Astral Pet Store Chapter 518 - 8 Beg for an Audience

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Chapter 518 Beg for an Audience

“There’s a Mysterious Realm from thousands of years ago, which was later explored to become the Tower’s location.”

Xie Jinshui led the way.

Su Ping had placed the Dark Dragon Hound back in the contract s.p.a.ce. He gazed at the swirl in the air; he was able to tell that the s.p.a.ce layers were overlapping in the swirl but they weren’t harmful.

Xie Jinshui took the lead and vanished as he went into the swirl.

Su Ping and Qin Duhuang followed him. They felt as if they had gone through a waterfall, except that they weren’t drenched afterwards. When they opened their eyes again, Su Ping and Qin Duhuang were amazed by what they saw. The world inside the swirl was vast and boundless! Clouds floated in the azure blue sky. Many palaces were also floating in the air!

Su Ping sensed that the gravity field was different there, and the astral powers were several times more profound than outside; cultivation would progress much faster there.

No wonder some t.i.tled battle pet warriors would rather stay there as “servants.” Just staying there could be beneficial.

“Is this place the Tower?” Qin Duhuang was a first-timer. He couldn’t have thought of this view in his wildest imagination. The first thought that came to his mind as he felt the profound astral powers was that his Qin family’s younger generations would develop rapidly if he could relocate them to that place! Even the mediocre youngsters could rise to be on par with the elites of other families after living in such an environment for some time!

He wondered, as a legendary battle pet warrior, if he would be able to bring along his family members.

While Qin Duhuang was pondering, Su Ping had already recovered from his surprise.

He had seen too many places like this one to be surprised for long.

The place couldn’t even compare to the castle Joanna lived in since Divine Energy could be found there, aside from the known astral powers. Strange herbs and plants were also abundant. That was why Su Ping would always think of ways to plunder left and right when he visited Joanna’s realm. “This is the Ocean Star, a Mysterious Realm. And you are?”

Two people flew over and both were wearing purple robes of the same style. The two weren’t legendary, merely t.i.tled battle pet warriors.

They were at the very peak of the t.i.tled rank, each of them stronger than Xie Jinshui.

“Xie Jinshui?” One of the two recognized Xie Jinshui at once. He had just been there a couple of days before. What is he doing here again?

Is he going to beg again?

That t.i.tled battle pet warrior immediately said, “Is your base city still there? Are you here to ask us for legendary battle pet warriors again? That’s not going to happen. No one can protect the base city when the Otherworld Heavenly King is there. I thought we told you to relocate your residents. Save whoever you can.” Xie Jinshui pulled a long face. “I’m not here to request help from legendary battle pet warriors. The Longjiang Base City is safe!” He deliberately stressed the word “safe”.

He was furious.

No one went back with him and he had gotten down on his knees for nothing. If it weren’t for Su Ping, the base city would have been doomed.

Even with Su Ping’s help, given the number of beast kings and the presence of the Heavenly King, the casualties were still alarming and he couldn’t even think of that subject.

What would have happened if Su Ping had not been there?

“Safe?” The two t.i.tled battle pet warriors were surprised. Safe from the strike of the Otherworld Heavenly King?

Soon, they thought they had figured out the reason. “Good to know. So, the Heavenly King was not there. I told you. Why would it go and strike your base city when we haven’t detected its trace for years? You worried for nothing. Luckily we didn’t send any legendary battle pet warriors. They would have been involved on a wild goose chase and you would have to shoulder the blame.”

“Indeed.” The other t.i.tled battle pet warrior nodded in agreement.

Xie Jinshui wore a wrathful expression, but Qin Duhuang started before him, “Watch your mouth. Who said anything about the Otherworld Heavenly King not being there? Wild goose chase? It was a matter of life and death for a lot of people. What is one trip to them? Are all legendary battle pet warriors this pampered?”

Before that war, Qin Duhuang had normally been a person who would conceal his anger and delight.

