Stubborn Love Of A Roguish Scion Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: The Two Of You Are Not Married Yet, Which Is Good News!

After having a day of fun, Ye Erruo went to bed early with her man.

“Boss Tang, Young Master Mo will be leaving tomorrow.” One of his workers reported to his boss shortly thereafter.

The man stood and looked at the girl in front of him, not knowing what to do with her.

“Boss, this is the activity log of Young Master Mo. It records what he did today.”

After thinking it through for the next hour, Boss Tang finally let out a sigh. He decided he wasn't going to touch Ye Erruo after all.

Based on the log, he could see how much Young Master Mo doted on his woman. Besides, the young man would be leaving tomorrow, which caught him unprepared. If he were to do anything rash tonight, he might end up biting off more than he could chew.

“Alright then. Bring this girl and the other three to Orffa. Tell him that, other than Young Master Mo and his woman, I can get him anyone he wants.”

“Understood, boss.”

“Boss?” Lin Ruo was taken aback. What is happening? Aren't I supposed to see Young Master Mo? Why am I going to a man called Orffa instead?

“Take her away.”

His two bodyguards walked over and took the girl away forcefully.

When Ye Erruo got home, she was informed by Bo Yu that Mo Jiangye had to return to work immediately because the couple of suspects who had smuggled contraband into Country U had finally been caught. This was why she was left alone at the Zhuang Ge Residence after the trip.

That night, she received an invitation from Old Master Lin.

Why is Grandpa looking for me out of the blue? Could this have something to do with Lin Jingxuan's death?

The next day, she arrived at the Lin Residence, only to see the place getting done up. Servants were looking cheerful while they were busy doing

“I see that you've arrived, Young Madam.” Old Master Lin's butler came and greeted her personally before leading her to the grand hall.

“Oh, are we having guests today?”

“Yes, Young Madam. Old Master's good friend and his granddaughter are here for a visit.”

“Master, Young Madam is here.”

“Come, Xiao Ruo. Take a seat. Why isn't Xiao Ye with you today?” Old Master Lin was a tad disappointed when he didn't see his favorite grandson.

“Jiangye has to attend to some urgent business so he couldn't come today, Grandpa.”

“I see, I see. Come, take a seat. Let me introduce you. This is Old Master Su, who is my confidante. The lady beside him is his granddaughter, Qing Ning. She's the same age as you. She used to be Xiao Ye's playmate when they were little.”

Su Qing Ning was sitting in a dignified way next to the elders like any lady with a decent upbringing.

“Qing Ning, this is Jiangye's wife. Her name is Xiao Ruo.”

“How do you do, sister-in-law?” Qing Ning addressed the lady with a gentle smile.

“I'm good, thank you. Hope you're good too.”

Grandpa Su sized up the lady who had s.n.a.t.c.hed his grandson-in-law away from him right under his nose.

“So this is Ye Erruo?”

“That's right, pal.”

“Wasn't she Jingxuan's girlfriend? How did she end up being Xiao Ye's wife instead? Are they married yet? Why didn't Xiao Ye invite me to his wedding?”

“We aren't married yet,” Ye Erruo answered.

“The two of you aren't married yet? That's good news!” As the old man exclaimed, he patted his granddaughter's hand in consolation.


“Why, what's wrong? Don't take me wrong. I was trying to tell the couple to invite me to their wedding! I've known Jiangye ever since he was small, so how can I possibly miss the most important affair of his life?” He then turned to Ye Erruo and added, “My granddaughter here has known Jiangye since they were little. I watched them grow up together! She loved to stick by his side in the past and refused to come home. Grandpa Lin doted on her as well and kept her with him for a whole month at a time!”

“Oh, yes, I remember that! Qing Ning used to follow Xiao Ye everywhere when they were very little. When she was here for the whole month, she wanted to sleep with him every night!”

“Grandpa!” The girl in question cried out petulantly so the two elders would stop teasing her.

“Ha ha ha ha! We'll stop, we'll stop now.”

Ye Erruo's lips curled into a smile. “Yes, my hubby and I have not planned the wedding yet, but we have collected our marriage certificate.”

Stubborn Love Of A Roguish Scion Chapter 308

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