My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 974 - What Does Picking Up Girls Have to Do With Hair Growth

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Chapter 974: What Does Picking Up Girls Have to Do With Hair Growth

The three of them got in the car. Zhou Yao drove while Bai Qi and Zhou Sileng sat in the back.

The thing that Bai Qi wanted to do the most right now was to turn herself into a mute. After what happened last night, that man’s face was so gloomy a storm might occur. Since she could not afford to offend him, she could always avoid him and hide. So she tried her best to minimize her presence.

Zhou Sileng didn’t understand what was happening between the adults. He believed he’s in spring, so he had to see through with this caring-for-the-Old-man thing.

So only Zhou Sileng’s crisp and childish voice broke the silence.

“Daddy, where did you go on a business trip two days ago? Did you encounter anything interesting? Tell me about it…”

“Daddy, have you changed girlfriends recently? Is it still the same female celebrity from last time? To be honest, your taste is really not good enough. Hurry up and change to a good one.”

“Daddy, will you pick me up later…”

Zhou Sileng was chattering non-stop. Then, a low and unhappy voice said, “You seemed to have stopped growing. From tomorrow onwards, drink two cups of milk.”


He was someone who couldn’t even finish one cup of milk. Now, his daddy wanted him to drink two?

Zhou Sileng’s concern for the elderly ended beautifully then and there. He looked at the back of his father’s head with extreme resentment and snorted, “You punish me for your own unhappiness. I think you must have failed to pick up girls recently!”

Zhou Yao, who was in the driver’s seat, raised his head and gave Zhou Sileng a look through the rearview mirror.

Zhou Sileng was so scared that he shrank back and quickly hid in Bai Qi’s arms.

Bai Qi hugged Zhou Sileng in her arms. She also didn’t dare to look at that devil. She hugged Zhou Sileng tightly and both of them shrank towards the car window.

“Bai Qi, can you give me your phone number? This way, I can call and text you when I miss you.”

“Sure.” Bai Qi took out a pen from her bag. Zhou Sileng handed her a small card and Bai Qi wrote down her contact information. “Sileng, you’re welcome to contact me anytime.”

“Bai Qi, you’re the best!” Zhou Sileng hugged Bai Qi’s waist. Then, he looked up and saw Bai Qi’s beautiful neck. “Bai Qi, your neck seems to be red with a bite mark. Let me see, did someone bite you?”

“No! Sileng, you misjudged.”

To cover the bite mark on her neck, Bai Qi pulled up her collar and wrapped it tightly around her neck. She didn’t expect Zhou Sileng to see it.

She quickly pulled up her collar to prevent Zhou Sileng from seeing the mark.

“Bai Qi, I saw it. There’s something red around your neck…”

Bai Qi felt awkward. The devil was sitting right in front of her, so she panicked and lied, “I got bit in the neck by accident…”

“Bitten? By a puppy?” Zhou Sileng asked innocently.

A puppy?

Bai Qi was between laughter and tears. She nodded her head randomly. “Mmm… Something…like that.”

As soon as she said that, she felt a dark gaze cast over from the front. She didn’t raise her head. She just straightened her beautiful back as much as she could!

“Daddy, send me to kindergarten first. After I get off the car, you can send Bai Qi home.”

Bai Qi quickly waved her hand. “There’s no need. You should take me home first.”

She had no intention of being alone with this man.

“Bai Qi, I’ll go to kindergarten first. Then daddy will send you home,” Zhou Sileng insisted. Then, he raised his head to look at the man in the front. “Daddy, am I right?”

The man in front gave no reaction.

Zhou Sileng didn’t know what to say.

The car soon stopped at Bai’s Martial Arts Dojo. Bai Qi heaved a sigh of relief. He ended up sending her home first. He seemed to want to keep his distance from her from today onwards. That’s good.

Bai Qi got out of the car. “Sileng, I’m leaving.”

“Bai Qi, wait.” Zhou Sileng quickly stopped her. “Daddy, we made a deal in advance. Bai Qi will teach me for two days. We’ll pay the wages. Where’s daddy’s wallet? Quick, get the money.”

Bai Qi did not expect that the little guy remembered the salary thing. She stood beside the car and shook her head. “Sileng, I told you I don’t need to be paid. I spent two very happy days with you. It’ll be for free.”

“How can this be? How can we let Bai Qi lose money?”


At this moment, the dark window of the pa.s.senger seat slowly slid down, and a large, well-defined palm extended out. There was a stack of hundred dollar bills in between the man’s slender fingers.

Zhou Yao handed the money to her.

Bai Qi quickly rejected, saying. “It’s okay. I said I don’t want a salary…”

At this moment, Zhou Yao slowly turned his head. He stared at her with his eagle-like sharp eyes. Though she was standing and he was sitting, his gaze gave her a condescending feeling. He was like a n.o.ble giving money to a commoner.

Bai Qi furrowed her beautiful brows. She refused firmly, “There’s no need…”

Before she could finish speaking, the man let go of the money, and the bills scattered onto the floor.


Whoos.h.!.+ The black luxurious car before her shot out like an arrow, leaving Bai Qi’s face covered in dust.

Bai Qi looked at the beautiful and arrogant rear end of the car and almost vomited blood. What kind of person was he? Little Sileng was right. He looked like he had failed to pick up a girl. Oh no, it was the black face of a man whose desires went unsatisfied.

She looked down at the scattered bills on the floor. There were at least five hundred dollars. It would be a loss if she didn’t pick them up, so she bent down and picked up bills one by one.

Zhou Yao!

She cursed that man in her heart several hundred times.

He drove so fast, she wondered if it frightened little Sileng.

Xiao Sileng crashed into the back seat heavily. He was so scared that he quickly covered his head with his two small hands. “Daddy, why are you driving so fast? You didn’t even warn me. I haven’t said goodbye to Bai Qi yet.”

Zhou Yao’s facial features were gloomy and stern. He did not look at the little guy. He parted his thin lips and said, “Bai Qi, Bai Qi, you’re like her little dog.”

“Daddy, how can you say that?” Zhou Sileng quickly protested, but he smiled sweetly again. “Daddy, don’t you think that Bai Qi is especially gentle and beautiful?”

“I don’t.”

“Tsk, you don’t have good taste. Daddy, Bai Qi’s eyes are gray, and mine is amber. Do you think that we look like…”

“Mother and son?”

Zhou Sileng rolled his eyes. “Couple, like a couple okay? We’re a match made in heaven.”

Zhou Yao raised his straight eyebrows. He glanced at Zhou Sileng through the rearview mirror. “Trying to pick up girls? Have you grown hair down there?”

Zhou Sileng was puzzled. “What does picking up girls have to do with hair growth?”

My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 974 - What Does Picking Up Girls Have to Do With Hair Growth

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