100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Chapter 403

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Chapter 403: The Camp, Oh, the Camp

Cheng Anya laughed and said, “Daddy, I am already this old and can't make any more mistakes. I did lie to him in the past, and I admit that did go overboard. He, however, made mistakes too! How could I, an innocent and pure lady, not get angry at such things? I was already extremely nice by not taking a few nude photos of him and circulating them, not to mention that he had forgotten me for so many years and might not be able to remember me. If we take a step back and look at things, what could he even do if he recalls it? Worse comes to worst, I'll just have cold noodles for days and he won't bear to do anything toward me. There is this saying that goes, “A mother is precious for her children.” If I do not keep him in check, I still have a son and another one on the way. Surely he can't divorce me because of that, right? How it all began is not important; it is the process and how it ends that is comparatively more important. Only fools would dig up a seven-year-old score.”

As she mused along, Daddy Cheng heard it and was happy. He understood his darling daughter best. He didn't have to worry since she would be able to resolve any problem she encountered.

“I know. Be a bit more obedient and seek an opportunity to clarify what happened years ago. Couples must be upfront with each other, and lying to him is still a lie. There's a saying that goes, “Honesty begets mercy.” I am certain it is better than you cooking up something yourself.” As Daddy Cheng rambled along with a cut and dry truth, Cheng Anya nodded and smiled, effusively telling him that she knew.

“Oh, you… Wouldn't things be so much better if Yun-er was still alive? She would be able to carry her grandson in a few more months.” Daddy Cheng laughed a little sadly. He really missed his wife.

Cheng Anya felt her heart slightly well up. She said, “Ah Chen and I went to visit Mommy a few days ago. We've told her about it, and she will be happy knowing that although she's six feet under.”

“Yes, but it's a pity that your mommy toiled her whole life and did not get to enjoy the slightest happiness…”

“Daddy, it is because of Mommy's hards.h.i.+p that you must enjoy double the happiness on her behalf,” Cheng Anya laughed and said. “You are not even fifty and still have a long way to go. When the time comes, find a like-minded partner you can travel the world with or pick flowers with. I'll sponsor you—no, Ning Ning will sponsor you. I don't have such a capability.”

Daddy Cheng broke into laughter, and Cheng Anya was happy in her heart too.

He took out a small box from the drawer which had several layers that were locked. He opened them to reveal a gold necklace wrapped in red cloth. The pendant was a ruby. While the gold necklace and ruby made for a somewhat interesting combination, the pendant was extremely beautiful and somewhat resembled the Rose Tear.

This was her first time seeing something this precious that seemed extremely valuable.

“It's for you. Daddy never had much his whole life, and this necklace is for your mommy. When she was at her deathbed, she told me that your maternal grandmother gave it to her, and it shall be pa.s.sed down generation to generation. However difficult the days are, it must not be sold and it will become your dowry when you get married,” Daddy Cheng said.

“Is this the very first iteration of the Rose Tear?” Cheng Anya looked at the familiar pendant. While the Rose Tear was blue, it was, however, red. She remembered that the Rose Tear that Lin Xiaoyue wore in the photograph was also blue.

While Cheng Anya had little knowledge of gems, she went on a crash course in them after entering An Ning International. Although she was unable to quite see the value in the ruby, one look was enough to tell that it did not pale to the Rose Tear that Ye Chen gave her.

“Did Mommy say that it was from my maternal grandmother?”

“Yes. She said that your grandfather spent his entire savings to make it for her, and your mommy said that sapphire was the first choice, but your grandfather recognized a Chinese businessman who wanted to thank him for saving him back then and give him this ruby. Your grandmother hence felt that the ruby was more significant, so your grandfather decided on using ruby for the pendant.” Daddy Cheng explained. “When Ning Ning and you were in England, Daddy knew and wanted to send you the necklace. When I recalled your mommy's last words, I held back. I am very sorry.”

“It's okay. Even if you give it to me, I will not sell it. It's an heirloom, not an antidote for poverty.” Cheng Anya laughed and kept the necklace. “Does Gao Mei know about it?”

