Absolute Great Teacher Chapter 765: Who Says 6–Star Great Teachers Can't Be Taught A Lesson?

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Chapter 765: Who Says 6-star Great Teachers Can't Be Taught a Lesson?


Fu Yanqing had a disdainful expression, but he also felt curious in his heart and wanted to know what Sun Mo would say.

However, if there was no logic, he would lose his temper.

(I will let you know the terrifying consequences of offending a 6-star great teacher.)

“Since that ancient Battle G.o.d wants to impart his ultimate skill to a junior that's both capable in ability and wisdom, he would surely leave some clues. After all, he didn't cleave open a canyon just to prank people.”

Sun Mo smiled. “So for this stage, it's the same as the previous stages. There's also a mural.”


Someone immediately asked.

“Is it something we can only see after pa.s.sing the stage?”

Some people still believed themselves infallible, making a guess.

“You guys are thinking too much.”

Because of the ma.s.sage, the baldy was in a good mood and he also revealed a small secret. “I once cultivated here for over ten months and saw people sneakily use all sorts of methods to 'handle' the stone wall. Using water to soak it, using fire to burn it, using urine, etc. However, none of them managed to get the mural to appear.”

Upon hearing this, He Wei's sharp gaze immediately turned over.

In front of Sun Mo, he was willing to feign weakness because Sun Mo was a super large thigh and was his future. But when facing others, he wouldn't be so amiable.

When the watchdog of the Saint Gate bit people, it would bite very ferociously.

“Don't be noisy, let Great Teacher Sun speak!”

Bai Hao berated. He wanted to understand the secret of the BattleG.o.d Canyon more clearly.

“The mural is actually right before your eyes.”

Sun Mo revealed.

Some people were clueless and even stretched their hands out to grab the air. A few people were more intelligent. They followed Sun Mo's gaze over.

However, these people were only a small portion. They soon noticed the mist.

“The mist. I understand now. The mist that doesn't dissipate.”

A young man cried out excitedly like he had just discovered a new land. “So the reason why Great Teacher Sun climbed the stone wall was to view the mist from a higher angle. I think the shape of the mist must definitely be some mysterious diagram.”


Everyone looked at Sun Mo, waiting for his answer.

“You are really not bad! Great observation!”

Sun Mo praised.

The young man immediately felt agitated. He quickly bowed in delight. “Many thanks for Great Teacher Sun's praise!”

Actually, the young man had spent several months here with no harvests and he already felt quite discouraged. But Sun Mo's words caused his confidence to surge again.

After all, this was praise from G.o.d Hands.

Everyone was marveling in admiration. The ancient Battle G.o.d was truly powerful and could actually use the mist to form murals. How magical was this?

And Sun Mo actually discovered this. He was pretty amazing too.

Bai Hao revealed an ashamed look when he realized this. Now that he thought about it, it was such a foolish action back then when he had tried to stop Sun Mo.

“The flowing mist can form into various murals.”

After Sun Mo finished speaking, the audience felt their spirits stirring and wanted nothing more than to climb the wall to take a look, causing He Wei to be badly frightened.

“Let me repeat it again. Whoever damages the stone wall will be banished to the Darkness Continent. Do not disregard the rules!”

He Wei shouted loudly.

“But how can we comprehend if we don't look at the mural?”

Someone questioned.

“Can you understand it even if you look at it?”

He Wei spoke in disdain, “How many years has it been? How many people could see through the fact that the mist was the mural?”

However, he had to report this to the Saint Gate. As Sun Mo exposed this fact, more people would surely be sneakily climbing the wall.

“Great Teacher Sun, you are creating a difficult problem for me.”

He Wei bitterly smiled.

“Alright, stop the idle chat. Speak about the main point.”

Fu Yanqing urged.

“The test of this stage is to surpa.s.s oneself. No matter what method you use, as long as you can surpa.s.s yourself, you will be able to pa.s.s.”

After Sun Mo spoke, silence met his words. This was because this topic was too profound.

“Great Teacher Sun, what does this mean?”

A youth had bewilderment in his eyes.

“Simply speaking, you have to do something you weren't able to do in the past.”

“An example is this bald...eh...this brother. He used 11 months of non-stop a.s.siduous cultivation to surpa.s.s his previous limits. As for Bai Hao, Great Teacher Bai, he successfully pa.s.sed this stage through death. He gained comprehension from 'revival' and got a new understanding of himself, surpa.s.sing the old him.

“Then, let's look at Great Teacher Fu's case.”

Sun Mo glanced at Fu Yanqing. “You thought that you pa.s.sed the stage because you comprehended the sword will here, leading to your breakthrough. Actually, things were contrary. You pa.s.sed because you leveled up and achieved the condition of surpa.s.sing yourself.”

Fu Yanqing fell silent.

“If my judgment isn't wrong, back then you were surely stuck at a bottleneck for at least two years or more.”

Although Divine Sight had no way to check Fu Yanqing's data, Sun Mo dared to guarantee this.

Everyone turned to the 6-star great teacher. Although Fu Yanqing didn't reply, everyone understood that Sun Mo's guess was correct.

At this moment, Fu Yanqing had a heavy expression on his face, and a hint of admiration appeared in his heart. This was because Sun Mo was correct. But in an instant, the hint of admiration turned to helplessness and reluctance.

(The answer I originally had is actually a mistake?)

This discovery made Fu Yanqing feel very disappointed. This was especially so after he considered Sun Mo's age as well as his speed of comprehending the murals. All these caused him to be psychologically impacted.

“Each new generation excels the previous one!”

Fu Yanqing suddenly felt that he was very old and the younger generations were fearsome. He had always thought that he was in a golden age in terms of his career, but who knew that he would be defeated so badly by Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from Fu Yanqing +100. Friendly (212/1,000).

