100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Chapter 612 - Heartlessness

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Chapter 612: Heartlessness

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

A gentle gaze that seemed rather cheerful flashed through Ye Wei’s eyes as she looked at Tanski’s bearded face. She seemed a little… happy. She did not dislike him, but he did not match up to her sense of aesthetics as his beard covered a huge part of his face. It would be tough to kiss him. Besides, his very outlandish attire was really non-mainstream indeed. He, however, had a very innocent temperament and was a really good man.

Ye Wei laughed and said, “What to do? I have a fiancé, you know?”

She said it in such an agonizing tone that a murderous intent flashed through Tanski’s eyes. He slowly said, “Tell me. Who is he? I’ll kill him and you’ll be one fiancé less.”

Ye Wei laughed and wrapped an arm around Tanski’s neck and played with his beard with some interest. He should be pretty good-looking. She wondered how he would look if he shaved.

“My intentions exactly. I am about to kill him, so wait for my good news.” Ye Wei laughed happily and tapped Tanski’s chest. “But boss, I must admit that I like beautiful men.”

Ye Wei waved at Tanski and boarded the car he long prepared for her before racing away. Tanski was still dazed by her charm and did not realize that he had not asked for her name until she had long left.

Beautiful man?

He stroked his beard. That would be too easy…

After not hearing from Ye Wei for two days, Mo Jue was getting impatient from waiting at the hotel. Worried that she could have met with a mishap, he drove out early in the morning and looked for her in Muscat to no avail.

He was extremely anxious.

Eleven was also extremely anxious. The Top Terrorist Organization, having used its satellite to track Ye Wei for a day, scanned the entire Muscat once to no avail. She was either in a house or not in Muscat.

She secretly wondered. Given Ye Wei’s character, if she were really here, she definitely would not have waited in a house contentedly for two days. There could only be one explanation: Something had happened to her. But where was she?

She had no intention of watching over Mo Jue and waiting for results. Mo Jue had panicked and was now searching around the city. Eleven also deliberately avoided Mo Jue and continued searching for Ye Wei carefully.

Mo Ye called. Eleven wondered how Muscat was indeed dangerous. Ye Wei should not remain there for longer. She suggested to Mo Ye to convince Mo Jue to return. Once he returned, Ye Wei would also follow.

Mo Ye sighed. It depended on Mo Jue willing to contact him and obeying him.

Eleven felt helpless and continued searching.

Mo Jue looked around for an entire morning and did not see Ye Wei. When he returned to the hotel later in the morning, he deliberately revealed himself so that Ye Wei could locate him more quickly. He had stayed in the same hotel for days without changing his room.

On a secluded one-way street a street away from the hotel, which was flanked by tall buildings, there was a robbery. The street was akin to the road between the buildings.

It was three to four meters wide and a hundred meters long with luxurious hotels nearby. That explained the presence of thieves and countless daylight robberies. Moreover, the recent chaos and bloodshed inspired much panic that was detrimental to social stability. Daylight robberies were no more uncommon.

Mo Jue was utterly p.i.s.sed off. He did not expect four to five hunks to throw themselves at him to become his punching bag. Mo Jue was too happy to oblige and walloped them until they were screaming for their parents. Those idiots…

Were they so blind they even dared to rob him?

He walloped the few hunks until they were yelping for help and begging for mercy. One of the hunks originally held a gun, which he kicked away, and twisted his wrist. He almost broke said hunk’s wrist.

He let out an agonizing scream.

One of the hunks was yelping that they were instigated to rob him. When he said that, Mo Jue felt a chill run down his spine, sensing a danger. He knew that somebody was behind him.

A scent he was familiar with wafted through the air.

He suddenly turned around, and there was an ecstatic look in his purple eyes which quickly disappeared. He felt a numbing sensation on his chest, followed by a sharp pain. He slowly looked down and saw blood spread out on his black T-s.h.i.+rt.

Mo Jue, in almost slow motion, ambled out and stood where he was, staring at the patch of blood. The stench of blood permeated the air, and he could feel the blood in him surge out.

‘Wei Wei?’

‘You are really vicious!’

‘You actually shot me!’

An overwhelming hatred came upon him and his purple eyes looked at the woman in the distance, who was in a short-sleeved T-s.h.i.+rt and hot pants, her long hair billowing in the air. Her coldness was evident to the point he could not find the slightest warmth on that familiar face. There was only ice-cold hatred.

Muscat’s forever clear and bright blue sky was behind her, which seemed as despicable as the devil to him.

The few men were so afraid they ran away from Ye Wei.

They did not dare to linger around any longer.

The gun was suppressed and it made no noise. Ye Wei dangerously squinted and looked at Mo Jue coldly. The hatred in her slowly surged out. Mo Jue hated her for shooting him for no rhyme or reason.

That was her original character. Once she had made up her mind to kill somebody, she would not give said person the slightest time to defend themselves. If one wanted an explanation from her, any call to her would be immediately ended.

Ye Wei did not know that Mo Jue was not at the Mafia that day, and was even more in the dark about how Mo Jue was unaware of what went on. She was also of the opinion that he, not looking for her long after the phone call, was a silent admission that his men orchestrated the incident, forcing her to choose between him and the other party.

On the day she miscarried, she still hoped that he would turn up and tell her it was all a misunderstanding. He, however, did not explain when she needed the explanation the most.

She was agitated at the first moment, but she then thought about how Mo Jue would not have done something so vicious. If Mo Ye were behind it, he could have stopped it. She had that little hope in her that somebody would tell her it had nothing to do with him.

But her wait brought about a gradual erosion of hope.

As time pa.s.sed and he did not arrive, she did not need any more explanations.

The many lives under the Top Terrorist Organization and her poor, innocent child were lost just like that.

She hated Mo Jue!

100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Chapter 612 - Heartlessness

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