“She does not. If she did, this necklace would have disappeared long ago.” Daddy Cheng shook his head. Cheng Anya harrumphed and clenched her fists. “Daddy, relax. I'll get you out of this mess.”

“You…” Daddy Cheng was at a loss as to whether to cry or laugh.

Father and daughter exchanged some sweet words with each other before the two of them went to the living room. Ye Wei and the adult male were chatting very… happily. Ye Wei was like some average joe who did not discriminate against anybody. She was able to have a very good time with anybody she could click with and was interesting. The young man almost flipped from laughter.

“Sister-in-law, what are you holding?”

“The dowry my father gave me.” Cheng Anya laughed. Gao Mei and Lin Li could hear it. The mother and daughter were wondering how Daddy Cheng, who did not earn much his entire life, was able to prepare a dowry for her.

Ye Wei opened the box and her mouth was agape. It was a pure ruby pendant. She could not help but take it out. Gao Mei's and Lin Li's eyes grew wide. Gao Mei was breathing heavily and grabbed Daddy Cheng as she asked, “Where did you get that from?”

Cheng Anya pushed her hand away and said, “My mommy left this for me.”

“Oh, my, third sister-in-law has just struck gold! This is an extremely rare natural ruby!” Ye Wei said. “According to what I know, production of this particular type of artificial rubies ended in 1965. It is almost impossible to find such gems in the market, let alone something as pure as this.”

Eleven took it and took a look. She gently said, “That's correct. It is a natural ruby from Sri Lanka that you can't even get off the black market now.”

Burning envy appeared in Gao Mei's and Lin Li's eyes. Gao Mei unhappily screamed, “Cheng Guang, how dare you hide this treasure from me despite me being with you all these years?”

Lin Li also said, “Daddy, you are too biased. I called you daddy for more than ten years and you gave her the dowry. What about me then?”

The young kid silently watched and wagered that his auntie was deliberately provoking them. Ye Wei slowly kept the gem and put in Cheng Anya's purse. She laughed and said, “Is that the 'red' version of the Rose Tear? It will take twenty of third brother's Rose Tear to match this particular one in value.”

This was definitely the truth. Cheng Guang being able to produce something as precious as this left Ye Wei extremely shocked.

Lin Li immediately grabbed Gao Mei, who was on the verge of hysteria. The man, in glee, rushed to open the door. Ye Wei coldly raised her eyebrows. It was as she expected.

Over ten menacing men rushed in with angry looks, suggesting they ought not to be trifled with. Cheng Anya pulled Daddy Cheng aside and said with arms akimbo, “Lin Li, what is this all about?”

The young man broke into an obscene smile and said, “The three gorgeous ladies, please follow us.”

Lin Yi coldly laughed and said, “Cheng Anya, I will let you experience what I have been through. If it weren't for you escaping years ago, you would have been sold! Give me Daddy Cheng's gem and I will spare you some pain.”

Ning Ning, in a corner, drank his milk tea as though nothing was happening. “Grandpa, don't worry. Nothing will happen.”

Cheng Anya looked around and Ye Wei broke into a gorgeous smile. “Oh, hi, handsome! You are called 'brother bull', right? You sure are bullish enough to catch all three of us, huh? I am so scared! Spare my third sister-in-law and I'll offer myself in her place.”

The man broke into an even more perverted smile, his eyes glinting with desire. He did not behave until Lin Li punched him. Eleven coldly said, “You dare to touch Third Young Master Ye's woman and sister?”

Brother Bull beckoned the ten-over men forward. He said, “Tie them up and accept whatever the old man offers. Since we are indebted to those loan sharks, we will get into trouble if we don't pay. Why don't we take our chances here? Since Third Young Master Ye would want his woman's nudes to be circulating on the internet, let's tie them.”

“Wait. Brother Bull, that necklace.”

“Idiot! Once we have them, can that necklace still escape?”

With a flick of a wrist, a silver gun appeared in Ye Wei's hands and scared the daylights out of everybody. The gorgeous Ye Wei walked toward Brother Bull while twisting her hips. Brother Bull backed off and the ten-over men in black also backed off in fear.

She brazenly laughed and said, “Even the oldest amongst you are forty. How the h.e.l.l do you go about your work without a gun? I've been playing with guns since seven, but my aim is not particularly good. Where is the best place I should aim at?”

