Breeding Dragons From Today Chapter 315 – The Day Of Selection Had Arrived

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Chapter 315: The Day of Selection Had Arrived

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The evil man's eyes widened and his expression was dull. His movements were also frozen on the spot.

Joelson swung his long spear. The tip of the annihilation spear contained a terrifying destructive power that crushed the evil man's soul into pieces.

Joelson calmly put away the annihilation spear and said indifferently under the evil man's rapidly dimming gaze.

“You are worthy?”

In the next moment, the evil man's body suddenly exploded, transforming into a blood mist that filled the sky. A turbid crystal that contained dark red blood energy fell into Joelson's hand.

The slaughter divine spark.

The strange little tree next to him lowered its trunk even more.

As though it had sensed the aura of the laws of destruction, it was so frightened that it began to tremble.

No one knew when it had begun but Joelson had become so relaxed and casual in killing a demiG.o.d.


He placed the slaughter divine spark in front of him, carefully examining it for a moment, then gently crus.h.i.+ng it.

A dense aura of slaughter and a small clump of water-type laws appeared.

Clearly, before this evil man had entered the Land of Slaughter, he had trained in the power of the water-type laws. His power shouldn't have reached the level of a demiG.o.d.

His demiG.o.d divine spark was a mixture of the power of slaughter and the water-type laws. It was extremely turbid but it was slightly more powerful than ordinary demiG.o.ds.

Joelson absorbed the two auras.

The power of the laws of water nourished his water divine spark, while the power of slaughter was absorbed by the blood-red ball of light within his body.

The ball of light instantly grew three times larger.

By the time Joelson devoured the fruit of slaughter, the ball of light was already beginning to crystallize.

Joelson was about to become a divine spark of slaughter.

Joelson tried to inject the power of slaughter into the annihilation spear, which immediately let out a sharp sound.

The spear was filled with a brutal and powerful force, and its destructive power was terrifying.

At this stage, the power of the law of slaughter almost surpa.s.sed the power of the fusion of metal and electric laws. It was about to become the third killing move in Joelson's hands.

The first and second were the law of destruction and the law of fate.

“This guy's slaughter power is so strong that he has already condensed a divinity, but he still wants to s.n.a.t.c.h the fruit of slaughter. It seems that there are more hidden experts in the Land of Slaughter than I thought. I wonder what kind of strength is in the top 100 of the slaughter power?”

“Moreover, since I can see the hidden problems behind the slaughter game, there must be others who can also sense it. If those people don't want to be harvested and want to have a certain degree of self-protection in the Land of Slaughter, what kind of methods will they use?”

Joelson's eyes flickered as he muttered to himself.

“This group of people should be the most terrifying existences in the Land of Slaughter.”

Joelson took a deep breath, and his expression returned to normal. His body flashed, and he instantly disappeared into the distance.

In a desolate valley, a human figure flew out.

His body emanated a powerful deity-level aura but his face was filled with panic and fear. Even his flying posture seemed quite wretched.

“d.a.m.n it! How can a deity be so ridiculously powerful? Three demiG.o.ds working together aren't even a match for him. Is this guy a monster?”

As he cursed, he continued to flee at high speed.

After thinking for a moment, he turned his head, feeling uneasy.

All he saw was a figure covered in a thick blood mist. His face couldn't be seen clearly as he rose from the gorge.

When he saw this figure, his pupils contracted violently. He quickly turned around and ran for his life.

However, very soon, a huge cold feeling rose in his heart. A thick aura of death surrounded him.


A piercing sound rang in his ears.


Before he could finish his words, this person had already fallen from the sky like a bird with broken wings.

A dark red spear pierced through the back of his head, killing all of his life force.


The figure wrapped in the blood mist caught up with him. With a wave of his hand, the spear and a blood-red divine spark flew back together.

A fair and slender hand reached out from the blood mist and crushed the divine spark.

Soon, the blood mist became thicker.

Then, the thick blood mist was absorbed by the figure inside like a vortex, leaving nothing behind.

The slender figure of Joelson was revealed in the blood fog.

Joelson's body was filled with brutal and cruel killing intent. His eyes were blood-red, as if he had walked out of h.e.l.l.


Joelson let out a long breath.

The blood-red color in his eyes faded bit by bit, and his aura gradually calmed down.

“The cruelty of the law of slaughter is too great an image of one's temperament. If not for the law of destruction absorbing the general power of slaughter, even I would have been lost in the endless slaughter.”

Joelson sighed softly with slight trepidation in his heart.

Over the past half a month, he had been actively searching for the slayer.


He was like a cunning and calm hunter, hunting his prey in the Land of Slaughter.

He was an expert of the divine realm or an early-stage demiG.o.d at the mid-stage of the Dao.

The power of slaughter in his body had increased by many times compared to before, and he had already condensed a divine spark.

From a certain standpoint, the current Joelson could already be considered a G.o.d.

He was a slaughter-type demiG.o.d.

However, due to his special circ.u.mstances, he still appeared to be at the divine domain level.

This had instead become a very good disguise for Joelson. During this period of time, he had used this to hunt down quite a few unwary demiG.o.ds.

Nourished by the power of slaughter, the divine spark of destruction had grown much larger.

It had grown from being the size of a sesame seed to the size of a soybean.

Its power had also increased by several times.

“Given the density of the power of slaughter in my body right now, I shouldn't be the last ten thousand eliminated from the entire Land of Slaughter, right? In addition, I've been very careful to control my divine spark of slaughter to the level of an early-stage demiG.o.d. There's no way I'll be in the top hundred.”

Joelson said to himself.

Through mutual plunder and absorption of each other's slaughter power, the rate of improvement during the battle had increased. This rate of improvement was simply too fast. In just a short span of twenty days… it had allowed him to rise from a deity who had no foundation in the laws of slaughter to a demiG.o.d.

One could imagine how terrifying this rate of growth was.

The vast majority of people felt this. After experiencing the initial shock, disbelief, and ecstasy, they would go berserk and enter a battle. They would either die and become someone else's nourishment, or their strength would skyrocket, and they would completely lose themselves in the euphoria. In the end, they would inevitably be reaped.

As he thought about this, a throb suddenly rose in his heart.

He subconsciously raised his head and saw the black and golden sun hanging high in the sky suddenly s.h.i.+ning brightly.

It spun quickly a few times, and then suddenly shot out exactly 10,000 rays of golden light.

Joelson suddenly widened his eyes and saw several rays of golden light shooting in his direction.

Breeding Dragons From Today Chapter 315 – The Day Of Selection Had Arrived

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