“Wow, Teacher is too impressive!”

Qin Yaoguang clapped when she saw Sun Mo speaking frankly with a.s.surance, causing Fu Yanqing to be speechless.

“That's only natural!”

Lu Zhiruo had never doubted this point.

Li Ziqi and Ying Baiwu smiled. This was something very normal, so there was no need to cheer. Because such a small scene like this was not worth it.

“I really antic.i.p.ate our teacher facing off against a secondary saint!”

Jiang Leng, who had always been a man of few words, suddenly spoke, almost scaring everyone to death.

“Are you too overly optimistic?”

Tantai Yutang's lips twitched. After that, he discovered his martial siblings glaring at him fiercely. Even the two recently joined ones were doing the same thing. Hence, he hurriedly waved his hands in apology.

“I was wrong!”

The sickly invalid mentally mused that he would go and antagonize a secondary saint tomorrow. (I wonder if Teacher would s.h.i.+eld me?)

“Great Teacher Fu, do you still have anything you want to say?”

Sun Mo asked.

Fu Yanqing actually wanted to rebut, but his rationale didn't permit him to do so. Because he was a genius and a 6-star great teacher, he immediately understood that Sun Mo was correct after his explanation.

If he continued doubting, he would be embarra.s.sing himself.

“I, Fu Yanqing, am impressed.”

Fu Yanqing clasped his fist, After that, he turned and left, no longer having any face to remain behind.


Jin Mujie took in a cold gasp of air and stared dumbfoundedly at Sun Mo. (I didn't expect that other than having beautiful bones, you also have such an outstanding brain.)

(What should I do?)

(I really want to cut your head off and soak it inside a jar, make it into a specimen and keep it as a collection forever!)

“Sun Mo!”

Gu Xiuxun flashed a thumbs-up. As for Mei Ziyu beside her, she was smiling.


Sun Mo nodded slightly, thanking everyone for their support.


“Congratulations on winning against a 6-star great teacher with a lot of people witnessing. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest.”

The system congratulated him.

Winning against a 6-star great teacher ought to be a major thing that would cause a huge commotion. However, the surrounding audience didn't care about that.

Because at this moment, the thing they were most concerned about was whether they could clear the stage or not.

“Great Teacher Sun, if I commit suicide, would I be able to pa.s.s?”

An old man clasped his fists and sought help.

“Have you not understood it yet? Committing suicide isn't a way to pa.s.s the stage. You have to surpa.s.s yourself. For many people, it would be meaningless even if they committed suicide.”

Sun Mo explained.

If banging one's head into the stone wall could make them eligible to pa.s.s, they would really be underestimating the ancient Battle G.o.d's test.

“Great Teacher Sun...for this stage, other than dying, even if we are heavily injured to the point of our limbs breaking, we won't die or suffer for real, right?”

Someone managed to grasp the main point.

“Yes. Actually, everyone standing here is a body of consciousness. Or more likely, this stage must have been constructed using a certain darkness secret art. When you pa.s.s, your original body will automatically appear in the fifth part of the canyon.”

After Sun Mo spoke, another round of exclamations rang out.

“Teacher Sun, you harmed me!”

He Wei walked over with a bitter smile on his face. “So many people will soon pa.s.s in one go. What should I do in the future?”

“Yeah, and from now onward, because of Sun Mo's guidance, the first four stages of the BattleG.o.d Canyon wouldn't be a test anymore.”

The a.s.sistant also had a bitter look on his face.

The BattleG.o.d Town was a business that belonged to the Saint Gate, so the staff would get a part of the taxes paid every year.

Just like the saying, 'a mountain dweller lives off the mountain and the sh.o.r.e dweller lives off the sea', if the cultivators who came here to comprehend the murals stayed longer, the staff would also get more money.

Unfortunately for them, Sun Mo had told everyone the 'answer', and they would be able to save three years of effort. Just by thinking about the amount of money lost, the a.s.sistant felt his heart aching.


He Wei berated. “You are really foolish. When the matters of today are leaked, what do you think those people who came here before but had no harvest would do?

“They would directly enter the fifth part of the canyon, and their distance from the BattleG.o.d Catalog would be greatly reduced. If it was you, would you come and try it?”

“That's for sure!”

The a.s.sistant nodded heavily but soon felt a headache. With more people, it also meant that the amount of work he had to do would increase.

“But do you know what I'm the most afraid of?”

He Wei kept the suspense.


The a.s.sistant was curious.

“If Great Teacher Sun directly comprehended all the murals and obtained the BattleG.o.d Catalog, wouldn't we lose our jobs?”

He Wei chortled. “After all, the legends state that if someone managed to comprehend this absolute divine art, those murals would vanish.”

“Ah? It can't be, right?”

The a.s.sistant jumped in fright. If he lost his job, how would he support his family? But after that, he felt he was too rude and hurriedly smiled apologetically at Sun Mo.

Looking at his a.s.sistant's appearance, He Wei involuntarily cursed in his heart.

(Fool, I'm just fawning over him. You even believed that?)

The BattleG.o.d Canyon had been here for tens of thousands of years. Could Sun Mo really comprehend everything just because he was here? Was he the favorite child of the heavens, hmm?

There might really be a day like that in the future when Sun Mo became an extremely famous great teacher and succeeded in getting the BattleG.o.d Catalog. However, the time was not now.

With regard to this, He Wei even dared to use his head as a bet.

“System, stop being in a daze and quickly give me the rewards. My performance this time around probably can get me a mysterious treasure chest, right?”

Sun Mo urged.

Absolute Great Teacher Chapter 765: Who Says 6–Star Great Teachers Can't Be Taught A Lesson?

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