Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting Chapter 444 - Old Shu Wielding A Divine Weapon

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Chapter 444 – Old Shu Wielding A Divine Weapon

TL : GoldenLung

“Yes, Elder Shu, I saw An Peijiu. She is still in our Shrek’s exclusive zone. I’m afraid that she…”

“An Peijiu? Who is that?” Old Shu asked doubtfully.

“War G.o.d Temple, Seventh War G.o.d, Devil War G.o.d An Peijiu,” Ling Yiyi said in a low voice.

A light flashed in Old Shuh’s eyes. “You mean that the War G.o.d Temple might make a move? With such a high price, would they be able to fork out so much money?”

“It’s hard to say,” Ling Yiyi replied. “If it is just the War G.o.d Temple, it shouldn’t be possible, but they are backed by the Federation. If the Federation insists on obtaining this Divine Weapon, it isn’t impossible to obtain it. After all, to the Federation, these are just numbers and they can hedge by manipulating the currency.”

Elder Tree narrowed his eyes. “Then let them be disappointed. Raise the price to 1 trillion. I want to see if they have the courage to use 1 trillion federal coins to bid. Even if they do, we can arrange for someone to partic.i.p.ate in the auction. It won’t be easy to take away our Divine Weapon.”


The first item was auctioned off very quickly. Lan Xuanyu mainly accompanied his family for a tour today and didn’t have much interest in the auction. He just kept explaining the rules of the auction.

Listening to the prices of the items one by one, Nan Cheng was speechless. “It’s too expensive. Just these few fruits are worth so much?”

Lan Xuanyu said, “And it’s there only because of the academy’s perks. We have auction items that can’t be seen anywhere else, so it’s not too expensive. After all, the rarer something is, the more precious it is.”

The items were auctioned off one by one, but there weren’t many people bidding today. Almost everyone was attracted by Ling Yiyi’s initial words and wanted to see the true appearance of a Divine Weapon as soon as possible, so they weren’t that interested in the auction anymore.

Time ticked by, and the items were presented one after another. There was no lack of good items among them.

“The next item is from a sixth-rank Spirit Forging grandmaster. It is a piece of Spirit Forged Cloud Iron that weighs three kilograms. It is an excellent material for making Two-Word Battle Armors. The starting price is 500,000 federal coins, and each increase must be no less than 20,000 federal coins. The auction begins now.”

Spirit Forged metal?

Upon hearing these words, Lan Xuanyu’s eyes widened. 500,000 federal coins? This price isn’t very expensive! Was a Spirit refined metal so cheap?

One must know that a yellow emblem here could be exchanged for 200,000 federal coins. 500,000 federal coins were only two and a half yellow emblems.

Cloud Iron wasn’t considered too expensive among rare metals, but if one wanted to buy a cubic meter of rare metal, they would need at least two yellow emblems. And for a cubic meter of rare metals, it was already considered pretty good to be able to forge a few dozen kilograms of Thousand Refined metals. Spirit Refinement needed one more step of purification and there was a high chance of failure. Taking this into account, 500,000 was almost the cost price, right? It should be the case for ordinary blacksmiths.

While he was thinking about this, the other bidders behind him exploded.

“Spirit Forged, a Spirit Forged metal has actually been sent to the auction house? This is too rare! I must get it at all costs.”

“1,000,000!” The first price shattered any doubts in Lan Xuanyu’s heart. Doubled, it actually doubled.

He turned around instinctively and saw the excited bidders.

1,000,000 wasn’t the final price, but it was just the beginning. The bidders excitedly placed their bids and the price of the Spirit Forged Cloud Iron began to rise rapidly. It wasn’t until it exceeded 1.5 million federal coins that the price gradually slowed down.

A piece of Spirit Forged metal was worth so much money?

One must know that a purple emblem in the auction house could be exchanged for only a bit over two million federal coins. This was almost equivalent to the value of a purple emblem.