As she feigned herself aiming, the men in black shuddered in fear. The young kid calmly said, “Auntie, don't scare them with a toy gun. It would be bad if we startle the neighbors.”

Ye Wei then recalled that she could not shoot. She had forgotten how shooting would attract too much attention. She quickly kept her gun. When Brother Bull heard that it was a toy gun, he flew into a rage and waved to order his men to kidnap them.

Cheng Anya had Daddy Cheng read magazines and ignore what was happening…

After some cries of pain and punching and kicking, the ten-over men piled up in the corner one on top of another. Gao Mei and Lin Li huddled together and broke into tears.

Daddy Cheng, in his extreme anger, ignored the men. He pointed to Lin Li and Gao Mei and said, “Get out! Get out of my home.”

As this was not her idea, Gao Mei panicked. Lin Li only told her the idea when they were in the kitchen, and she was shocked. Lin Li, however, told her that she would not slip up at all, and that was when Gao Mei relented and allowed them to do what they had to do.

They did not expect things to turn out this way.

“Dear old partner, please do not do this. I do not dare to do anything else again. Please spare Lin Li and Little Bull.” Gao Mei pleaded.

Cheng Anya did not believe a single word. She said, “You scram too.”

“No, you cannot chase me away this way. I am your father's wife.”

Cheng Anya pouted as Daddy Cheng sat down in anger. “Both mother and daughter get away from my sight.”

Lin Li grabbed Daddy Cheng's leg and cried. She said, “Daddy, you cannot chase me away this way. I've no money to bring back and they will kill me. Daddy, please save me. Daddy…”

The young kid smiled as he saw both mother and daughter put up an act. Ye Wei moved her fist and pointed at the corner and said, “Brother Bull, have your brothers take us on again and we'll see who comes out on top.”

How could they put up a fight again? Almost all of their bones were broken, and they were moaning and groaning in a corner.

Cheng Anya really did not want to see them in this state, but Lin Li was not repentant, let alone Gao Mei. As she did not want them to disturb her daddy again, she said, “Gao Mei, as long as you leave my father, I will fulfill whatever conditions you have.”

“I'm not leaving.” Gao Mei was nowhere willing to leave. “Cheng Guang, who was by your side for their whole life? Was it your wife or daughter? I have followed you for at least ten-over years.”

“Shut up.” Cheng Anya coldly ordered. Her father was a soft-hearted man. Her cries would undoubtedly sway him.

“Just leave, will you?” Daddy Cheng said with a tinge of helplessness. If this happened some time ago, he would still hesitate. Lin Li bringing somebody to make things difficult for her daughter and grandson left him with no other choice.

Anya was correct. Lin Li was incorrigible and would implicate his daughter and grandson someday. The earlier the relations.h.i.+p ended, the better it was. Besides, Cheng Anya was marrying a tyc.o.o.n, Third Young Master Ye, and people would look down on her if they knew she had such a sister like Lin Yi and a.s.sume that Cheng Anya was like Lin Li.

He did not want his daughter to be on the wrong end of public opinion.

“Daddy, you cannot do this. You can't simply leave us in the lurch. Daddy!!” Lin Li screamed.

Cheng Anya coldly laughed and said, “You became indebted to loan sharks seven years ago but still lived on. Lin Li, you have spent many years in the doldrums and definitely have your way around things. How about this? As long as you and your mommy completely leave my daddy, I can help you repay your debt and help you regain your freedom. The condition is for you to stay away from my dad for life.”

“Then…” Lin Li hesitated. “You still have to give me an additional sum of money.”

“Oh?” Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows with arms akimbo. “How much do you want?”

“A hundred million yuan.” Lin Li had no qualms making that exorbitant request. As she thought that Cheng Anya was marrying Ye Chen, a hundred million yuan was a small change to them.

Ye Wei shook her head. How could there be such women? She was in awe at how Anya's father could tolerate them for so many years. A person with such immense compa.s.sion was extremely hard to come by.

