Fantasy Simulator Chapter 112 – Solid Rock School

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Chapter 112: Chapter 112 – Solid Rock School

“It's just that, why…” looking at Chen Heng, Fang Jingxuan could not help but ask.

Chen Heng's gaze was calm as he thought to himself. After figuring out an answer, he said, “I don't know… sometimes, when you do something, you don't know why either; it is just instinct.

“For me, to be able to watch you from a corner, that is a kind of happiness in itself.”

Chen Heng gave a bright smile as he said, “I like you, but I hope that you don't feel any pressure, nor do I want you to feel troubled. That's why I chose not to say anything.

“Rather, as long as I could see you every day and hear your voice, that was enough.

“I didn't want things to be like this.”

Chen Heng's expression was sincere as he spoke haltingly, acting like an incredibly pure young man.

Hearing Chen Heng's words, Fang Jingxuan fell silent and her gaze became complicated.

No matter how mature she was, she was only just a young girl, and hearing that someone had done something like this for her, she could not help but feel touched.

“Sorry for making you feel troubled,” Chen Heng said apologetically as he did his best to sit up, “I know that I'm not someone who you would like.

“I know that I'm not good enough for you, but I didn't want to be someone who you would not even remember, so I decided to tell you about my feelings. However, I don't expect an answer.”

Chen Heng's voice was low and gentle, making Fang Jingxuan feel more and more complicated.

“Alright.” Looking at Fang Jingxuan like this, Chen Heng smiled and said, “I should rest. After talking so much, I'm a bit tired.”

As he spoke, his face became a bit red, as if he was embarra.s.sed.

In actuality, to Chen Heng, these words were quite cringey.

However, in order to cover himself and put on a good act, he had tried incredibly hard in every respect.

Hearing Chen Heng's words, Fang Jingxuan smiled and nodded before leaving.

After reaching the door, she hesitated before turning and asking softly, “We'll still be friends, right?”

Hearing this, Chen Heng stared for a moment before nodding and smiling, “Of course.”

Fang Jingxuan smiled and walked out.

“How was it?” Fang Jingxuan's parents were waiting outside, and seeing Fang Jingxuan walk out, they could not help but ask.

Fang Jingxuan's expression was complicated and she only nodded.

“He's quite a good boy and has liked you for such a long time; this is quite rare,” Fang Jingxuan's mother said quite pa.s.sionately, “If you don't dislike him, perhaps you can try it out. After all, young people should try out romance a bit.”

“Mum, didn't you say I shouldn't date early?” Fang Jingxuan said.

“Well I obviously don't want you to miss out either.”

Looking at the mother and daughter, Fang Lue shook his head and said, “Alright, alright. Feelings can't be forced, so we'll let Jingxuan decide this for herself.”

He smiled before turning and walking out.

Time gradually pa.s.sed.

Only after three days was Chen Heng discharged, and he returned to school.

He found that there were great changes, mostly in the att.i.tudes of the people around him.

As he walked, many people would come over to enthusiastically talk to him, and many people would stare at him afar, wanting to come close but not daring to.

It was as if Chen Heng had become a celebrity in the school all of a sudden.

However, Chen Heng did not pay much mind to this, and continued going to as usual.

Moreover, Liu Yi had also come to find Chen Heng and asked him to officially join the Solid Rock School, and she offered great terms.

Chen Heng could tell that Liu Yi did not seem to want to do this; it was most likely that cold-looking man who had told her to do this.

In order to get Chen Heng to join, they had offered him incredibly good terms.

In response, Chen Heng stated that he would have to properly think about it and did not give an answer for now.

However, in reality, he was already leaning towards agreeing to Liu Yi and joining the Solid Rock School.

The reason was quite simple: He had practiced the Solid Rock Body Forging Technique in the simulation world for a long time, and he was only a single step away from reaching Completion.

With this experience, if Chen Heng did not cultivate the Solid Rock Body Forging Technique in the real world, it would be a great waste.

Since he was going to cultivate the Solid Rock Body Forging Technique, joining the Solid Rock School would make things easier for him, as well as help him obtain further Body Forging Techniques.

If he joined another School but cultivated the Solid Rock School's Body Forging Technique, there would be problems.

There was also the issue of Liu Yi.

Compared to others, Liu Yi's personality was gentle and meek.

This kind of person was not suited to being a leader, but she was an ideal choice as someone for Chen Heng to cooperate with.

At the very least, he would not have to worry about having various troubles.

Moreover, the terms she had stated were very favorable for him.

The reason why Chen Heng had not immediately agreed was because he wanted to understand some things more and wait for a bit.

After some time, when his fame spread more, there would be even more people trying to rope Chen Heng in.

Things developed exactly as Chen Heng had expected.

In just a bit more than half a month, many Schools had sent representatives, wanting Chen Heng to join them.

In order to compete for Chen Heng, they had all given very good terms, wanting to attract his attention.

Chen Heng had a think over their proposals.

The terms that these Schools offered were essentially the same as what the Solid Rock School had offered; in fact, some were slightly worse.

After waiting for a while, Chen Heng did not hesitate anymore and chose to join the Solid Rock School.

At noon, sunlight s.h.i.+ned on the ground.

There was a ma.s.sive martial arts establishment ahead, looking incredibly eye-catching among the other structures.

“Are we here?” Chen Heng asked standing in front of the martial arts establishment.

Liu Yi nodded as she looked at the familiar structure with a complicated gaze, “That's right. I never thought that I would ever come back.”

“Isn't it good to come back?” Chen Heng asked.

“Not exactly,” Liu Yi shook her head but did not say any more.

After a while, she brought Chen Heng in.

After walking in, they heard many sounds from around them.

Chen Heng looked around and saw many people diligently training, sweat flying off them. Among them, there were many children, some of whom were very young.

“These are our Schools' members. Most of them are from our family, and very few are outsiders,” Liu Yi said as she looked at these people.

Chen Heng nodded.

Before, Liu Yi had told him much about the Solid Rock School, and Chen Heng had seemed incredibly interested and continuously asked questions.

Since he was going to their territory to cultivate, if he did not gain some extra information, wouldn't he be putting himself at a disadvantage?

In order to avoid this, he naturally had to do some inquiring.

Just like he expected, Liu Yi was not very tight-lipped and soon told him much about the Solid Rock School.

The Solid Rock School was created by Liu Yi's ancestor, and the main members were the Liu family's people.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 112 – Solid Rock School

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