I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot Chapter 1389 - Who Was She Marrying?

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Chapter 1389: Who Was She Marrying?

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Gong Zeli ignored Yan Shaoqing’s sparking eyes. He smiled and said teasingly, “It’s indeed rare. This matter has already spread to everyone in the industry. Speaking of which, that woman and Shaoqing were childhood sweethearts. Shaoqing had a crush on her for a long time and didn’t have the guts to confess. This time, when he returned from overseas, he finally mustered the courage to confess, but he was rejected.

“Sigh, it’s really tragic.”

“Childhood sweethearts?” Lu Rao raised an eyebrow as if he didn’t see Yan Shaoqing’s murderous expression. He chuckled and said, “Young Master Gong, speaking of which, don’t you also have a childhood sweetheart? Have you heard that the Shen family has arranged many blind dates for her recently, and they seem anxious to marry her off?”

Lu Rao knew about this because his parents wanted him to go on a blind date with Shen Rou.

How could he agree?

Everyone knew that Gong Zeli liked Shen Rou.

Could he go on a blind date with the woman his brother liked?

Moreover, Shen Rou wasn’t his type. He liked quiet and obedient girls who came from scholarly families.

Shen Rou was beautiful, but she looked a little domineering. She was completely different from the obedient girl type he liked.

“What? The Shen family arranged a blind date for Shen Rou?” Yan Shaoqing was gritting his teeth at the side and was shocked when he heard that.

“You don’t know?” Lu Rao looked at Gong Zeli’s reaction and then said, “Everyone in Yuncheng City who has a good reputation and is unmarried has arranged a blind date with her. They all say that the Shen family can’t make it anymore and is anxious to find someone to help them with the marriage. In the past, Young Lady Shen was very popular and many people wanted to marry her. Now…”

Lu Rao sighed and looked at Gong Zeli again. “Not to mention families of equal social status, even those that the Shen family despised in the past are unwilling to get involved in this.

“The once unreachable Young Lady Shen is now being avoided by everyone. Sigh, people are so realistic.”

Lu Rao realized that Gong Zeli still showed no reaction.

It was as if he didn’t hear him.

He frowned.

Gong Zeli didn’t react at all?

He heard from Yan Shaoqing that Gong Zeli and Shen Rou had a conflict.

But no matter how big the conflict was, he couldn’t possibly remain indifferent after hearing that Shen Rou was going on a blind date.

He’d liked Shen Rou since he was young. Would he be willing to let her marry another man?

“I’ve heard about the Shen family too.” Yan Shaoqing sighed. “I didn’t expect the Shen family to suddenly become like this. I heard that Uncle Shen went to the Mo Corporation, but I don’t know if Ah Si agreed to help. But Shen Rou did something bad to Sis-in-law previously. I guess Ah Si won’t agree to help so easily.”

Lu Rao agreed. “Ah Si is a very protective person, and he values his wife more than anything else. If Shen Rou hadn’t done those things, he would probably have helped her on account of their long friends.h.i.+p.

“It’s hard to say now.”

“Fourth Bro, why aren’t you saying anything?” Yan Shaoqing couldn’t hold it in anymore and nudged Gong Zeli with his elbow. “You really don’t mind Shen Rou going on a blind date with another man? Aren’t you afraid that she’ll really marry someone because of her family?”

I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot Chapter 1389 - Who Was She Marrying?

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