utterly filial younger brother, and woe be upon him if he had to fight with his elder brother for the affection of a woman. That was incredibly stifling.

He was enraged, and if his temper were like before, he would have definitely closed the video feed and see no evil. Today was different—he looked at Ye Wei deeply. Ye Wei was suddenly curious about something. She said, “Dear Gorgeous Mo Jue, do you have something going for your elder brother?”

If that were the case, things would be a lot more exciting. As she thought of that, things clearly became murkier. While people once paired her with Eleven, throwing a pair of gorgeously-looking brothers to the mix would bring world peace.

“What do you mean by 'have something for my elder brother'?” Mo Jue questioned.

Ye Wei sounded clear. She said, “It means that you look at your brother and feel like doing him.”

Eleven, face turning black, really wanted to punch Ye Wei. She also felt bad for Mo Jue at the same time. He was really pitiful enough to encounter such an over-the-top Ye Wei. His rapid corruption was not surprising at all.

The young kid broke into laughter as Mo Jue's eyes twitched. “Does the desire to do you count?”

“Nope. That's just your primal side at best.” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and laughed.

Mo Jue, seeming a little impatient, asked, “What the f*** are you looking for me for?”

“Why should I look for you? You wanna die?”

A cold smile broke out on Mo Jue's face when Eleven coldly harrumphed. “Mo Jue, why don't you go find her? Why must she find you?”

He was slightly caught off guard and coldly harrumphed before he turned off the computer. A pitch-black screen followed and the young kid shrugged his shoulders. Ye Wei raised her eyes in bafflement. “Should I send a fully nude photo of myself over?”

“…” The young kid was utterly speechless. He said, “I feel that sending him a p.o.r.nographic clip would be better for his learning.”

“Dear darling child, it seems that you have been corrupted as well. How could you watch such stuff? I am telling third sister-in-law that you have become too evil.” Ye Wei pointed at the young kid with trembling fingers and had the 'I am shook and about to faint' feeling.

Eleven gently laughed. Ye Wei, for real, got a p.o.r.nographic video from another person's hard drive and sent it over to Mo Jue for his personal consumption.

The young kid's lips were slanted aside. He said, “Don't you pin the blame on me. I am not as perverted as you.”

He was an innocent doll who was as innocent as a piece of paper. Having spent too much time on the internet and with the few of them, he ended up learning too much about the adult world.

Bai Ye, as part of a prank, had him scan Beauty Su's hard disk to see if he had any unwholesome videos.

“Hehe, just like third brother indeed. Can you be that innocent?” Ye Wei looked at the young kid disdainfully as she clawed at his legs evilly. “Your 'part' is simply not mature yet.”

The young kid leaped three feet high and clutched his junior and accused Ye Wei with the agony of a violated virgin boy. He said, “I'm telling Mommy that auntie molested me!”

Eleven looked at Ye Wei and was speechless. Cheng Anya happened to step in to see this shocking and over-the-top image.

The young kid was clutching his junior with one hand and accusingly pointing at Ye Wei with the other hand. Ye Wei had an extremely gorgeous smile on her face, and the computer screen displayed Gorgeous Mo Jue's nude photo. She clearly heard the young kid scream molest…

This image was thoroughly shocking.

Ye Wei quickly closed the picture of Mo Jue and the young kid calmly put his hands by his side and looked out of the window, perplexed. Wasn't it noon? Why did his mommy return home this early?

And even uncannily saw this unwholesome image.

Miss Cheng was slightly shaken. She did not clearly see the person in the photo, just a completely nude person. She asked confusingly, “Are you watching an AV clip?”

The three of them shook their heads at the same time. Cheng Anya stared at the young kid and said, “What did you just scream?”

“Mommy, we are doing crosstalk,” the young kid said as he laughed without blinking. There was an exceptional innocence in his eyes, as though not believing what he said was a heinous crime.

Given who Cheng Anya was, she would not believe his explanation. Ye Wei changed the topic in a panic and asked, “Third sister-in-law, you are on leave today?”

“Uh, yes. The wedding gown is back and I went to try it to see if it fits and whether any alterations are needed.” Cheng Anya smiled. When Ye Wei heard that, she perked up and wanted to take a look.

Cheng Anya nodded, and the young kid and Eleven naturally followed along.

Inside the wedding photo studio.

The newly-made wedding gown was gorgeous. It had a high waistline and several fluffy layers below the waist that were like the spray from waves. The streamlined cutting, along with the lace and diamonds that adorned it, added to its beauty. When Cheng Anya wore it, it was gorgeously beautiful.

