Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 767: Slaying a God, the Soul Fruit, the Only Thing He Can Do

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Chapter 767: Slaying a G.o.d, the Soul Fruit, the Only Thing He Can Do

Terrifying energy waves came from within the palace.

Everyone in the Divine Mind Tribe could feel a seething chill spreading out from the palace, causing them to tremble.

They understood that it was the wrath of their G.o.d.

"Which imbecile has incurred the wrath of our G.o.d?"

"D*mn it. D*mn whoever that person is!"

"I hope our G.o.d will not release his anger onto us."

"Almighty G.o.d, please forgive us for our transgression."

Some started kneeling and begging for their G.o.d's mercy.

Soon after, the divine power coming from the palace disappeared. Everyone was startled at first, but they soon became overjoyed.

"We thank you, almighty G.o.d for giving us mercy."

"The grace of our almighty G.o.d is vast and great."

Everyone started singing with praise because of their G.o.d's mercy.

At this time, inside the palace.

That G.o.d, who was being praised by his people, could not help but tremble as he looked at Chu Kuangren. There was a horrified look that was never seen before on his face.

He felt that his divine power was suddenly suppressed by an even greater power, which stopped him from channeling it.

That surge of energy was just within his surroundings.

"A miniverse!"

"A Heavenly Imperial's miniverse!"

That Lesser G.o.d looked at Chu Kuangren in shock.

He did not expect to meet a Heavenly Imperial that could face against the G.o.ds. How unlucky of him?

'Aren't there only a few Heavenly Imperials?'

'How did I run into one just like that? It's too much of a coincidence.'

That Lesser G.o.d felt helpless and frustrated.

However, he was then confused.

'The Heavenly Imperial's miniverse is formed by merging Emperor qi and Daoist patterns. If that's the case, why is there no sign of Emperor qi inside this person's miniverse?'

'What the h.e.l.l is going on?'

Despite that, he had no time to figure it out.

That was because Chu Kuangren had already pointed a finger at him. With just a gentle point, a surge of freezing qi immediately erupted and landed on his chest. 

As a subordinate of the Venerable G.o.d of Ice, he was most familiar with the use of freezing qi.

However, the freezing qi had frozen the Lesser G.o.d into an ice statue.

Chu Kuangren walked to that ice statue. With mind power flowing around his fingertips, he tapped it and shattered it into pieces with a bang.

A rhombus-shaped crystal could be seen amidst the broken shards of ice.

That was the Lesser G.o.d's divine fragment.

Chu Kuangren picked it up and handed it to Greenie beside him.

Greenie took the divine fragment in a daze.

He had not recovered from what happened just now.

Not only him but everyone in the palace still had not come back to their senses as well. A G.o.d had just been killed before their eyes!

He was killed in such an effortless manner too!

"What's the fuss about? It's just me killing a G.o.d. Alright, let's go," said Chu Kuangren as he patted Greenie's shoulder.

Greenie was stunned for a while but soon followed after him.

Behind them, Cang's father and the others dared not to move at all.

After walking out from the palace, Chu Kuangren came to a place where most of the Divine Mind Tribe's mind power techniques were stored. He then took a few of the most powerful mind power techniques with him and left. He intended to focus on cultivating mind power mainly for the time being.

Hence, these mind power techniques were greatly beneficial to him as reference material.

Soon, he arrived at a forest.

There was a fruit tree inside this forest.

Several grey fruits could be seen hanging from it.

They were the second thing Chu Kuangren was after… the Soul Fruit.

The Soul Fruit was one of the Ten Great Spirit Fruits to ever exist in the Firmament Star.

This fruit had the effect of enhancing the user's soul energy, hence its name, and it was of great use to Chu Kuangren now. 

There were hundreds of guards stationed around the Soul Fruit Tree. All of them were the elites of the Divine Mind Tribe, with dozens of them possessing Sage-level mind powers and two of them having Emperor-level mind powers.

The Soul Spirit Tree was a place of high importance to the Divine Mind Tribe. After all, strengthening one's soul energy was akin to increasing the power of their mind power. A single Soul Fruit was enough to turn someone into a Mind Power Grandmaster.

