Fantasy Simulator Chapter 104 – Problems

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Chapter 104: Chapter 104 – Problems

As he walked, Liu Xin instinctively felt that something was off.

He looked up and ahead. Ahead was a wide alley with no one else around.

At the entrance of the alley, a young man stood there. He had handsome looks and a tall and straight figure. He had an air of steadiness that did not match his age, as well as a sense of calmness and dignity that made him difficult to forget.

He stood there with his arms crossed. His expression was calm as he stared at Liu Xin.

“What's going on?” Sensing the young man's gaze, Liu Xin's expression greatly changed.

As a fighter specially trained by the Liu family, he had systematically trained in tracking someone before, and he had even cultivated a secret technique for it.

Even though he was not a professional, surely he would not be detected by a mere high schooler.

“Uncle you've tailed me for a while. Just what do you want?” Looking at Liu Xin, Chen Heng's expression was calm as he smiled to try to lower the other person's wariness.

“I'm not a girl, so there's no point flirting with me, right?” He was smiling on the inside while a hostile feeling welled up with him.

From his instincts gained over decades in the simulation, he had almost instinctively drawn his sword to capture this fellow.

Fortunately, he had quickly controlled himself.

This was not the dangerous Sorcerer World but the orderly real world.

In this world, just like in Chen Heng's previous life, he could not kill as he pleased.

It was better to resolve matters without fighting or killing.

“Boy, your luck isn't good.”

Liu Xin came back to his senses and gave a savage look, “Someone paid me money to teach you a lesson.”

Even though he did not understand how this boy had discovered him, since things had come to this, he might as well pretend to be a hooligan who wanted a fight.

In the end, as long as he beat up this fellow, he would complete his mission.

Thinking to there, he directly rushed up and punched out.

In order to prevent this punch from crippling Chen Heng, he had purposefully held back so he did not go too far. Otherwise, it would be difficult to answer to the little miss.

Looking at this punch, Chen Heng only raised his eyebrows.

The punch quickly descended, but it did not come into contact with him as Liu Xin wished.

A slender palm stretched out and tightly grabbed Liu Xin's fist.

“I was stopped?” Looking at the hand that was grabbed by Chen Heng, Liu Xin felt quite shocked, but his savage expression did not change, and he instead used more power.

50%, nothing happened… 70%, Chen Heng still did not budge.

“You forced me to this!” A bad feeling welled up in Liu Xin's heart as the veins on his arm bulged as his power exploded out.

However, nothing changed.

In front of him, Chen Heng continued to tightly grip his fist, no matter how much strength he used.

Standing there, Chen Heng did not move at all, and the friendly smile remained on his face as he blocked Liu Xin's fist with a single hand.

Liu Xin did not move. It was not that he did not want to move but that he could not.

His hand that was grabbed by Chen Heng felt as if it was weighed down by a ma.s.sive mountain. He could not move it at all, no matter how much he struggled.

He tried to use his other hand to punch Chen Heng to force him away.

However, no matter what he did, it was as if Chen Heng could see the future and easily dodged all of his attacks.

This kind of performance caused his scalp to feel numb and for cold sweat to drip down his back.

“This…” In front of him, Chen Heng was still smiling, looking quite friendly. It was just that being stared at by him, Liu Xin did not dare to move.

Now, he realized that he had kicked a steel board.

This young man in front of him was no unremarkable high schooler! He was a wolf in sheep's clothing!

It seemed that there was a reason why the little miss was friends with this person. It was not as the young master had thought, that she was being tricked by this person.

What made him feel confused was that despite having such strength at such a young age, what was this person doing in a small place like this?

For a young man to have such strength at such a young age, he would definitely be called a genius and a precious seedling, and he would be sent to special places to cultivate.

All kinds of thoughts flashed in Liu Xin's mind as he had a bad premonition.

However, different from what he thought, Chen Heng did not attack him.

“Somewhat told you to teach me a lesson?”

Chen Heng smiled as he asked, “Can you tell me who it is? I haven't offended anyone before, so surely there's no reason why anyone would want to treat me like this.”

In response to this question, Liu Xin refused to answer and prepared himself for a beating.

Chen Heng shook his head and said, “Forget it, if you don't want to tell me, that's fine. However, don't do this sort of thing in the future. There isn't much future in helping others beat up people, and it's easy for you to get in trouble, like right now… Alright, you can go.”

He waved his hand and turned and left.

Looking at Chen Heng's departing figure, Liu Xin was completely dumbfounded.

“You're just leaving like this?”

“What else am I meant to do?”

Chen Heng shrugged, “Beating up others is wrong, but I don't want to take revenge on you either, so what can I do?”

Liu Xin fell silent.

After becoming used to battles on another level, he had forgotten that this young man was just a high schooler.

However, despite being just a high schooler, that magnanimity and charisma, as well as strength, were not things that an ordinary high schooler should have.

Compared to others, he seemed to have a pure aura.

Thinking about what Chen Heng had said, Liu Xin felt a bit touched and complicated.

After a while, he looked at Chen Heng's disappearing figure before shaking his head and leaving.

After Liu Xin left, Chen Heng once again walked out of the alley.

Looking at Liu Xin's departing figure, he shook his head.

“How troublesome.” The difference in environment made Chen Heng greatly regulate how he acted.

If this was the simulation world, based on what the other person had done, Chen Heng at least would have captured him to interrogate him or chopped him up and fed him to the wolves.

However, he could not do this in the real world.

Killing people was against the law, and he would at least have to give the other side compensation.

As for beating up that side to vent his anger, he was not so bored as to do that.

Moreover, if he guessed correctly, that person was most likely connected to Liu Yi.

Even though this world had many martial artists, Chen Heng had never encountered something like this before.

It had only happened recently.

He had come into contact with Liu Yi and received a Solid Rock Body Forging Technique, and now this had happened.

Chen Heng could not help but link these two things together.

This person was most likely someone related to Liu Yi, and they had some reason to attack him.

However, based on the strength that person had used, he did not seem to have any killing intent, or else Chen Heng would not have taken things so lightly.

As for if he was sent by someone else, that likelihood was quite low.

That middle-aged man was quite strong, and even though he could not compare to Chen Heng, he would still be considered powerful within a small place like Lin City. He definitely was not some thug.

“Looks like there are going to be more and more problems.”

Chen Heng shook his head before leaving.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 104 – Problems

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