The wedding gown, which was specially designed for her, brought out her calm and bright side. A designer designed her hairstyle and she seemed even more gorgeous once she wore a pearl necklace and ear studs.

The young kid gushed at how she looked as gorgeous as a fairy.

“My dear mommy is so beautiful.” The young kid hugged Cheng Anya at her legs and praised her beauty effusively. “Mommy, please marry me!”

Ye Wei laughed. Third Young Master Ye drove his car over. Once he entered, he looked straight. As he had seen a mock-up before, he felt that this was especially beautiful and it really suited Cheng Anya.

The wedding gown felt different when she wore it. He could remember how beautiful the wedding gown was when worn by a model, but he forgot how the model in question looked like. The wedding gown completely overwhelmed the style of the person wearing it, but it was different for her. It emphasized her sunny side. While the wedding gown was beautiful, she was even more beautiful.

“Brother, snap back to your senses.” Ye Wei waved her hand in front of him. Third Young Master Ye took a while to recover his senses and deliberately coughed twice. He said, “It looks very good.”

“Brother, didn't you take your wedding photos?”

“We did.” Cheng Anya smiled.

In order to have photographs for publicity, they had previously visited to take their wedding photos. Since the wedding gown arrived too late, they had to make do with a temporary wedding gown. She actually wanted to retake her wedding photos.

While the other wedding gown was beautiful, it paled compared to this. Like heaven and earth, they could not be compared to each other.

Third Young Master Ye suddenly made a call and said, “Liu Xiaotian, swing by the jewelry department and bring the Rose Tear over.”

Cheng Anya frowned in incomprehension. What were they bringing the rose tear over for?

“We are taking our wedding photos.” Third Young Master Ye landed a kiss on her cheek and went into the changing room to change his clothes. Cheng Anya felt a slight heat on her face. He was thinking of retaking the wedding photos too. She loved this wedding gown too much.

One had to be in their most beautiful when taking their wedding photos.

“Daddy is one who takes action.” The young kid laughed as Ye Wei and Eleven stood next to Cheng Anya and studied her wedding gown. Ye Wei said, “When we return, I'll get Diana to design a few clothes for me.”

“Do you know her? Hearsay has it that she has very high standards.”

“A gun makes however high standards low.”

Cheng Anya gave her a thumbs-up. “You're good!”

Liu Xiaotian quickly delivered the Rose Tear over. When she saw Cheng Anya, she was also shocked at how gorgeous she was. To think that people would say that the bride was the most gorgeous—they were spot on.

Third Young Master Ye put the Rose Tear on her. Actually, the necklace was not designed by Third Young Master Ye but by Lin Xiaoyue instead. There was a half-completed product back then that Yang Xing adored. Following some changes, there was a slight change to the pendant that made it even more cla.s.sical. Under Third Young Master Ye's hands, the necklace became a brand of An Ning International.

It was unique.

The wedding photographer was one of the tops in the field, and the two of them went for outdoor shots after taking a few sets of indoor shots. They happened to face a park, which was the most suitable place to take wedding photos.

Ye Wei excitedly lifted the camera for Eleven to take candid photographs. Eleven's photography skills were extremely good. Even a top photographer was no match for her.

Since Ye Wei did not say anything, Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya thought that they were taking photos for fun.

There was a wooden bridge across the river, and the couples took a few sets of photos that had a special meaning to it. The blue sky, white clouds, clear water, and green plants made for picturesque scenery for the couple that always stuck together. Eleven had a whale of fun taking those photos.

She always took photos of Ye Wei, and this was the second time somebody else appeared in her photos.

It felt extremely good.

Third Young Master Ye, in his white wedding gown, hugged Cheng Anya from the back and gently smiled. “Are you happy?”

She nodded and said, “Very happy.”

She looked back at him and smiled as he looked at her pa.s.sionately and deeply. Eleven squinted and pressed the shutter several times to capture the scene. That would become the wedding photograph that Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya loved.

The young kid raised his hand to express his opinion. “Mommy, I want a photograph with you.”

“Sure!” Cheng Anya happily agreed. Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya took a few sets of photographs with the young kid, and everybody was extremely happy.

However, they did not know that a pair of black eyes was hidden in the woods, looking at them sinisterly and maliciously with overflowing hatred.

Ye Chen, Cheng Anya…

100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Chapter 400

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