Supreme Crazy Wife Chapter 560 - Boss's Owner, Want to Knock? (4)

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Chapter 560: Boss’s Owner, Want to Knock? (4)

“Can’t you tell? This is the sea!” Cheng Wu gloated. Hehe, thanks to Wu Gong, he actually had the chance to taste the legendary golden sand fish. He really didn’t know if he should thank him or anger him to death!

“I know. I’m asking what you want!” Wu Gong asked fearfully. Boohoo… Couldn’t he tell that this was the sea? He wasn’t stupid!

“We’re fis.h.i.+ng,” Cheng Wu said calmly.

“Fis.h.i.+ng? Then why did you tie me up?” Wu Gong asked gloomily. He was tied up like a dumpling. He couldn’t run even if he wanted to. Boohoo… What rope was that? He couldn’t break it!

“You’re bait. What if you run away without being tied up?” Cheng Wu said matter-of-factly.

“Fish bait? What fish do you want to fish?” Wu Gong asked in disbelief. d.a.m.n it, these people actually used him as bait. Boohoo… He had a bad feeling that they weren’t catching good fis.h.!.+

“We want to fish for the golden sand fish. Have you heard of it?” Cheng Wu asked with a smile.

“Golden sand fis.h.!.+ No, I don’t want to be bait. Let go of me quickly, or I won’t let you go,” Wu Gong roared excitedly. Boohoo… Golden sand fis.h.!.+ He might not be able to fish them even if he released all his blood!

“You are now our prisoner, and you have no choice but to be willing, understand?” Cheng Wu reminded kindly. Hmph! This coward only dared to treat these Mystic masters like them. He actually didn’t even have the strength to fight back against those beasts that called themselves Miss. Mystic Supremacies! How embarra.s.sing!

“You… I’m the vice president of the Mystic a.s.sociation Headquarters. You actually dare to treat me like this. Do you still want to survive on the Boundless Heaven Continent? How ridiculous!” Wu Gong threatened without blinking.

“Haha, Little Wu Gong! Do you really think you’re still the vice president of the high and mighty Mystic a.s.sociation? You’re just our captive now,” Song Di said with a face full of mockery.

“He’s too noisy.” Leng Ruoxue narrowed her beautiful eyes with slight displeasure.

“Hehe, my young miss said you’re too noisy. Stay in the water!” Cheng Wu threw Wu Gong into the sea after speaking.

“You… I won’t let you go. Hurry up and pull me up. I don’t know how to swim!” Wu Gong kept flapping in the sea while shouting.

“Little Wu Gong, be good and learn how to swim in the sea yourself. We’ll pull you up when we catch the golden sand fis.h.!.+” Cheng Wu promised.

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to!” Wu Gong cried out in a sorry state, his voice becoming lower and lower!

“Cheng Wu, is he dead?” Leng Ruoxue couldn’t help asking curiously when she saw that Wu Gong was silent.

“Miss, a Mystic Supremacy won’t die so easily. He’s pretending to be dead!” Cheng Wu said in realization.

“Oh, Empty, why hasn’t the golden sand fish taken the bait yet? Is Wu Gong’s blood too stinky? Don’t those fish like it?” Leng Ruoxue guessed. She despised Wu Gong in her heart. Hmph! Why did he do so many bad things for no reason? He stinked the blood and didn’t even bite the fis.h.!.+

“Xue’er, you have to be patient when fis.h.i.+ng. The golden sand fish won’t be precious if it takes the bait so easily,” Empty comforted helplessly.

“Oh, fis.h.i.+ng isn’t my thing. Take your time fis.h.i.+ng. I’ll sleep for a while,” Leng Ruoxue said impatiently. She closed her eyes directly after speaking.

“There’s movement. Bring Wu Gong up quickly.” Icy, which was pretending to sleep with its eyes closed, suddenly opened them.

“Okay.” Cheng Wu hurriedly pulled the unconscious Wu Gong out of the sea when he heard Icy. After a while, the waves on the sea rolled, and huge black shadows quickly emerged from the sea…

“Hurry up and do it!” Empty hurriedly sent a voice transmission after seeing the shadows of the fish. At the same time, he released threads of mystic power in his hand and stabbed into the bodies of the fish. In the blink of an eye, he brought the fish to the surface of the sea…

“Xue’er, quickly gather the fish,” Empty ordered. At the same time, his hands did not stop! The others also mimicked Empty and condensed their mystic energy into a line, piercing into the bodies of the fish, and fished the golden sand fish up easily!

“Okay.” Leng Ruoxue had long opened her beautiful eyes and looked at the scene on the sea. At the same time, with a thought, she stored the huge fish into the bracelet…

Everyone worked together for nearly an hour, and the golden sand fish that were attracted were all in their pockets. Then everyone left this sea happily with the little peac.o.c.k…

The little peac.o.c.k brought Leng Ruoxue and the others to a remote mountain and descended.

“Master, is this place okay?” the little peac.o.c.k asked.

“Okay.” Leng Ruoxue nodded after looking around.

“These fish are really beautiful.” Leng Ruoxue took out a few golden sand fish from the bracelet and praised. The golden sand fish were very huge, about ten meters in length. Moreover, their entire body was golden, and even their eyes were golden. Uh! She really couldn’t understand why these fish liked to stay in the deep sea. Wouldn’t their golden appearance be easily discovered by enemies?

“Xue’er, these fish are very beautiful but also very fierce. Apart from the sea beasts, no creatures in the sea are their match. Moreover, they live in groups, so even sea beasts won’t provoke them easily,” she said calmly after seeing Leng Ruoxue’s thoughts.

“Oh, what do you intend to do with this fish?” Leng Ruoxue asked curiously. Uh! She didn’t want to eat fish caught with Wu Gong’s blood.

“Haha, of course we’re eating. Xue’er, don’t think too much. Golden sand fish are rare delicacies!” Empty said with a smile.

“But… I really don’t want to eat fish caught by Wu Gong as bait!” Leng Ruoxue said hesitantly.

“La.s.s, golden sand fish have to be fished with blood, so you really don’t have to care too much who you use!” the little old man comforted.

“Little Snowy, the golden sand fish are very clean, but only the smell of blood will lure them up from the bottom of the sea. In fact, they are all vegetarians,” Icy explained.

Supreme Crazy Wife Chapter 560 - Boss's Owner, Want to Knock? (4)

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