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Chapter 122: Chapter 122 – News

In actuality, Song Qi did not know too much about the details of some matters in his past life, but there was one thing he was clear about: The Northern Nine Bandits had been working on instructions of the Queen of Qi.

Since the Queen of Qi had given the order, the Northern Nine Bandits would not dare to disobey and would definitely do all they could to capture Song Qi.

Before, they had made preparations to fight with the Northern Nine Bandits but they never thought that their journey would go so smoothly.

It was as if the other side could not be bothered with them anymore.

What was going on?

Song Qi frowned and could not understand.

“There seem to be a lot more people than before,” Chen Heng said.

Riding on his horse, he looked around.

From what he sensed, there were indeed more people around.

In the past, when they traveled through the northern plains, there were not many people around. Only some merchants would travel this route, trading with the people who lived on the plains.

Overall, this region did not have many people and was quite desolate.

However, Chen Heng felt that something was different.

Around them, there were many figures walking about, creating a bustling scene.

Moreover, there was something special about these people.

They all had bows and arrows or swords, and all of them had weathered and hardened faces.

Chen Heng could tell at a glance that some of them were competent martial artists and were quite strong.

These evidently were not natives of the plain, and they were instead outsiders.

Chen Heng wondered what had happened here to draw so many people here.

“Please wait, Your Highness,” Chen Heng looked at Song Qi and said before riding over to those people.

After asking them, he received an answer.

It was said that recently, a rumor spread that there was an ancient historical remnant discovered in the Chi Mountain north of North Yuan City. It was said that it was a historical remnant left behind by the Ten Thousand Sword Manor from 1,000 years ago.

Originally, an ordinary farmer had found it, and he brought out a precious sword made of essence gold.

That farmer did not know how valuable that sword was, and he thought that it was just a good sword and so he brought it to the market to sell. However, this caught many people's attention.

After being hara.s.sed by many people, he revealed the secret about the historical remnant, causing much shock.

So it's like that…

After Chen Heng told Song Qi about this, a look of understanding came to Song Qi's face as he suddenly remembered something.

I forgot about that…

He sighed and understood what was going on.

Back when he had been captured by the Northern Nine Bandits, he had been imprisoned by them in their headquarters.

However, he heard about what had happened during this period of time after he escaped.

If he remembered correctly, there were indeed some things happening around the North Yuan City around this time.

A historical remnant had been discovered, and it had been misidentified by people as a historical remnant from the Ten Thousand Sword Manor from 1,000 years ago, which caused a big uproar.

This historical remnant caused great waves and dragged many people in.

It was right around this time, so it was most likely this historical remnant.

They were attracted over by the historical remnant, so they could not be bothered chasing after me?

Thinking about this, Song Qi could not help but inwardly coldly laugh.

Even the Queen of Qi, who had ordered them to capture him, most likely did not take him too seriously either.

Back when the Northern Nine Bandits had nothing else to do, they naturally put their attention on him.

However, now that the historical remnant had been discovered, their focus had s.h.i.+fted.

It was most likely the Queen of Qi who had ordered them to s.h.i.+ft their attention to the historical remnant, which was why they were no longer trying to hunt him down.

The Ten Thousand Sword Manor was a holy land of martial arts 1,000 years ago, and the Ten Thousand Sword Technique was a shocking and famed divine ability.

It was said that within the Ten Thousand Sword Manor, there were countless precious swords, each of which worth as much as a city and had unique powers.

Ordinary people who wielded the precious swords would be able to defeat powerful martial artists; it was evident how powerful those swords were.

As such, a historical remnant from a holy land like that was incredibly tempting.

Even the Great Qi's royal family had gone to explore this historical remnant.

However, it was a pity…

Song Qi coldly laughed.

It was a pity that the historical remnant was not a historical remnant of the Ten Thousand Sword Manor like everyone thought.

This was not a historical remnant of the Ten Thousand Sword Manor. Rather, it was a historical remnant left behind by the Ten Thousand Sword Manor's origin, the Ten Thousand Wave Sword Sect.

The Ten Thousand Sword Manor was a holy land for martial arts, but all cultivators knew that it was actually a cultivator faction.

It was just that different to most cultivator factions, which hid themselves away, the Ten Thousand Sword Manor had great fame but disguised themselves as an ordinary martial artist faction.

In actuality, the Ten Thousand Sword Manor's founder was a Legacy Disciple of the Ten Thousand Wave Sword Sect.

Because they had the same origin, in Song Qi's previous life, most people thought that this was a historical remnant of the Ten Thousand Sword Manor.

After all, because of the connection between them, there were many similarities and even some techniques were shared.

As time went on, more and more people began to take notice of this historical remnant.

Soon, many true cultivators came, causing the situation to change.

Great Qi being destroyed in Song Qi's previous life was also related to this.

It was just the start right now, so everyone still thought that it was a historical remnant left behind by the Ten Thousand Sword Manor.

An opportunity—that was what Song Qi thought.

After he recovered some of his strength in a few months, and adding on Chen Heng, perhaps they could try to obtain some benefits from the historical remnant.

If it was after some time and the truth about the historical remnant was exposed and many true cultivators came, he would not dare to think about such a thing.

After all, cultivators were much stronger than martial artists, and there would even be Enlightened Master level cultivators.

If he dared to go to the historical remnant then, he would be seeking death.

Right now, news had not spread much, so there were just some ordinary martial artists.

If he did not dare to make a move, it would be a waste of this opportunity.

Thinking to there, he turned and looked at Chen Heng.

He began to consider how to convince Chen Heng to go with him.

His cultivation had not yet recovered, and even though he had some small tricks, his strength could not compare to Chen Heng's, who was at the Martial Illumination realm.

If he could bring Chen Heng with him, he would have a much greater chance of success.

It was just that convincing Chen Heng would not be so easy.

At the very least, he needed a decent reason.

“Does Your Highness want to go there and have a look?”

What surprised Song Qi was that before he could try to convince Chen Heng, Chen Heng was the one to initiate.

Song Qi nodded, not hiding anything, “That's right. This historical remnant is an opportunity for us.”

“It is indeed an opportunity, but it might be too dangerous,” Chen Heng said as he frowned, “Right now, the most important thing is to send Your Highness back. As long as Your Highness is able to return to the palace, you can mobilize Great Qi's power and come here to explore.”

In actuality, such a safe course of action was not what Chen Heng truly wanted.

Deep down, Chen Heng did not mind what Song Qi chose.

He believed that since the old monster who had possessed Song Qi wanted to do this, he must have his own reasons.

Chen Heng only gave this suggestion to see what kind of reason this person would come up with.

Chen Heng could tell that perhaps Song Qi had been possessed by an old monster, but right now, he was still quite weak.

Right now, he needed a loyal protector like him.

In other words, this person most likely would want Chen Heng to go with him.

Chen Heng did not mind going to the historical remnant with him as long as there were benefits.

However, he could not agree too readily.

Firstly, it was not consistent with his characterisation, and secondly, it would not be as easy to get information out of Song Qi.

Since Song Qi needed Chen Heng to go with him, if Chen Heng refused, he would have to bring out more reasons for Chen Heng to go with him.

Through this process, Chen Heng naturally would be able to find out what he wanted.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 122 – News

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