He had become an old fox, contrary to his former Raging Spirit self.

However, he had morphed back to the man that shook heaven and earth during the battle. He would speak his mind without concealing anything He had also become a legendary battle pet warrior and no longer cared about those two t.i.tled battle pet warriors. He could kill them with a single thought!

Even if he wasn’t at the legendary rank, he was still fearless when he was at the peak of the t.i.tled rank.

He was a proud man; he didn’t go there to become a servant, no matter what the benefits were!

Even t.i.tled battle pet warriors had their dignity! He would rather stay without the strength if he had to insult himself to get stronger!

He was advanced in his age but not in his mind!

The two were startled by Qin Duhuang’s fit of anger.

How dare he insult legendary battle pet warriors?!

Suddenly, they realized that Qin Duhuang was releasing an energy so overwhelming that they began to have trouble breathing.

This man is a legendary battle pet warrior!

They had seen too many legendary battle pet warriors in the Tower to easily recognize that pressure. Besides, given the fact that both were at the peak of the legendary rank, no one at the t.i.tled rank could have stressed them out like that.

If this man is a legendary battle pet warrior, then the insult… Never mind.

“You’re a new legendary battle pet warrior?” The two immediately wore fawning smiles, although hiding their anger and hatred behind their expressions.

No one liked to bow down and b.u.t.ter up people.

Dogs usually hide their teeth when they wag their tails. But this doesn’t mean that the dogs don’t have teeth!

“Hmm!” That was Qin Duhuang’s answer.

The two apologized with even more respect and one of them added, “You must be here to report. Mr. Xie, is he from your base city? Congratulations!”


What a change of treatment.

The t.i.tled battle pet warriors had forgotten about their dignity. They swallowed their pride but what kind of pride would that be?

After a long time, their minds would warp, making them become irritable people.

“I’m here to ask for an herb. Please show me the way to meet Legend Abyssal Ocean.” Xie Jinshui went straight to the point. He wasn’t in the mood to say another word to those two.

“An herb?” The two were surprised.

However, the two were afraid to ask further with Qin Duhuang present. They just said yes and showed them the way.

Floating in the air was a jade staircase that led to the biggest palace. Outside the palace were many gardens, including some maids and servants.

Even the help was at the t.i.tled rank.

Indeed, only t.i.tled battle pet warriors were allowed to serve at the Tower; not even master battle pet warriors had such a right.

The maids and servants noticed people had arrived. They looked up and soon noticed that Qin Duhuang was different from the other two. They hurried to greet Qin Duhuang, while at the same time memorizing his energy signature and appearance. He certainly was a newcomer; they had met all the other legendary battle pet warriors working in the Tower.

“I am Legend Abyssal Ocean’s servant. Sir, how should I address you?”

A middle-aged t.i.tled battle pet warrior flew over. He first bowed to Qin Duhuang.

Qin Duhuang darted a look at the man. “Are you from the Yu family of the Zhangjiang Base City?” Qin Duhuang asked, surprised.

The middle-aged t.i.tled man was stunned. “Sir, do you know the Yu family?”

“I once compared notes with one of the t.i.tled battle pet warriors of your family,” Qin Duhuang said, “Just a friendly exchange, of course. I heard that the Yu family has been developing quite well. I didn’t know I would meet Yu family members here.”

The middle-aged battle pet warrior took another glance at Qin Duhuang.

He fought with a t.i.tled battle pet warrior of his family once?

No legendary battle pet warrior had emerged from the Yu family. That was to say that both had been at the t.i.tled rank when they “compared notes.” However, the man present had reached the legendary rank while the Yu family member didn’t.

“I see. The Yu family was blessed to learn from you, sir.” The middle-aged adopted a humble att.i.tude.

Indeed, the Yu family had been living good days and part of the reason was that there were members of the Yu family working at the Tower. The benefit of working there was that they could befriend legendary battle pet warriors; anyone with the intent to harm the Yu family would have to think twice.

