Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting Chapter 443 - Taking Nana To The Auction

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Chapter 443 – Taking Nana To The Auction

TL : GoldenLung

When night fell and they left Shrek Academy, Lan Xuanyu and Dong Qianqiu led the way. They brought Nana, his parents, and An Peijiu to Gourmet Street.

After tasting a few delicacies, they headed to the auction.

Although Nana didn’t really have any desire for food, but seeing Lan Xuanyu’s excitement, she ate happily.

Lan Xuanyu and his team were definitely regulars at Shrek Auction House as they would come every week. After discussing with the guards at the entrance, they explained that his family members would not be partic.i.p.ating in the auction. They were allowed to bring Nana and the others to sit in Shrek Academy’s exclusive area.

It wasn’t as if this sort of situation where students brought their parents to the auction had never happened before. After all, this was Shrek Academy, and the students of Shrek Academy were always given preferential treatment.

Entering the auction hall, Nana looked at her surroundings with curiosity. Since waking up, she had never been to such a place before and rarely went to places with so many people. She preferred peace and quiet. When she was free, she would just empty herself.

They sat at the front of the auction hall. The Shrek’s exclusive area was a little empty today as the students were on vacation. Most of them had chosen to return home or continue cultivating in the academy.

The seats behind gradually filled up.

Lan Xuanyu whispered to his parents and Nana, “There are many good things in Shrek’s auction, and us students have priority. There are many very good spiritual fruits. The most expensive ones are those that can extend one’s lifespan. But our teacher said that if one joins the School of Life, one can receive such fruits in the future. Dad, Mom, I plan to join the School of Life in the future. When the time comes, I will get some of those Fruits of Life for you guys so that you guys can stay young forever.”

Nan Cheng laughed. “You little brat, you only know how to make us happy. But is there really such a thing as eternal youth?” As she spoke, she subconsciously glanced at Nana.

It had been quite a few years since they had first seen Nana, but she hadn’t changed much and looked as youthful and beautiful as before.

Lan Xuanyu replied, “I think so. For many teachers in our school it’s hard to tell their true age.”

An Peijiu continued, “It’s actually a little exaggerated to say that one can retain their youth forever unless that person cultivates to G.o.d rank. But it’s said that even G.o.d rank isn’t completely without age restrictions. But I’m not sure about the specifics. But in a place like Shrek City where the life energy is rich, it is certain that it can extend one’s lifespan and slow down aging. The Fruit of Life that Xuanyu mentioned is a rare treasure that can only be produced by the Eternal Tree. Other than Shrek, we can’t see it at any other auction outside. But its price is astronomical.”

Nan Cheng praised, “Shrek Academy is truly different! It’s a pity that we weren’t talented enough back then and didn’t even have the chance to apply.”

An Peijiu smiled and said, “You should be satisfied to have such a good son. If he could always stay first place in the Outer Court, his chances of getting into the Inner Court would be very high. Once he enters the Inner Court of Shrek Academy, it would be different. Almost every Inner Court disciple of Shrek Academy would become a big shot in the Federation and have a pivotal position in the Federation.”

When others praised their own son, parents were naturally the happiest. Lan Xiao smiled. “Ms. An, you flatter us. We only hope that he will grow up safely. As for how far he will go in the future, it will depend on himself. No matter what choice he makes, we will support him.”

Just at this moment, the lights on the stage dimmed and a beam of light descended from the sky. The auctioneer was already on stage.

It was a familiar face. The auctioneer dressed in silver evening attire was Ling Yiyi.

Ling Yiyi walked to the front of the stage with a sweet smile and nodded her head in greeting. “Esteemed bidders, welcome to our Shrek Auction House again. I have prepared many good things for everyone today. Of course, the finale is still that piece. Before the auction begins, we have to give an explanation for the recent doubts and questions regarding this item that the entire Federation has been paying attention to.”

“There is no doubt that this auction item was taken out by Shrek Academy and is also an absolute treasure of Shrek Academy. The reason why we took it out for the auction was due to some special purpose. We hope to spread the news of the existence of this Divine Weapon and hope to attract an old friend of Shrek’s. Hence, the ridiculous price. We are extremely sorry about this. Due to the questioning from the outside world, today will be the last time it will be auctioned. At the same time, to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, we invited an elder from Shrek Academy’s Inner Court to personally bring the item to meet everyone so that everyone can see the Divine Weapon’s elegance.”

The moment he said that, there was an uproar.

The outside world had already guessed that Shrek Academy didn’t really plan on auctioning this Divine Weapon. During all the previous bids only images were displayed, how could a Divine Weapon be shown to others so easily? But they didn’t expect that they would actually bring out this Divine Weapon for everyone to see at the auction today. How could they not be excited?

That was a Divine Weapon ! In the history of mankind, the number of Divine Weapons that have appeared could be counted on one hand. To be able to see the true appearance of a Divine Weapon was enough for bragging for a lifetime. Almost everyone present became excited by Ling Yiyi’s words. They even felt that the other auction items were no longer important and wanted to see what this Divine Weapon looked like.

“The Divine Weapon is the Silver Dragon Spear,” Lan Xuanyu whispered to his parents and Nana. “It’s said to be an extremely powerful Divine Weapon.”

At this moment, An Peijiu was already sitting upright with her back straightened. There was a light in her eyes and she clenched her fists subconsciously.

Divine Weapon, that was a Divine Weapon!

It was a true Divine Weapon from Shrek Academy, the Silver Dragon Spear. It was definitely a famous Divine Weapon in the history of mankind. Although it could not be compared to the Sea G.o.d Trident of the first G.o.d, Tang San, the founder of the Tang Sect, it was definitely one of the top few.

“Divine Artifact Chart, ranked sixth, Silver Dragon Spear,” An Peijiu muttered.

“Silver Dragon Spear?” Nana repeated these three words. She didn’t know why, but a strange feeling spread in her heart. She only felt that these three words sounded very familiar to her. She couldn’t help but look forward to it. What does it look like?

On the stage, Ling Yiyi swept her gaze over the bidders below with a smile, and her gaze naturally landed on Shrek’s exclusive area. Seeing Lan Xuanyu, she couldn’t help but smile. This boy was a little tyc.o.o.n from the Outer Court. The battle against the third years back then had brought them quite a lot of benefits. Furthermore, he had attracted the academy’s attention more than once.

The person next to him should be his family. It was the holidays and his family had come to visit him. Eh, who is that?

Ling Yiyi’s gaze swept past Nana, who was wearing a mask, and landed on An Peijiu.

When she saw An Peijiu, her pupils constricted. ‘It’s her? Why is she here?’

“Alright, we will begin today’s auction. Please look at the big screen.” As she spoke, Ling Yiyi turned around and walked behind.

The first item on the screen was a rare and precious fruit that was also produced in Shrek City.

Ling Yiyi rushed to the backstage where another familiar figure to Lan Xuanyu was seated and drinking tea.

“Elder Shu.” Ling Yiyi bowed respectfully to Old Shu.

Old Shu nodded his head. “Let’s begin. Make the best use of time and I’ll go back once I’m done. This time is mainly for displaying the true form of the Silver Dragon Spear and creating some news so that it can spread in the Federation.”

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