Hello Mr. King Chapter 431 - I am your weakness

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Chapter 431: “I am your weakness. ”

Song Mian did not reject the proposal, and the others did not mind staying for the night without knowing the truth.

However, this was not a long-term plan. They were only willing to give in because of old master s.h.i.+’s birthday.

At most, they would leave tomorrow night. No one had the right to interfere with other people’s personal freedom.

“Ah Mian, are you deliberately luring the enemy? ” Yun Xiangxian thought about being arranged to share a room with Song Mian.

This was Song Mian’s request because he was worried about Yun Xiangxiang. He was worried that someone would harm her, so he openly shared a bed with someone else.

“I’m telling the truth. ” Song Mian took a towel and wiped Yun Xiangxiang’s hair after she had just finished bathing.

His hand movements were serious and gentle. “I won’t accept any threats from anyone. ”

He paused and chuckled. “Except for you. ”

Yun Xiangxiang’s hair was still in his hands, so he naturally did not dare to move it carelessly to avoid hurting himself. He could only roll his eyes where he could not see. “Be careful, or I’ll tell Uncle Song about this. ”

“I said the same thing in front of him. ” Song Mian was not afraid at all.

He had never fawned on his father since he was young. Perhaps his father was too strict with him when he was young, so he always liked to go against him and would not lower his head to him under any circ.u.mstances.

He was a person who was good at finding other people’s weaknesses, including his father. He would rather negotiate terms and conditions than compromise!

Of course, he could not tell Yun about this. Unless Yun thought about it and asked about it, he would never take the initiative to speak.

When Yun thought about it, he was not like this in front of her. It was not because he was pretending to be gentle and affectionate, but because he could not help but treat her like this. Naturally, he would not let her know how ruthless and cold he was to others.

“Don’t change the topic. Are you really not going to care about this? ” Yun Xiang moved her body slightly and gave Song Mian a hint. When Song Mian relaxed, she turned around and asked Song Mian to wipe her hair.

She could only sit on her knees, her head level with his chest to make things easier for him. Song Mian lowered his head and looked into her eyes. “Do you want me to care about this? ”

“If this matter doesn’t involve me, I would be happy to watch the show with you, ” Yun Xian replied after thinking for a while. “But if this matter drags me into it, I want to know the truth. Most importantly, I don’t want to go to that step that you mentioned. ”

Which step? It meant that they had really fallen out. In order to protect her, Song Mian had reversed the truth.

Just like how she knew that Deng Yang was innocent, but she did not agree with Song Mian fabricating evidence. Yun Yun would never allow Song Mian to do that even if she wanted to.

What she wanted was to be fair and just. She was the victim, and she did not want to become the perpetrator just because she was hurt and wanted to protect herself.

If Song Mian’s method was to publish photos or videos, then the other party would have to incite the ignorant netizens.

She had to make the matter as big as possible in order to force Song Mian to step up and quell the storm.

It was not enough to just restore the truth. It was like a trip to he Xingzhou prison, although most of them believed that he was innocent.

However, there were still many people who doubted him. They said that if he was not the crown prince of the company, no one would take the blame for him.

This was the reason why he Xingzhou had to rest for such a long time. There were always so many people who were bored and had nothing to do. They would not forget this matter and would chase after his works to slander them.

These kinds of comments did not reach a certain amount of reposts. No one was pushed. It was just that many people who were scattered were unable to pursue the legal responsibility of the other party.

During this period of time, no one sought he Xingzhou’s cooperation. The entertainment industry was still a very realistic place.

Everyone had seen He Xingzhou fall, so they naturally took the opportunity to lower the price and lower He Xingzhou’s value.

If He Xingzhou compromised, it would be the beginning of self-deprecation. There would be even more people who would gradually suppress him for a long period of time.

Unless He Xingzhou gave up on relying on himself and went back to enjoy the company because he was a resource given to him by the crown prince.

If it was Yun Xian, it would be the same. However, Song Mian was not as kind as he Xingzhou.

Those who did not allow themselves to become popular would be slandered by the law. Song Mian would not hesitate to give him a helping hand and let him fly into the sky. After that, he would be smashed into pieces.

This way, he would catch a few more examples and his methods would be more ruthless. Naturally, no one would dare to provoke him again.

Yun did not feel that it was not good to treat those who attacked her maliciously. Instead, she felt that it was very satisfying.

Then, why did he Xingzhou not use such methods? Because everything had two sides.

If they really did this, many people would start to fear and guard against them. There were so many people in the entertainment industry, and no one was irreplaceable.

Rather than being afraid and afraid of being retaliated against by those who were ruthless and cruel, it was better to find a stable and stable cooperation.

Not to mention collaborators, even the media were afraid. They would also say something specious. Would they dare to work with such a person again?

Without a partner who truly wanted to work with, without a media that was willing to come into contact with, how could an artist not be confused?

They would gradually be alienated and isolated. This was the reality. The reality was so unreasonable.

Of course, as long as they had a strong background and were willing to spend money, it was not that they did not have the resources or the opportunity to make a comeback.

But they were people who wanted to go down this path. Did He Xingzhou need to hide his ident.i.ty for so long? Did Yun think that he needed to suffer so much?

He Xingzhou could have relied on his family from the start. Yun thought that he could have relied on Song Mian from the start.

He Xingzhou had already changed beyond recognition. He had gone against his original intention and become the type of person that he did not want to become the most.

Once he broke his bottom line, he would be unable to help himself and would walk further and further down this path..

“I’m sorry, Ah Mian. I might have to make you compromise for me once. ” Yun Thought about it and lowered her eyes to hide the sadness in her eyes.

He was so strong and proud. He refused to give in to the s.h.i.+ family, but in the end, she still asked him to give in.

“Don’t say sorry to me. ” Song Mian pressed Yun Xiangxiang’s head against her chest and ran her fingers through her wet hair. “No matter what you do, I will stand behind you and support you unconditionally. ”

Yun Xianxiang felt even sadder when she thought about it. She wrapped her arms around Song Mian’s waist, not knowing what to say, after a long while, she said in a low voice, “Ah Mian, if you compromise this time, so many people will know that you can give in for me. In the future, they will treat me as your weakness… ”

This was a worry for the future.

Hello Mr. King Chapter 431 - I am your weakness

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