Besides that, the Soul Fruits were an important offering for the G.o.ds. The Soul Fruit Tree would only be ripe with fruit every ten thousand years. Every time, it would only produce ninety-nine Soul Fruits every time, whereby ninety of them would be used as offerings to the G.o.ds.

"Cang? What are you doing here?"

"You're not supposed to be here. Get out!"

The guards shouted at Chu Kuangren.

However, Chu Kuangren ignored them and merely raised his hand. In an instant, hundreds of guards were sent flying by an invisible force.

Chu Kuangren then casually strolled toward the Soul Fruit Tree.

Using his mind power, he plucked all the fruits one by one.

"Hey, Greenie, do you have a Yin and Yang ring with you?" Chu Kuangren looked at Greenie carrying the divine fragment and a pile of books in his hands. His hands were so occupied that his sword was clamped between his elbow and waist.

Greenie was a little confused. "Yin and Yang ring? What is that?"

Chu Kuangren then looked into his memories.

From Cang's memories, he did not find anything that resembled a Yin and Yang ring.

It has not been invented in this era yet.

Not only the Yin and Yang ring, but alchemy, formation techniques, runes, and many other accompanying techniques for cultivation were still in their beginning stages at that time.

Chu Kuangren started to think. Since there was no Yin and Yang ring, he found a sack nearby and tossed all the Soul Fruits into it.

Greenie was stunned when he saw this. These Soul Fruits were precious items to the Divine Mind Tribe, yet Chu Kuangren merely treated them like normal fruits, tossing them all into the sack.

After taking the cultivation techniques and Soul Fruits, Chu Kuangren left the Divine Mind Tribe with Greenie. Along the way, countless religious fanatics had tried to seek revenge from him after learning that he killed a G.o.d.

"You blasphemous b*stard, your death will certainly be a painful one."

"Put down the Soul Fruits now."

"You *sshole, how dare you treat these divine fruits as such? You deserved to be tortured by a thousand cuts."

Chu Kuangren did not bother with the verbal abuse and accusations that his fellow tribe members threw at him. He merely ignored them and acted as if nothing bad had happened.

Some who seek revenge from him were immediately crushed into dust by his mind power before they could even get close.

"Do you regret it, Greenie?"

Chu Kuangren looked at Greenie, who looked uneasy, and asked.

Greenie, having grown up here, had now betrayed the Divine Mind Tribe with him. As such, he was worried that Greenie might feel burdened.

Greenie shook his head and replied, "I've been on my own my whole life. Following you is my only choice, Young Master. I do not regret in the slightest."

When he was very young, Greenie's parents were killed for defying the G.o.ds' command. Hence, he did not like the G.o.ds.

In fact, he secretly rejected his tribe, who wors.h.i.+pped the G.o.ds, even more.

He also thought of leaving long ago.

"Then again, are you really the Young Master?"

Greenie looked at Chu Kuangren and asked.

No matter how unperceptive he was, he also felt the changes with Chu Kuangren. The change from being a bullied Young Master to easily killing a deity in just a couple of months was simply unbelievable.

"As long as you let me, I'll always be your Young Master."

Chu Kuangren looked at Greenie and chuckled.

Greenie looked at Chu Kuangren and saw the sincerity in his eyes. There was also no hostility from him at all.

In the end, he tossed away his doubts.

No matter how much he had changed, he was still his Young Master. His only choice now was to follow this man in front of him.

The two of them soon left the Divine Mind Tribe.

Meanwhile, news of the G.o.d's death had reached the G.o.dly Mountain.

Inside the G.o.dly Mountain, the Venerable G.o.d of Ice became interested upon receiving the news. "A mere human that received my Frost Seal Mark can now kill a G.o.d? Interesting, very interesting."

News soon spread from the G.o.dly Mountain.

Now, Cang's name was on the G.o.ds' blacklist.

After all, not many in this era dared to kill a G.o.d.

Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 767: Slaying a God, the Soul Fruit, the Only Thing He Can Do

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