Dear Commander-in-Chief Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: Dressed Too Lowly

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“Jue is busy with work. I understand. I'll try the medicine with him as soon as possible.” Bai Mori was sensible and comforted Gong Qing's anxiety.

She seemed to be very understanding.

After seeing Gong Jue eat a sandwich half-heartedly, she immediately handed him a small brown medicine bottle.

“Jue, you have to take this medicine three times. Each time, you have to take it an hour apart.”

“How troublesome!”

Gong Jue frowned.

Three hours. It was ten o'clock.

There was still time to attend the banquet.

If Bai Mori's medicine was effective, he would have one less weakness in the future.

Then, he could be stronger and stand behind that stupid woman to protect her.

He wouldn't lose his ability to fight back and be unable to protect her because of another woman's tattered clothes.

This thought made Gong Jue determined to try the medicine as soon as possible.

He picked up the small brown medicine bottle and drained the medicine in one gulp without hesitation.

Old Master Gu didn't like to waste money. The birthday banquet was scheduled to be held at the Gu family's mansion.

He didn't invite any guests from the outside world either. He only invited the Gu family's relatives and some people from Old Madam Gu's maternal family, the Shen family. It was a complete family banquet.

11 AM.

Gu Qiqi deliberately brought Xiaobei to the Gu family's residence half an hour early.

She tied her hair into a fishbone ponytail and picked out a man's s.h.i.+rt that she had bought for Gong Jue yesterday. She changed the position of her shoulders slightly, rolled up her sleeves, and tied a belt around her waist. Miraculously, it became an especially handsome s.h.i.+rt dress.

She also wore a pair of plain sky-blue washed jeans. She looked especially energetic.

After thinking for a while, she added the pearl pin on the collar of her s.h.i.+rt, to make it look more unique and playful.

Even Xiaobei said, “Sister, I think I can smell the sea.”

Gu Qiqi laughed. “That's the smell of this Deep Sea Pearl!”

Xiaobei had also changed into his favorite white s.h.i.+rt. When the siblings walked into the Gu family's door together, it really lit up everyone's eyes.

As the servant Auntie Qiu welcomed them in and helped them place the birthday gift away, she praised, “Young Lady Qiqi, Young Master Xiao Bei, you two are like models on television. No, models aren't as beautiful as you two.”

Before Gu Qiqi could say anything…

There was a cold laugh behind her.

“After being praised by a servant who hasn't seen the world, some people won't know their surnames, right? What a country b.u.mpkin. Even if she's being kept by someone and earns some money from selling her body, so what? She's still dressed so shabbily! This is a banquet, not a big canteen in your village!”

“Sister Yuan Yuan, my older sister hasn't attended such an important occasion in Qing Cheng before. She also doesn't have an evening gown or decent jewelry. Just forgive her and give her some face, okay? There are still cousins watching her…”

Gu Yuanyuan was dressed in a grand burgundy floor-length gown. She was wearing jade jewelry around her neck and hands. Even her hair clip was filled with jade b.u.t.terflies. She looked like she was going to a socialite gathering.

Gu Xuexue followed closely behind. She was also wearing a grand gown. However, it was a white gauze skirt. It was covered in layers and looked like a small cake.

The two of them chimed in.

One was fair-skinned and the other was dark-skinned. They walked towards Gu Qiqi with guns in their hands.

Behind them were a few Gu family cousins.

The juniors who didn't know the truth believed their words when they heard them. All of them looked at Gu Qiqi with disdain.

“Tsk. Tsk. s.h.i.+rt and jeans? I reckon that the person who booked her isn't a rich person either!”

“I heard that her father is in jail? What kind of taste can a prisoner's daughter have?!”

“Let alone her younger brother. He's blind. He can't even see. What other decent clothes can he wear?!”

Dear Commander-in-Chief Chapter 298

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