My Fantastic Chef Wife Chapter 285 - I Don't Like Little Boys

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285. I Don’t Like Little Boys

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Xiao Baoshan stayed in the prison camp for a few days.

In fact, those who worked hard outside the prison camp were also their own people, not actual prisoners.

During this period of time, Xiao Baoshan, Qian Qi and some of Qian Qi’s best men worked together on the method of arranging troops to improve their combat capabilities.


The Tianshan Tribe

Ye Xiaoxian and the female workers were picking cotton.

One of the female workers asked Ye Xiaoxian, “Hey, it seems that I haven’t seen your Baoshan for many days. Where is he?”

Ye Xiaoxian paused, then said, “He went to the county and will be back in a few days.”

“Yesterday, I saw Little Xun sitting alone in the meadow. He must be waiting for Baoshan to come back.”

“Little Xun is a poor little boy. His sister wasn’t in the tribe, and he lived with Baoshan later on. Now Baoshan has left as well. Has he been living alone recently?”

Ye Xiaoxian said, “Yeah, my mother originally said that she wanted to live with him, but he said that he had grown up and could live alone, so we didn’t force him. Being independent since childhood is not a bad thing though.”

“That’s true. A seven or eight year old child isn’t afraid of wetting the bed. Let him sleep by himself.”

“The weather is getting colder and colder now. I’m afraid that he’ll lift the quilt in the middle of the night…”

At this moment, a gust of cold wind blew through and Ye Xiaoxian s.h.i.+vered.

She felt a sudden pain in her heart as she thought of Xiao Baoshan.

From the day he left, she didn’t specifically count the days, but the number of days just kept flas.h.i.+ng in her mind.

Today seemed to be the eighth day.

It had been eight days but he hadn’t come back yet.


At night.

They were already planning to go to bed. Li Hongmei was making the bed and she suddenly said, “Why hasn’t Baoshan come back yet? Did something bad happen in Baoning City?”

Ye Xiaoxian’s heart skipped a beat again.

Xiao Baozhu said, “Mom, the Sixth King and the Seventh King are in Baoning City. What can ever happen? Nothing! The Second Brother is summoned by General Qian. Maybe the two of them just clicked right away and are talking their ears off right now.”

“Oh well, I’m exactly afraid of this. Last time, Baoshan helped General Qian Qi pick up his family and almost lost his life. If Baoshan were to save someone again this time, then… Hey, why do my eyelids twitch again?”

Ye Xiaoxian had already laid down. After hearing Li Hongmei’s words, she couldn’t help but holding the quilt tighter.

She felt her eyelids twitch as well.

Subconsciously, she reached for the emerald hairpin next to her bed and held it tightly in her hands.


Fortunately, Xiao Baoshan came back at noon the next day.

A group of people immediately surrounded him and asked about the reasons they had gone to Baoning City for so many days.

Xiao Baoshan said that he had spent some days reminiscing with Qian Qi, then the Sixth King kept them there for a few more days. They were too enthusiastic that they couldn’t refuse but to stay for a little longer.

The family let out a sigh of relief.

It seemed that Li Hongmei was too worried. Hopefully Qian Qi didn’t ask Xiao Baoshan to do anything else. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to stand it.

On the other hand, Councilor Liu was not worried about Xiao Baoshan’s safety. He said, “I thought the Sixth King saw that Baoshan was cured, so he wanted to keep Baoshan in Baoning City to help him. Baoshan is so talented that the tribe is too restrictive for him.”

Liu Qianqian joked, “In fact, it doesn’t make too much of a big deal to live in the tribe. The man has been on the battlefield for such a long time that it’s time to live a stable life. If his wife and children can warm the bed for him, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but I’m afraid that he has never enjoyed such privilege.”

Everyone understood that Liu Qianqian was implying that Ye Xiaoxian was being indifferent to Xiao Baoshan.

Therefore, everyone looked at Ye Xiaoxian one after another.

Ye Xiaoxian was a little embarra.s.sed so she reb.u.t.ted Liu Qianqian, “For some people, it’s simply not enough for the wife and children to warm the bed. They have to get up in the middle of the night to look at the stars, and the cold weather is never an excuse. You see, you caught a cold today, didn’t you?”

“How… How did you know that?” Liu Qianqian was even more embarra.s.sed than Ye Xiaoxian.

She and Jia Zhenbo indeed went to see the stars last night. They couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. Liu Qianqian thought of the romantic plot in the drama and wanted to see the stars, so Jia Zhenbo had to go with her.

Eventually she caught a cold and was sneezing all the time. She didn’t go out this morning because she had to stay indoor to take the medicine.

Ye Xiaoxian smiled, “If you don’t want others to know, better not do it .”

Everyone immediately turned to Liu Qianqian.

This was pretty funny. Liu Qianqian was probably going to be laughed at for a long time.

Xiao Baoshan was laughing as well before he glanced at Ye Xiaoxian, when, at the same time, Ye Xiaoxian also looked at him, but only for an instant before they turned away.


After dinner, Ye Xiaoxian and Li Hongmei were staying in the room. At this time, Xiao Baoshan came over too, asking for permission to enter.

Li Hongmei immediately let Xiao Baoshan in.

“Baoshan, are you full for dinner? You didn’t seem to eat much,” Li Hongmei was worried that Baoshan wasn’t full.