“A Spirit Forged metal is actually so valuable?” Dong Qianqiu nudged him and asked.

Lan Xuanyu was at a loss. “I didn’t know either!”

An Peijiu said, “The profession of blacksmith is relatively niche, but on the other hand, high-grade rare metals are always in short supply on the market. Almost all high-grade soul equipment in the Federation is made of rare metals, and the quality of rare metals often determines the value of the item itself.”

“Simply put, as members of Shrek Academy, all of you must know about Battle Armors and you must have one as well in the future. The manufacturing of Battle Armors requires rare metals, and the higher the grade of the armor, the higher the requirements are. In fact, it is also necessary for the manufacturing of mechas. The most extravagant mechas are exclusively made out of high-grade metals. Rare metals at the Spirit Forging level possess extremely strong self-repairing abilities. If a mecha has the ability to heal, how strong would it be? There are also many core soul arrays for soul devices that require rare metals. The higher the rank of rare metals, the higher the efficiency of the soul array, and the longer its durability. So think about it, how high the demand for high-grade metals is?”

“The Federation’s Blacksmith’s a.s.sociation is comparable in status to the Mecha Master’s a.s.sociation because of this. And almost all of the high-ranking blacksmiths are managed by the a.s.sociation. The manufacturing of high-grade rare metals is monopolized by the Federation, and it is no longer a matter of price. With such a large piece of Spirit Forged metal appearing at the auction, how could it not be fought over? Just watch, it will absolutely be over two million.”

Just as An Peijiu spoke, the auction price for the Cloud Iron on stage had already exceeded two million federal coins.

“Can’t the blacksmiths sell it themselves? Won’t they be able to earn more money? Why are they allocated to the Federation?” Lan Xuanyu asked doubtfully.

An Peijiu said, “Because it is too difficult to groom a blacksmith. If a blacksmith wants to reach the level of Spirit Refinement, they would have to spend countless amounts of rare metals. How could an ordinary person afford it? They would need to be backed by some financial support. Hence, almost all the blacksmiths that can manage to do it were specially groomed and had signed an agreement that they would only be able to sell their future forging items to their investors. Almost all the major factions have their own blacksmiths, but n.o.body would ever have enough rare metals. There has never been a situation of saturation. Think about it. If we had enough high-grade rare metals, one could even build a wars.h.i.+p. Of course, it is impossible because we are far from even being able to make mechas. Mechas that can be made with Hundred Refined metals are already the best among the purple rank mechas. If they were made with Thousand Refined metals, they could even reach the black rank.”

It was without a doubt that what An Peijiu said was very useful to Lan Xuanyu. If a blacksmith wanted to improve, they would need a large amount of rare metals. As for himself, he seemed to already have them. Hence, there was no problem in his plans to rely on forging in the future.

In the end, this piece of Cloud Iron was auctioned at a high price of 2 260 000 federal coins. It could be considered as the climax of the auction.

Following that, a few other items were auctioned, but it didn’t cause too much of a stir.

“Next, it will be our grand auction. We have already broadcasted the detailed introduction many times and it has widely circulated in the Federation, so we will not waste any more time here. Next, let us invite our Shrek Academy’s Sea G.o.d Pavilion Vice Pavilion Master, the leader and founder of the School of Life, Elder Shu, to meet everyone with the Divine Weapon.”

The entire arena was filled with thunderous applause. Everyone stared at the stage with their eyes wide open. A Divine Weapon, a Divine Weapon was about to appear!

An Peijiu’s eyes lit up. ‘Divine Weapon, that’s the Silver Dragon Spear!’

A green light flashed and a white-haired Old Shu appeared on the stage with a smile.

Upon seeing Old Shu, Lan Xuanyu immediately felt a sense of closeness. Old Shu had previously gifted him with the green ruyi and it had helped him greatly. This naturally made Lan Xuanyu have a good impression of the School of Life.

Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting Chapter 444 - Old Shu Wielding A Divine Weapon

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