He was a case in point. Legend Abyssal Ocean liked him quite a bit. When some forces tried to mistreat the Yu family, they would have to first think about Legend Abyssal Ocean.

“Brother Qin is here to report. I am Xie Jinshui. I want to ask Legend Abyssal Ocean for an herb,” Xie Jinshui answered.

The middle-aged man decided that Xie Jinshui was not one to be belittled. He had to be quite close to the legendary battle pet warrior since he was addressing him as Brother.

“I remember you. Weren’t you here before? I think you mentioned some beast strike about to hit your base city and something about the Otherworld Heavenly King.”

The middle-aged t.i.tled battle pet warrior still remembered Xie Jinshui. The reason was that he had outdone himself on his past visit. He had knocked on the doors of each legendary battle pet warrior and disturbed them. No one would have been able to help him if he became disabled due to angering a legendary battle pet warrior.

“Yes. That is in the past. Please notify Legend Abyssal Ocean. We’re in a hurry.” Xie Jinshui was not in the mood to mention the strike. Just as he had mentioned, it was all in the past. The war would forever remain a scar in the base city; there was nothing he wanted to say to them.

The middle-aged wondered if the base city was safe. After all, he heard about traces of the Heavenly King; a base city would never be safe in such a scenario, unless many legendary battle pet warriors were there.

But he could not waste time on asking questions since Qin Duhuang was there.

“Okay, I will go report this right away. But I’m not sure if he can meet you,” the middle-aged answered with some concern. He was worried that the guy would lose his mind again and barge in to kneel and beg. He would have to share the blame.

Xie Jinshui nodded.

The middle-aged went in and soon came back out.

The middle-aged apologized, “I’m sorry. Legend Abyssal Ocean is resting and cannot see you.” He secretly mobilized astral powers, fearing that Xie Jinshui would try to force his way in.

Whether Xie Jinshui would be punished to death for it was not certain. But the middle-aged man didn’t want to get himself involved.

“Resting?” Xie Jinshui turned to look at Su Ping.

Su Ping’s face became clouded.

“Does this legendary battle pet warrior have the Soul Nurturer?” Su Ping asked Xie Jinshui.

Xie Jinshui shook his head. “I do not know. I just heard that the herb is in the Tower but I don’t know which legendary battle pet warrior has it. Legend Abyssal Ocean is in charge of the vault, so I suppose he knows. That is why I requested to see him.” That explained it. “Can you please ask Legend Abyssal Ocean to come out? I’m Su Ping. I will never forget this kindness!”

The middle-aged man gazed at the young man.

He was speechless.

Never forget his kindness?

Who do you think you are?

That is a legendary battle pet warrior!

Why would he need you to remember his kindness?!

“Mr…” the middle-aged man was about to say something when Qin Duhuang beat him to it, “Can you ask Legend Abyssal Ocean to come out? We indeed are in a hurry.”

The middle-aged man stopped talking. He was unable to refuse since the legendary warrior had said so. Legend Abyssal Ocean might answer to the legendary battle pet warrior.

The middle-aged man said yes and hurried away.

He returned a moment later. “Legend Abyssal Ocean is waiting for you. Please come in.”

It turned out that the legendary battle pet warrior had to do the talking.

Xie Jinshui wished he could become a legendary battle pet warrior.

“Mr. Su, let’s go.”

Su Ping nodded. He could not wait another minute. He followed Qin Duhuang.

The palace hall was resplendent and magnificent; all sorts of treasures were placed on the table as ornaments.

There was a path leading to the backyard. The middle-aged man took them there.

They soon sensed the presence of a beast king as soon as they arrived. There was a python covered in red scales; it was over a hundred meters long and thick as a tree, curled up in the yard while placing its head on a tree.

Sitting under the tree was an old man in a purple robe, smoking water pipes.

Astral Pet Store Chapter 518 - 8 Beg for an Audience

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