Fantasy Simulator Chapter 101 – Return

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Chapter 101: Chapter 101 – Return

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A searing hot feeling filled Chen Heng's mind.

His body was wracked with immense pain, and a strange dizzying sense filled his brain.

If it was just physical pain, it would not be a big deal. After all, with Chen Heng's willpower, mere physical pain was not a big deal.

What was excruciating was the mental pain.

Chen Heng had much experience with physical pain, and through his training and experiences, he had become quite used to it.

However, it was the first time that he had endured such immense mental pain before.

An incredibly intense pain spread out, and he felt a ma.s.sive hammer had smashed into his brain. It was suffocatingly painful, and he felt as if his mind was going to explode.

A hazy feeling spread out, and he almost lost consciousness.

Fortunately, in the end, Chen Heng was able to endure it.

After enduring the worst of the pain, it quickly dissipated.

“Mind appraisal complete…” a strange voice sounded in his mind. This voice was hoa.r.s.e and low, like an old man was speaking.

Hearing this voice, Chen Heng instinctively frowned, and before he could react, he sensed a change.

Large amounts of information quickly flooded into his mind, making his mind hazy.

This kind of feeling was quite special. Chen Heng even temporarily forgot about the pain in the body and was completely lost in the feeling.

Only after a while did he come back to his senses and go through the information in his mind.

In his mind was a Mental Meditation Technique.

Through the Mental Meditation Technique, one could use one's mind to simulate runes and create Rune Seeds, improving their Mental Seed…

After the Rune Meditation was completed, using one's mental energy to capture an Energy Seed and fuse it into one's body using special techniques, one could create a Magic Seed…

Various traces of information flashed in Chen Heng's mind.

After a while, he came back to his senses!


This was the legacy of a Sorcerer.

What Chen Heng did not expect was that within this historical remnant, he did not obtain information about Sorcerers and had instead obtained something much more valuable, the legacy of a Sorcerer.

According to the information, Rune Meditation was the foundation for a Sorcerer and the beginning of everything.

The ma.s.sive mental pressure that Chen Heng had faced before was a test.

Only those with strong mental energy and willpower could take that first step, which was meditation.

If one's mind was not tough enough, when one touched the crystal ball, one would die from that mental pressure.

In other words, for Chen Heng to be able to pa.s.s the crystal ball's test and obtain this information, it meant that he had a sufficiently strong mind.

“A test for the mind…” Chen Heng felt quite surprised.

Including the previous simulations, he had lived many lives by now.

These many lives had given him much experience, as well as had greatly sharpened his mind.

Perhaps this was why he had been able to pa.s.s this test.

He began to go through more of the information in his mind.

The information seemed deeply-etched in his mind, as if it was carved there; he could not forget it even if he wanted to.

“What a convenient skill…” Chen Heng felt both amazed and wary.

The information told him that this skill had the chance to deal permanent mental damage to the user.

In other words, the more one used this skill, the higher chance that the user could become mentally disabled.


Fortunately, even though Chen Heng's physical strength was almost gone, his mind was still quite strong.

“Let's try this out.” Chen Heng did not hesitate and sat down cross-legged as he began to try it out.

He started to try to sense his mental energy, but he could not do so.

Sensing one's mental energy required one to do so in a calm manner within a stable environment. Chen Heng did not have any of these right now.

He was currently heavily injured and the pain from his body and mind spread, disturbing his consciousness and making it so that he could not fully go into meditation.

Moreover, he did not have much time left.

After trying it out a bit, Chen Heng opened his eyes in frustration and walked out.

He did not have much time left and could die at any moment.

If Chen Heng was not a Great Knight and had extreme control over his body, he would not have been able to move since long ago, and he could only lie on the ground and wait for death.

He used his last bit of strength to go outside and bury Krudo's body, and he made a simple gravestone for him before collapsing.


Two mighty Knights lay on the ground together.

However, while Chen Heng could bury Krudo's body; he could not do the same for himself.


“The simulation has concluded…”

“Calculating final score…”

“You killed many people… as well as saved many people… You changed many people's destinies: Many people who should have died, lived. Many people who should have lived, died…

“You were a mighty King and a flawless Knight…

“Overall evaluation: Excellent.

“Calculation concluded. Your final Points score: 3,210…”

Many lines appeared before Chen Heng's eyes.

Within the silent room, Chen Heng slowly opened his eyes.

Chen Heng looked around at the familiar room, but after everything that had happened, it was unavoidable that it felt a bit strange.

It had only been a short amount of time in the real world, but for Chen Heng, he had gone through many decades.

He had lived for longer than he had in the real world.

As such, it was only natural that things would feel quite strange.

However, it didn't matter; he would be able to readjust with a bit of time.

Thinking to there, Chen Heng looked ahead of him.

The lines of words had disappeared, and they had been replaced by a ma.s.sive prize wheel. It was the same as the first time.

“It's this thing again,” Chen Heng thought to himself, and he did not hesitate to spin it.

Jue like he had expected, he had received much in this simulation. He had obtained more than 3,000 points, which was about 30 times what he had obtained the first time.

With so many Points, it would not be a big deal to spin the wheel a few times.

20 Points were deducted, and the pointer began to spin before slowing down and stopping.

“You have obtained: Knight Kailin's Knight talent…”


Words appeared before his eyes.

Knight Talent?

He could obtain this too?

Chen Heng immediately thought of the explanation he had read the first time: it said that he could obtain items, talents, bloodlines, and skills.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 101 – Return

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