Xiao Baoshan said, “I’m full. Mrs. Qian gave me a lot of things to eat on my way back. Oh right, there’s still some food left. There were a lot of people during the dinner so I didn’t take it out. Here, I’ve brought some to share with you guys. They are just some cakes and desserts.”

Ye Xiaoxian took a look. The pastries are placed in an exquisite box. It looked like they hadn’t been moved, unlike what Xiao Baoshan said, that they were leftovers.

“Baoshan, are you having fun these days?” Li Hongmei asked.

“Of course I’m happy,” Xiao Baoshan paused before adding, “Qian Qi hoped that I can go there again next month. It’s just that winter is almost here and we have nothing to do, so I might stay in Baoning City for a while.”

“Uhh…” Li Hongmei looked at little Ye.

Ye Xiaoxian quickly withdrew her gaze and pretended to be indifferent.

“The issue here is that little Ye needs to agree on this. If little Ye disagrees, then you… well, discuss it over yourself. You two will make the decision.”

Ye Xiaoxian asked, “What does it have to do with me? His feet didn’t grow on me. If he wants to go, then go.”

Xiao Baoshan said, “If there’s nothing else to do, little Ye can stay with me in the city for a while.”

Ye Xiaoxian immediately refused, “I’m not going. I’m busy even in winter. I have to prepare for the necessities for next spring.”

At this time, Xiao Baoshan thought of Qian Qi’s words. The reason why they could secretly prepare the army was because Ye Xiaoxian made the money for them.

He couldn’t help but walk towards Ye Xiaoxian with pa.s.sion in his eyes.

Ye Xiaoxian immediately took a step back.

Why was he so close? Li Hongmei was still here.

Li Hongmei realized that Xiao Baoshan was taking the initiative, so she quickly said, “Ah, I wonder if auntie and the rest have washed the dishes. I’ll go take a look.”

Li Hongmei walked out of the room like a gust of wind.

Now, there were only two people left in the house and Xiao Baoshan was standing so close that Ye Xiaoxian felt that the air in the room froze, even making it difficult to breathe.

Xiao Baoshan was indeed very close. She had no where to go from the back but to sit on the bed.

What if he pounced on her?

Impossible. With his personality, it was unlikely that he would do something like this.

“Little Ye!” When Xiao Baoshan was only one step away from her, he suddenly talked to her.

“Hmm?” She said with her face blus.h.i.+ng.

“You are a particularly capable woman.”

Ye Xiaoxian didn’t know why Xiao Baoshan would suddenly praise her.

She was indeed capable, but it wasn’t the first day he knew about it.

“Little Ye,” Xiao Baoshan said again, “After going to Baoning City, I saw the Sixth King and the Seventh King doing a lot of good deeds for the people with the money you earned.”

“Oh…ok, as long as they’re really doing stuffs,” Ye Xiaoxian said.

She didn’t expect that there would be a day that she could contribute to the people. She felt particularly proud of herself.

“Are you willing to go to Baoning City with me next time?” He asked again.

Was this an invitation?

Ye Xiaoxian bit her lip. This subtle and nervous action particularly attracted him.

“No, no, there are a lot of things to do in the tribe. If I go, Councilor will be very busy. Besides, it’s not like I’ve been to Baoning city City, and there’s nothing fun.”

Seeing that she wasn’t willing to go, Xiao Baoshan didn’t force her anymore, but he took another step towards her.

Ye Xiaoxian moved back again. This time, her feet tripped onto the wooden bed. She lost balance and was about to fall back.

Xiao Baoshan, on the other hand, held her waist instantly and brought her towards him.

Ye Xiaoxian completely lost her mind.

In a situation like this, what she had been thinking could easily leak out.

She actually didn’t resist him at all, especially after a short time of separation, she realized that she had been worried about him.

As they looked into each other’s eyes for a while, Xiao Baoshan suddenly approached and kissed her.

“…” Ye Xiaoxian was blanked out. She felt weak and that her body no longer belonged to herself.

Xiao Baoshan let go of her after kissing for quite a while.

Both of them gasped.

Xiao Baoshan looked at her again and said, “You’re the only woman I’ve loved in my life.”

Without waiting for her to answer, he turned around and left.

Ye Xiaoxian froze on the spot and then he sat on the bed. She didn’t know what to do but felt like her whole body was filled with blood and her face was burning.


In the desert.

The wind was blowing at night.

The camel team had departed for two days and now they were in the middle of the desert. This night, they rested in front of a sand dune.

When she arrived, Jin Xiaoyu’s tent was set up by whoever was free at that time.

But this time, Tarico took the initiative to help her.

Mcginon also wanted to help but the chance was taken away by Tarico.

Tarico was very efficient and adept. He only asked Jin Xiaoyu to help him a little and the tent was set up in an amazingly short time.

After setting up the tent, he asked her whether she felt cold and Jin Xiaoyu said she wasn’t.

Then it was burning the firewood to cook the dinner that night.

In the past, when Ye Xiaoxian lived with the camel team, she would prepare some dried food and vegetables, and would carry some firewood on the camel. In this way, she could cook and eat warm vegetables in the desert.

This tradition was maintained. When they rested at night, they would cook some vegetable soup to eat.

When she came, Jin Xiaoyu sometimes helped but sometimes didn’t. It was entirely up to her.

But this time, Tarico called her over.

My Fantastic Chef Wife Chapter 285 - I Don't Like Little Boys

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