• Yaiteru Futari
  • Yaiteru Futari

  • Author(s) : HANATSUKA Shiori
  • Genres : Romance
  • Status : ongoing
  • View : 430
  • Rating :

    NovelZec.com Rate : 5/ 5 - 1 Votes

  • Yaiteru Futari Summary:

    When 30-year-old Kenta meets stoic graphic designer Chihiro, he sears her cool exterior with his pa.s.sion for barbecue! Now, after a flash of a courts.h.i.+p, they 're newlyweds! Though their jobs keep them apart, they still have weekends together to grill, and fine meat isn 't the only thing heating up in this sizzling relations.h.i.+p!
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