“My mommy will not give you a single cent.” The young kid chuckled as he put down the cup. “She has gone above and beyond her obligations to help you repay the loan sharks, but I am afraid that you won't get the money you are asking for. If you are tired of living, I can guarantee instant fulfillment.”

“You…” She did not expect a child to threaten her in such a manner and was a little afraid. She had, for the want of money, puckered up her courage and said in tears, “Anya, I know I have done much wrong toward you. Could you, on account of how we have spent the past few years together, help me this once? I will be grateful to you.”

“Lin Li, isn't helping you repay your debt already of help to you?” Cheng Anya asked in a smile. What was 'help' to her? To give her a hundred million yuan so that she did not have to worry about her life?


She was asking for too much!

'A hundred million… I won't even be able to earn a hundred million my entire lifetime!' She was driven stark mad by her desire for money.

“No, you must give me that hundred million or I cannot get on with life,” Lin Li said. “Not to mention Mommy, she is about to leave Daddy, and Daddy must provide alimony every month.”

As Ye Wei listened on, she felt that this woman was indeed over-the-top to demand alimony. Like an idiot who rambles incoherently, did she even know what shame was?

Brother Bull gestured toward Lin Li with his eyes. Lin Li said, “Once you agree, I will bring my mother away.”

Cheng Anya laughed and said, “I am curious. Why can't you live without a hundred million yuan? Do you desire the life of an emperor? How many people in City A are worth a hundred million yuan? Is our Lin Li dreaming of going big?”

As Lin Li heard on, she felt awkward but did not feel she was in the wrong. She said, “If it is that easy for you to cough out a hundred million yuan, why don't you give it to me?”

“I'd rather burn it than give it to you.” Cheng Anya laughed. “Lin Li, Gao Mei, be wiser, okay? I'll repay your debts to the loan sharks, so disappear for good and I'll see you in court. This marriage is over for good, and you will not get anything out of it.”

She decided to be clear-cut and clarify everything. As she was so materialistic and wanted to milk as much money out of her as possible, she would not allow it to happen.

“What do you mean?” Gao Mei panicked.

Cheng Anya coldly laughed and said, “The end of the marriage, which is for you to leave, is a given. Ah Chen will be able to take care of you with minimal effort.”

“You… you are bullying us with your power.”

“What's wrong with bullying people with one's power?” Cheng Anya coldly laughed. “When it comes to people of your ilk, using somebody of greater power against you is already as good as it can get. It's still the same question—to leave or not. If you do not want to leave on your own accord, you'll be evicted.”

“Cheng Guang, no. No…” Gao Mei cried as she pleaded with Daddy Cheng.

Daddy Cheng sighed and turned around.

The young kid said, “If you are smart enough, agree to my mommy's condition and be free from debt. As people who have hands and feet, you will be able to make a living by serving plates in a restaurant. To live by your own strength is not a difficult thing. Woe be upon you when my mommy flies into a rage.”

“Cheng Anya, are you really not going to give me money?”

“In your dreams.”

Lin Li was shocked and flew into a rage. She said, “What reasons do you have not to give me the money? Cheng Anya, if it weren't for me, Third Young Master Ye and you would never have met and you would have never borne his child. What's wrong with giving me a hundred million yuan then?”

Cheng Anya coldly laughed as Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. The young kid raised his ears. Huh, there's gossip about his mommy…

When Lin Li saw Cheng Anya remain silent, she sounded even more gleeful. She said, “If it weren't for me bringing you to the pub back then, would you be able to even meet Third Young Master Ye? If you did not even seduce Third Young Master Ye, would you even be able to give birth to that child? You are a gold digger, so what basis do you have to criticize me?”

The young kid was shocked, and so was Ye Wei. Eleven felt that things were out of the world.

Didn't his mommy and daddy say that they were in love and he was the result of that? 'Uh… Mommy, this lie you are spinning is quite exaggerated.'

Daddy Cheng suddenly panicked and hurriedly said, “Shut up!”

Everybody looked in Daddy Cheng's direction, only to see Third Young Master Ye seemingly smile as he looked at Cheng Anya. Third Young Master Ye's expression sent s.h.i.+vers down Miss Cheng's spine.

Miss Cheng was sad and angry.

Game over.


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