Fantasy Simulator Chapter 102 – Real World

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Chapter 102: Chapter 102 – Real World

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The prize wheel could not only give skills but could also directly give him his peak status in the simulation. It could also give bloodlines, const.i.tutions, and items from that world.

As such, it seemed that Knight Talent was covered within that.

It was just how would it manifest in the real world? And what use would it have?

Was it telling Chen Heng to cultivate the Knights Breathing Technique in the real world? Chen Heng had no plans to do so.

He had experienced the disadvantages of the Knights Breathing Technique. It greatly shortened one's lifespan and damaged one's body.

In this respect, the Knights Breathing Technique could not compare to the Body Forging Techniques in the real world.

At the very least, from what Chen Heng knew, the Body Forging Techniques not only strengthened one's body but could also lengthen one's lifespan. The Knights Breathing Technique was the opposite; the more one used it, the shorter one's lifespan would be.

It was fine to use it in the simulation, as it was not his real body; it did not matter much if he did not live as long.

However, Chen Heng did not want to die early in the real world.

It was as if the simulation could tell what Chen Heng was thinking, and rows of words appeared before him.

“If you choose to manifest it, it will be changed based on the differences in the worlds and be made more suitable to the current world.

“If you choose not to manifest it, you can seal it and manifest it in a simulation…”

Seeing these words, Chen Heng was quite surprised, “This is possible as well?”

It seemed that the prizes from the prize wheel did not have to be manifested in the real world; they could also be used in another simulation.

However, apart from some skills and items, when most other things were manifested in other worlds, they had to be changed to suit the rules of the world.

“So it's like that…” Chen Heng understood the rules now.

“Looks like this is actually quite good…” Chen Heng thought to himself.

Based on the simulation description, purchasing Knight Talent required at least 100 Points.

This Knight Talent that Chen Heng had drawn could be saved and used the next time he went into the Sorcerer World.

This meant that he had used 20 Points to draw something that he would have had to spend at least 100 Points for.

In other words, he did not make a loss and instead profited.

After thinking this, Chen Heng looked up at the prize wheel again.

Just like last time, the second spin required 40 Points.

However, for Chen Heng and his 3,000 or so Points, that was not a big deal, so he chose to spin again.

40 Points were deducted and the large prize wheel began to spin again before slowly stopping.

“You have obtained: Knight Kailin's Knight Basic Body Forging Technique…”

Body Forging Technique? And only Basic?

Chen Heng frowned.

The words 'Basic' at the front meant that he could only obtain his attainments and cultivation in the Basic Body Forging Technique.

However, that was useless to Chen Heng, as he was already at Basic Body Forging Completion.

After this simulation, he had gained a deeper understanding of the Basic Body Forging, but it was not worth manifesting again.

However, according to the rules, he could save this for now and use it when he entered his next simulation.

Thinking to there, Chen Heng also saved this reward.

On the prize wheel, a card appeared next to another card.

After the second spin, the required Points increased to 80 Points.

Chen Heng did not hesitate to spin again.

The prize wheel once again spun before stopping.

“You have obtained: Knight Kailin's personal sword…”


Before Chen Heng could react, he felt a heaviness in his hand as a sword appeared in his hand.

The sword was a silver-white color and had a black sheath. It looked quite luxurious and just from a glance, one could tell that it was not ordinary.

This was Silver Splendor, a sword that Chen Heng had master blacksmiths forge when he had become king.

The sword used a large amount of precious materials and took a few master blacksmiths to craft together, and it was worth more than entire cities.

It could be said that if he was willing to sell this sword, it would sell for an astronomical price.

However, spending 80 Points for this sword?

Chen Heng shook his head and silently put the sword down and stored it away.

Spending 80 Points for a sword was a bit of a loss, but there was nothing he could do about it.

That was how gachas worked: sometimes you won, and sometimes you lost.


Drawing this sword was not too bad; at least he could sell it for money.

He did not know if it would be as precious as it was in the simulation.

Stroking this sword, he suddenly thought to himself—was the world he had gone to a real world?

Back then, he had thought that the simulation was just a simulation and was not a real world.

However, now, something corporeal from the simulation had appeared in his hand.

This made him reevaluate his thoughts.

As Chen Heng thought to himself, words appeared before his eyes.

“Apart from some special worlds, the simulation worlds are just like the real world…”

Chen Heng stared and thought of the things he had gone through, as well as those familiar faces, and he could not help but silently close his eyes.

“So it was all real…”


He thought to himself, feeling quite complicated.

He thought back to Verna, Krudo, and the various other people, and he could not help but feel quite complicated.

Before, he had thought that those people did not actually exist and were just part of the simulation.

However, it seemed that those people were all real existences, and their world was just as real as Chen Heng's own world.

Perhaps after Chen Heng's body in the simulation died, many of the people Chen Heng knew were still living in that world.

There were also his children and old friends…

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 102 – Real World

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