Fantasy Simulator Chapter 106 – Happily Talking

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Chapter 106: Chapter 106 – Happily Talking

“Here's a letter for you.”

A letter lay on an otherwise-empty table.

It was not just Fang Jingxuan; even the people around her were not surprised by this kind of thing anymore.

“Who is it from?” sitting beside Fang Jingxuan, a delicate and pretty girl in a dress asked out of curiosity.

“It seems to be a boy from Cla.s.s 1-9. His looks were quite good and he was very polite,” Kong Yi thought before replying.

“He asked me to give this letter to you before leaving,” she said, before adding, “That boy was quite tall and seemed quite different from other people.”

“How was he different?” another girl asked out of curiosity.

“He seemed very clean.”

Kong Yi thought before repeating, “That's right, clean. He had good looks and his aura gave off a sense of cleanliness.”

Thinking about that boy from before, it was quite difficult to forget him.

After being deskmates with Fang Jingxuan for so long, she had become used to things like this.

Beautiful and wonderful things often attracted people, and many people had fallen for the beautiful Fang Jingxuan at first glance.

Of those people, many people had wanted to get closer to Fang Jingxuan through Kong Yi.

There were many people who had asked her to deliver letters for them.

However, it was a pity that even though there were so many people chasing Fang Jingxuan, none of them had succeeded.

Fang Jingxuan was not interested in any of those people. Even though she was polite, it was evident that she kept them at arm's length.

Because of this, many people had felt depressed before.

Over the years, Kong Yi had seen many boys.

Most of Fang Jingxuan's admirers were boys from school, and some were from other schools. Among them, most of them were quite strange, and some were quite outstanding.

After spending much time sitting with Fang Jingxuan, her standards had also increased.

Boys who normal people considered outstanding were just so-so in her eyes.

However, that boy today was not the same as the others.

Even though his looks were good, they were not that incredible.

However, his aura was incredibly unique. It seemed both dignified and gentle, and it gave off a sense of honesty and cleanness.

This made her remember him.

“That's right, he's still outside; do you want to meet him?” Kong Yi thought before asking Fang Jingxuan.

Hearing this, Fang Jingxuan did not react too much and only nodded.

She walked out from the cla.s.sroom in her white dress.

The sunlight outside s.h.i.+ned on her body, illuminating her features, making it seem as if she was glowing.

Under the sunlight, her white dress fluttered, making her look like a G.o.ddess as she walked out.

Outside, a boy was standing there.

Compared to Fang Jingxuan, the boy was dressed quite simply; he was just wearing the simple school uniform, which, combined with his handsome looks, gave a unique sense.

Under the sunlight, the young man was smiling, as if he was filled with optimism towards life. He gave off a calm and natural feeling.

That unique aura and calm demeanor made Fang Jingxuan, who was used to seeing outstanding peers, stop and stare.

“h.e.l.lo,” she politely said.

“h.e.l.lo, my name is Chen Heng.”

The young man introduced himself as he gave an apologetic smile, “I'm sorry for disturbing you… I originally did not want to disturb you, but it seems that I have. I apologize for that.”

Fang Jingxuan stared for a moment before smiling and saying, “It's fine.”

She looked quite friendly and did not seem as unapproachable as other people thought.

Chen Heng chatted with her for a while, and the discussion was quite pleasant.

“There are some things that can be sent by proxy, but there is something that I wanted to personally give you.” Chen Heng smiled as he took out a letter from his bag and earnestly held it out.

Looking at him like this, Fang Jingxuan opened her mouth, wanting to say something but stopped herself.

“Don't worry,” Chen Heng smiled as he said, “I know what you're thinking.

“Cla.s.smate Fang, you're destined not to stay here for long and will leave for better places. As such, before that, you don't want to get too involved with other people…

“I believe that it's not because you look down on others or that you're not willing, but rather, you don't want to get close to people and then be separated soon. This would hurt others and also waste your own time… Is that it?”

Fang Jingxuan stared at Chen Heng, feeling quite surprised.

What Chen Heng had said was indeed what she thought.

It was just that in the past, she had never said this to anyone before.

Everyone else thought that it was just because her background was good and that she had good talent that she did not think that most boys were good enough.

Only those who were truly close to her would know that this was not the case. It was because she did not want to hurt others that she refused everyone.

Since she would not be here for long, what need was there to start anything?

This was what she thought, and very few people knew.

Chen Heng was not familiar with her, and yet he could guess what she was thinking.

Looking at the surprised Fang Jingxuan, Chen Heng only smiled.

In his previous life, even though he had not interacted with Fang Jingxuan in high school, afterwards, he had some interaction with her, so he knew a bit about her.

This was a good opportunity to use this information.

“Your thinking is very good and kind. I didn't come for anything else.”

Chen Heng's expression was sincere as he spoke slowly, “In actuality, if it wasn't for the fact that we were going to go our own separate ways, I wouldn't have done this.

“It's just that some things should be done, or else there will be no conclusion. As such, I'm here before you.”

Speaking to there, he smiled, “I'm very happy to have been able to meet you.”

“I feel the same.”

Looking at Chen Heng's sincere expression, Fang Jingxuan felt a bit touched and smiled, “Before you came today, I had never thought that there would be someone in the school who understood me so much. I am also quite happy to meet you.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled, and they felt a sense of closeness.

Following this, they strolled to the exercise field and calmly chatted.

On the way, they talked about a lot, from cultivation to life, to the economy, as well as many other things.

During this whole time, Fang Jingxuan felt quite shocked.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 106 – Happily Talking

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