Fantasy Simulator Chapter 111 – Change In Treatment

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Chapter 111: Chapter 111 – Change in Treatment

Time gradually pa.s.sed.

Even though his injuries were not serious, under Chen Jing's insistence, Chen Heng stayed in hospital for a few days.

Soon, his mother w.a.n.g Li hurried over.

Just like Chen Jing, she chided Chen Heng for his stupidity.

At the same time, she was very shocked about her son's performance.

“When did this start?”

Looking at Chen Heng, she and Chen Jing asked, “Since you were already so powerful, why didn't you tell us?”

Chen Heng remained silent for a while before embarra.s.sedly telling them about his reason.

“Just for a girl?”

After hearing Chen Heng's reason, w.a.n.g Li was dumbfounded. She pointed at Chen Heng, so angry that her body trembled.

If it wasn't for the fact that Chen Heng was a patient in hospital and was wounded all over his body, she might have beat him up.

“Do you know what you've missed out on?”

w.a.n.g Li became incredibly animated, “Your father and I get up early and work late just to earn some more money so we can support you to do well in life.

“But you! Body Forging Completion! Do you know how much you've been holding yourself back?!”

If he had revealed this earlier, they would not have had to worry about his future at all; rather, there would have been people taking the initiative to offer the best resources and services.

However, he had wasted all of this.

To w.a.n.g Li, Chen Heng's actions were essentially taking his future as a joke, and he had wasted great opportunities.


Looking at Chen Heng lying on the bed, she felt quite angry and did not know what to say.

Setting himself back for someone else; this was completely incomprehensible to her.

After getting over her anger, she could only sigh and say, “Don't do this kind of stupid thing in the future. Also, you're not allowed to do what you did before again. Even if you want to protect others, there should be a limit. What would your father and I do if something happened to you?”

She sat there and muttered for a while before leaving temporarily.

Only after w.a.n.g Li left did Chen Jing come in.

“The old lady's gone?” she asked as she looked around Chen Heng's room.

“Mm, she already left,” Chen Heng gave a wry smile as he nodded.

“The treatment that geniuses receive is indeed different,” Chen Jing said as she looked around, “Taking a whole room for yourself; ordinary people aren't treated like this.”

“Indeed,” Chen Heng said as he smiled.

It was evident just how much his status had increased after he had shown his strength.

After that matter was spread, not only was he treated well in hospital, many of his friends and cla.s.smates pa.s.sionately came to visit him.

Moreover, despite staying here for so long, the hospital cancelled all of his hospital bills, saying that it was his reward for his heroic deed.

Even Teacher Liu Lin had come, saying that the school had decided to reward his outstanding actions with a prize of $100,000.

Moreover, the government was also giving him a large prize.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Heng had gone from being an ordinary person to somewhat of a celebrity.

However, that was indeed the case.

“You have no idea how famous you are right now.”

Chen Jing sat by the bed and peeled an apple for Chen Heng as she said, “Everyone knows about what happened that day, that there is a student who is at Body Forging Completion but hid it for many years because of the person he likes…”

Speaking to there, her expression became a bit complicated as she looked at Chen Heng, not sure what to say, “My friends all know about it too and are always demanding to meet you. Seriously…”

She shook her head, not knowing what to say.

Hearing Chen Jing's words, Chen Heng was not that surprised.

After all, this was a modern society, and news spread quickly.

With the status of martial artists in this world, as well as such a cheesy story, it would be strange if this matter did not spread quickly.

From their reactions, it seemed that the whole school probably knew about this by now.

After chatting for a while, the sound of the door being knocked could be heard.

A girl wearing a white dress appeared at the door, and looking at Chen Heng and Chen Jing, she paused for a moment.

Her looks were quite delicate and beautiful, but her face was a bit pale and seemed a bit weak.

It was Fang Jingxuan.

After a few days, she looked much better than before, but her face still looked a bit pale.

Behind her were a middle-aged man and woman.

Looking at these two middle-aged people, Chen Heng was a bit surprised and quickly recognized them.

They were Fang Jingxuan's parents, and Chen Heng had occasionally met them in his previous life.

Fang Jingxuan's father looked like a gentlemanly middle-aged man and he politely smiled as he nodded at Chen Heng and Chen Jing, “h.e.l.lo. Apologies for disturbing you.”

“Young man, hopefully we didn't disrupt your rest,” he said as he smiled, seeming quite friendly.

Following this, they sat down around Chen Heng's bed and began to chat with him.

Fang Jingxuan's father was called Fang Lue. From Chen Heng's impression, he seemed to be a real estate mogul and was very wealthy but very polite.

He was filled with grat.i.tude towards what Chen Heng had done.

“That person is most likely an enemy of mine and did this to get back at me. Thank you for your help, or else, Jingxuan…” looking at Chen Heng, Fang Lue sighed.

On the side, Fang Jingxuan's mother, a luxuriously-dressed woman, pa.s.sionately talked with Chen Jing.

After talking for a while, they left.

Before leaving, in order to express their grat.i.tude, Fang Lue left behind some money as thanks.

Following this, only Chen Heng and Fang Jingxuan were left in the room.

They stayed silent for a while, not saying anything.

“Thank you for before…” only after a long while did Fang Jingxuan speak again, thanking Chen Heng.

Chen Heng smiled, “It's fine. It's what I should have done. In that situation, anyone who had the power to stop him would have chosen to do so; that's just basic morality.”

“But in the end, only you came to help me,” Fang Jingxuan said as she smiled, “When did you reach that point?”

Now, she asked what she was curious about the most.

Since when did Chen Heng have this strength?

“A while ago,” Chen Heng smiled, “I've been at this point for about one or two years.”

“So it's like that…” Fang Jingxuan sighed.

One or two years ago…

In other words, back in the first or second year of high school, when she was doing her best to improve her qi blood by even a bit, Chen Heng had already reached Body Forging Completion.

This difference was evident, as well as very cruel.

Why was the difference between people so big?

In the past, Fang Jingxuan had always thought that her talent was quite good. Even in large cities, there would not be many people of similar age who could compare to her.

However, looking at Chen Heng, she took a big blow to her confidence.

He had an ordinary background and did not have the resources she had. He did not have a personal tutor, and he had relied on himself to obtain his cultivation. And yet, he had reached this kind of level by himself at such an age.

If this wasn't a genius, who was?

Thinking to there, she could not help but sigh and did not know what to say.

After a while, she looked up at Chen Heng and asked, “About that… is it true?”

She looked Chen Heng in the eyes as she once again asked, “Did you really, because of me…”


Chen Heng straightforwardly admitted it, and he smiled as he said, “But it's not a big deal, and you don't have to feel much pressure… that was my own decision and had nothing to do with you.”

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 111 – Change In Treatment

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